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I'm a Handful of Words and welcome to my profile.

You're probably wondering about my pen name. It actually doesn't symbolize anything: the name just came to me.

I love to write and read stories, mostly of the fantasy/science fiction genre. Fusion fiction, the act of fusing the canon lore and settings of two franchises, especially well written ones, are slowly becoming a favorite of mine. I constantly have ideas running through my head and want them to be drawn or written down on paper or the screen of a computer.

I've tried my hand at fanfiction, and I still don't know what to make of it. I simply love some of the complex and interesting writing that I find in my searches on this site. The complexity and severity of some of these author's writing styles makes me...well, jealous to be completely honest. They've such a command of words that they can seemingly spin scenario after scenario out onto the webpage, making their readers crave more. It utterly astounds me, but I know that it takes hard work for these people to do what they do.

Like some writers, my ideas never make it past the idea/planning stage. Why?

Writing is lot of hard work. It takes so much to decide what you want to write. You have to have time, energy, focus and dedication.

On the subject of reading fanfiction, I find it to be quite enjoyable, to say the least.

As for what I write about: Know that I don't own anything that I've written about. I only own anything original in the stories that I create. Nothing else belongs to me.

My interests?

Video Games:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins.

I love KOTOR because it gives off that aura of a true Star Wars film: Menacing fleets of Sith Warships, an evil Spacestation, the saving of a 'princess', (Heck, even a Wookiee!)...all the things that Star Wars fans have come to love in the films is placed into the Knights of the Old Republic universe, at the player's fingertips. Create a character, become a Jedi and save the galaxy or use the dark side of the Force to bend others to your will and rule the galaxy...the choice is all up to you.

Jade Empire appeals to my fantasy interests, as this game was based off of ancient China. Magic, Gods, Demons...Jade Empire has it all, even a plot to match:Your martial arts master taken away from you. Now, you must fight with sword, magic and fist to get him back and discover why the dead can seem to find peace in the afterlife.

Mass Effect: Created by the brilliant team Bioware (who also created Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire), Mass Effect is a very expanisve game, filled with plot twists, hard to make choices, likable characters and a plot that captivated me to no end. Travel across the galaxy to stop the robotic geth from taking over the galaxy by following the trail of a once good person turned inhumane...

Dragon Age Origins: I've recently come to love this game with every fiber of my being. Bioware has done it again, folks! Intriguing stories, side quests, characters (here's looking at you, Morrigan and Alistair!), and setting. Playing as a mage, a person who's feared instead of revered for their magic and is a beacon for demons, is a nice play on what it means to have power at your fingertips.

Other games worth mentioning: Portal, Dishonored, Fallout (3, 4, and New Vegas~!)

Television Shows:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Very good show. I loved the themes about growing up and going out and living your life, also the themes about power and having friends by your side. Plus, Spike and Angel were hot...

Unlike some authors, I don't have a specific list of romantic couples that I happen to like. I do prefer slash, however.

Instead, my tastes branch beyond the canon worlds stated above as well as in them.

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Reflections reviews
They want to know where they fit in the galaxy. They fight, they struggle and they bond, and each new experience helps them figure out just a little bit more of themselves and those around them, like piecing together a broken mirror.
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