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Let's see - me. I'm 48, been married 21 years to a very patient man, and we have a 12 year old son, James, that we homeschool. I'm really not a writer - this has just been a wonderful way to create while taking a break from my real hobbies - polymer clay, woodworking, scale miniatures, jewelry, various other crafts. I do have 6 published articles in magazines though - mostly postcard publications.

www yeoldouthouse com (my collection of vintage outhouse collectables)

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My feelings on books 6 and 7. I hate them. I feel that like George Lucas, Ms. Rowling should have quit while she was ahead. The Half-Blood Prince just opened up too many plot holes, and introduced an important concept (the horcruxes) that should have been started in Book One as an ongoing theme. Killing off Dumbledore at this point and leaving Harry so helpless removed this from the realm of a children's book in my opinion.

Book seven was just terrible (again, this is my opinion, and you may send me hate mail if you wish). The book read like a long shopping list - 'lets see, what do I do with Tonks/Remus, and Snape, and Dobby' etc etc. The epilogue was pathetic. The plot holes were gaping. The things that were never answered grate on me. Again - she introduces this important concept of The Deathly Hallows at the last book, and a ignored until now character of Mr. Lovegood. They should have been introduced back in book one and two and reinforced on the way.

I don't care much for Rowling's style of writing after the third book. I feel she got too famous and popular, and was trying to please the masses instead of writing with the obvious talent she has. It went from a fantastic children's book that introduces us to the amazing universe she created to a monster of disjointed concepts. But by the plots of each successive book, I don't think she ever expected to write more than the first one.

Same with George Lucas. Hon, you should have quit after the first three REAL star wars movies. You have half the money in the known universe... couldn't you have hired some folks who can, say, ACT? That kid who plays young Anakin and the dork who played young Darth... ack!

The Hardest Riddle. Co-written with OrionTheHunter, this is a long story. Typically I write a story in full before posting it, but this one is far from complete. The first 10 chapters or so will be posted quickly, but I can't promise how soon each chapter after that will be up. But I will never, ever abandon a story - you have my word.

Some comments about this story. Yes, it's another manipulative Dumbledore. I hate Dumbledore. I love the idea of a kindly, grandfatherly wizard leading the light, but this guy is awful!!! How could he leave a 1 year old baby on a doorstep in October? And never check up on him? How can a master legemans, who 'knows' everything going on in the castle hire death eaters for teachers? How can he allow Snape to get away with such cruelty and favoritism?

Yet another magical trunk story. No apologies - I think it's one of the more brilliant concepts Rowling came up with. That and the moving paintings. It's like the ultimate RV - I just have to include them in my stories.

I have been working on a long sequil to Color By Number which I call Within the Lines. It's a sequil that takes place a couple hundred years after, where Britan was all but destroyed by Voldemort, the barriers between the magical and muggle world came down, and Britian has been hidden from the rest of the world. Harry's 'tomb' is discovered by archeolgists, and it's up to the painting of the Boy-Who-Lived to save the day once again. I'm sort of stuck in areas, so I don't know if I'll ever complete it. I will not post anything until I have the full outline/plot solid.

I would write more often if I hadn't discovered World of Warcraft back in February. I'm also working on a fan fic based on that game. I have a love/hate relationship with Blizzard. I love them for inventing and maintaining Warcraft, but I hate them for making something so addictive...

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