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Author has written 4 stories for Hellsing, Resident Evil, and Haunting Ground.

Name: Rebecca

Age: 15

Nationality: Sweden (a very weird country)

Interests: Playing horror games, reading manga, writing, reading, drawing, playing horror games again, playing other games, etc...

Favourite game/-s: Too many to keep track of. But here are some:
Silent Hill 1-3 (4 sucks)
Resident Evil (1-4 & CV)
Final Fantasy (VII-XII, except for X-2 and XI.)
Fatal Frame/Project Zero (All of 'em! XP)
Haunting Ground (So sad that very few people know about this game...)
Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy (At least until the end, it got really weird then Oo)
Shadow Hearts (1 & 2, I just hated the third one.)
Kuon (Irritating battle system, I know, but the horror? Yeah, it's definitely there!)
Rule of Rose (Some people call it sick, but I think it's darn beautiful!)
Kingdom Hearts (Both of them are really good.)
The Longest Journey (Three words: Best game ever!)
Dreamfall (Not as good as TLJ, but it's still pretty damn good!)

Favourite game character: Believe me, I really can't choose.

Favourite game pairings: This could take some time...
CloudAerith, Final Fantasy VII (They're made for each other! Love defying death, 'nuff said.)
VincentYuffie, Final Fantasy VII (Opposites attract, right? That's all I can say.)
SquallRinoa, Final Fantasy VIII (A lot of people hate this game and this pairing, but c'mon people! Squall going out in space to get Rinoa? Squall carrying Rinoa all the way to Esthar? That's true love, my friend!)
IrvineSelphie, Final Fantasy VIII (They're so cute together and they absolutely like each other!)
ZidaneDagger, Final Fantasy IX (Do I really have to explain this one?)
SteinerBeatrix, Final Fantasy IX (They're meant to be together. Besides, poor ol' Rusty deserves this! smirks)
TidusYuna, Final Fantasy X (They love each other, but can't be together. So bittersweet.)
ShuyinLenne, Final Fantasy X-2, (Bad game? Yes. Good pairing? Hell, yeah!)
BaschAshe, Final Fantasy XII ("I think she misses him." 'Nuff said.)
BillyRebecca, Resident Evil 0 (I'm a sucker for this pairing! C'mon, it's obvious that they like each other!)
ChrisJill, Resident Evil 1 (Meant to be.)
LeonAda, Resident Evil 2 & 4 ("She's a part of me that I can't let go of"? They're clearly still in love, even after six years!)
ClaireSteve, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica (Not a lot of people like Steve, but I think he's just the right guy for Claire! I felt so sorry for them at the end of the game...)
FionaRiccardo, Haunting Ground (In some sort of twisted way. Yeah, I'm sick, I know!)
YuriAlice, Shadow Hearts 1 & 2 (I felt so sorry for them both when I played Covenant, 'cuz they're made for each other.)
KurandoAnastasia, Shadow Heart 2 (If you've played the game, you know what I'm talking about!)

Other: As you may have guessed by now, I'm a very strange girl. And that's just natural because I'm Swedish. You see, Swedes are very complex (or maybe the opposite...) and odd persons. XD Ah well, there might be spelling or grammar errors in whatever I write, but... I'm a 15-year-old from Sweden, so that's also natural! LMAO

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