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Author has written 7 stories for A Hat in Time, and Cave Story.

I am just a typical Canadian gamer who plans on writing stories for my favourite games, like A Hat In Time, Cave Story, possibly Terraria, what have you.

As of now, I have two unfinished stories: Soldiers' Tale (Cave Story), and Identity & Meaning (A Hat In Time), a completed trilogy called A Tale of Two Children (A Hat In Time), and two finished stories: Amnesia (Cave Story), and Megacharge (A Hat In Time).

A Tale Of Two Children was my first serious fanfiction... a three book long series of it. I can't say too much about the plot for fear of spoilers, but it's a large expansion on the story of A Hat In Time involving both Hat Kid and Bow Kid, and a large, dark story looming over it all. If you plan on reading it, I warn you of two things: 1) As it was my first real fanfiction, there is a lot of mistakes and plot holes. It may be difficult to read at times. And 2) It is REALLY FRICKING DARK. So in that regard, read at your own risk. Very few curse words, but there are a couple.

Megacharge is my proudest fanfic yet. It is a re-telling of the narrative of A Hat In Time, but with a major twist: a character based solely on me (hence the name of the story) is thrown into the mix, told in first person from his point of view. After a strange event, a young man is taken from his home to a new world, waking up without a memory to his name and meets a bizarre little girl with an even more bizarre mission. Re-live the tale of A Hat In Time, from a different point of view, and watch as our quirky protagonist gets to know and appreciate the peculiar world he was thrown into. There is a LOT of cursing in this story, including f-bombs, so be warned.

Identity & Meaning is the sequel to my hit story Megacharge. After recovering his memories and his name, Markus convinces Hat Kid to let them stay with their newfound friends, which brings with it a whole new adventure. Can they truly settle down and be happy on this humble little rock? Or will the call of adventure take them back to Hat Kid's homeworld? Only time will tell. Nowhere near as much strong language as the first story, but there still is some present.

Please note that I do not plan on updating my other stories until Identity & Meaning is complete. This is because of collaborations with other authors present in the Megacharge series, and also just in general that it's my most popular story. If I have tons of spare time, I may update my other stories, but don't count on it. Sorry to those who liked them. Although I WILL return to them eventually. I won't abandon my creations forever.

Soldiers' Tale is the prequel to my Cave Story fanfic, Amnesia. Two elite soldiers are selected to fight other soldiers in a tournament for the gift of genetic and cybernetic enhancements and the task to go to a floating island and destroy a dastardly magic artifact called the Demon Crown before it can fall into the hands of evil. A few curse words, but nothing extremely major.

As for Amnesia, well, the fic itself is a re-telling of the game's narrative in the way I see it should be, albeit with some changes. If you couldn't tell, Quote and Curly are cyborgs instead of robots in this fic. *Ahem* Anyway, a pale young man wakes up in a cave without his memories, only his clothes and his hat to his name. Join him as he ventures through the seemingly endless system of caves on this 'island', attempting to learn of his past while attempting to stop the evil Doctor from enslaving all the peaceful creatures known as the Mimiga. Some curse words afoot.

-Planned 'Fics-

I am planning a sequel to Amnesia, as well as a crossover between A Hat In Time and Cave Story, but neither of them are well thought out and I have other stories to finish first, so that's a long ways away. Who knows, maybe the crossover will get some more light on the Cave Story fanfiction. Ya never know.

However, my most immediate plan is to begin writing a story for the game Paper Mario: The Origami King: my own take on the game's narrative. I plan to make up where the game falls short, both story-wise and elsewhere. But again, I am waiting until Identity & Meaning is complete before beginning anything new.

I made the mistake of making too many stories in too short a period of time once, I ain't doing it again.

I maaaaaaaaaaaaaaay also write a story for the game Celeste, my own take on the game's narrative, and/or for Terraria, but don't count on either happening.

Please leave constructive criticism and don't be a jerk in your reviews or messages, I don't listen to belligerent haters.

Other than that, I look forward to messages and reviews and seeing what you all think about my stories. I love a bit of feedback, shows that you all actually care somewhat and motivates me to keep writing. If you have any questions, concerns, or whatever, don't be afraid to PM me. I check every day.

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Identity & Meaning reviews
Our journey was over. The Time Pieces were back where they belonged, the planet was saved, everyone was happy. I'd cherish this journey forever, for it was where I found my identity, my meaning... but now it was over. However, a new one was beginning for us: not exactly an epic quest or odyssey like before, but rather a journey of friends and newfound family. (Sequel to Megacharge)
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