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Hello there. My name is Will, and for the last year, I have been writing my own adaptation of "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky." As you can imagine, I am a major fan of the series. Having played Sky in particular numerous times, I always fancied the idea of adding my own little spins on the story, especially when it comes to giving more insight to the hero. Though I'm still in the midst of a motivation hurdle (stemming from factors in my life outside the internet), I've been able to maintain a solid base of support from friends and acquaintances who, let's face it, I wouldn't have been able to make it this far without. Seriously, they have been amazing.

As for stories I like to read... While I do have a few PMD stories I follow, most of my reading time is spent in the Undertale community. I just love the characters in that game so much, that I just can't help but enjoy seeing their stories expanded upon. Other than those, I'll occasionally dabble in Pokemon trainer fics (usually of the Nuzlocke variety) as well as the occasional Elder Scrolls fic.

Not a whole lot to share about myself outside of fanfiction. I mean, this ain't a dating profile, people. I'm a life-long gamer, if that wasn't apparent, and most of my other interest are quite nerdy. You can occasionally find me streaming for a small group of friends (Twitch name is Will_AH), so maybe you'll catch me there sometime.

Anyway, for those that have, thank you for giving my story a chance, and I always appreciate some good feedback. :D

Shout-outs for my story

At the time of writing this, I have just published chapter 17 of my story. This chapter was particularly difficult for me to write, not only because it was much different from the rest of the story in terms of tone and content, but because of some personal events in my life that I won’t bog you down with here. With that in mind, though, I would like to take some time to give shout-outs to some people that have been helpful in the production of this story.

We’ll start out with my buddy TheGOAT, the writer of the Super adaptation “PSMD: The Gravity of Perspective.” Goat has become a confidant of sorts when it comes to planning my story, and has provided me some good feedback in quite a few different chapters. He has also pushed me into getting my most recent chapter out when I was in a major rut, and the result was that I somehow was able to churn out literally over half of my chapter in a span of less than two weeks after many other weeks of inactivity. I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to get off (or I guess “on”) my ass and write this friggin’ story, so I really want to thank him for that push. Even though his story is quite popular without this little plug, I would certainly recommend giving it a look if you haven’t.

Next is another friend of mine Cynsh, whose story “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Fractured Elements” features a duo similar to mine, only reversed in terms of their roles. Cynsh and I have taken on mutual beta roles for each other’s stories, and he has helped me clean up quite a few little goofs that I ended up missing in my proofreads. Not only is his fic one of my personal favorites (and not just because of the familiar duo), but he himself is a very humble and chill dude, and I have really enjoyed being a small part in the development of his story as he has mine.

Now we come to the guy who made my story’s current display picture, Aarowtheblacksmith. Unfortunately, due to FFN's limited dimensions, the sides of the pic were cut off, so I would suggest looking him up on DeviantArt for the full image. Anyway, his story “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Keeping Busy” is one of the few PMD fics that takes place in the “Gates to Infinity” setting, though it starts off some time after that game’s plot was resolved. It’s currently undergoing a rewrite, and I unfortunately did not check it out until after he removed the old version. But on the flipside, I do get to enjoy what he’s doing with the new and improved version. And from what I’ve seen, much like his Dewott protagonist, Aarow is just as much of an edgelord, but with the same heart of gold.

Speaking of art, I can’t forget the first person to create fan art of my story completely out of the blue, Eiphos Aki. I remember being in disbelief when she commented on my story on AO3 offering to create art of my story, and then when she sent me the gift a few days later, followed by another picture a few weeks later. I don’t know if she has an FFN or AO3 account of her own, but you can find her DeviantArt under Jujube-Lee.

The last few people don’t have any Pokémon works to show (at least as of yet for two of them), but they have all been there since the beginning. First is my buddy Charles Lamont, who has a few one-shots of various series you can find on his profile. I’ve known this guy for quite a few years, and have always looked up to his abilities as a writer. It was also through him that I met another friend, Gezk, who has also given me a great deal of feedback for my story. Not only that, but she has also been a constant source of positivity, even when I wasn’t always receptive to the motivation.

Finally, as much as I hate to “rank” the contributions of my supporters, so to speak, I honestly cannot explain how invaluable my primary beta reader has been during this process. Fro (or as she goes by on FFN and AO3, Demiurgic Pen) is a long-time friend who has been with me through virtually every stage of my story, from the pre-planning stages to going over every chapter in excruciating detail, not only catching my errors, but providing many tips that have helped me make this story into something I can be proud of. And at my moments when I am clearly down on myself, she is right there to slap some much needed sense into me. In regards to her works, while she has no current Pokémon stories, if you’re a fan of epic fantasies, I would keep an eye out for her up on Fiction Press or AO3. I promise you won’t be disappointed by the quality of her work.

Phew. After writing all this, I really should feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of supporters through this process. This all started as a hobby, albeit an ambitious one, but I really hope to see it through to the end. There are a couple others that I want to mention as well, but unfortunately, I think it would be best if I saved those shout-outs for the near-future. Let’s just say I have something planned to show off from one of them, and for the other… well, you’ll just have to see when that time comes. *evil grin*

Anyway, I just wanted to publicly thank all of these wonderful people who have been there for me. I would also like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my story (and read through this mushy drabble), as well as those who have provided me any sort of feedback through comments or reviews. While we all write for ourselves, it is always humbling to know when somebody else has taken some time to look at my work and genuinely enjoys it, or when they take the time to offer me constructive advice on what I can do to improve. I only hope I am able to keep your interest in the days to come!

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