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Greetings and sensalutasions! I am Satan Hat, if you know me you are probably already laughing at my name. I am known to wear this bright red hat with horns all the time, see they keep my real horns warm. This is why one of my nick-names is Satan. I also go to art school were i get to spend the day knee deep in arts supples! If you would like to see a picture of this hat there is probably one at I have a profile there its weirdassgirl. If it’s not there then check my friends profiles (they also have cosplaying pics!)

I have a manga/manhwa download site at Check out the forum with it, we need members:

Anyway I am an otaku and read lots of obscure manga (I prefer manga to anime most of the time.)I like

-Hana-Kimi oooooooooooooooooooo-Watashi no Ookami-san

-Your and my secret ooooooooooooo-Vampire Knight

-WJuliet oooooooooooooooooooooo-The Wallflower

-Host Club oooooooooooooooooooo-Bleach

-Toware no minueoooooooooooooooooo-Dead End

-Wanted oooooooooooooooooooooo-Goong

So I read Shonen, Shoujo really any thing I can since I’ve read so many……But my favorite kind of stuff to read is anything involving drag and or cross-dressing. You know it’s sad how so little shonen has drag in it…..But shoujo! There's so many to choose it makes me so happy! But my current favorite shojo is Hana-Kimi, if you love guys in drag and you’ve read the books all I have to say is I love the 4th and 5th volumes ¿y tu? My current favorite shonen is definitely Bleach, but a close second is Cheeky Angel (read this if you like boy to girl sex-changes.) But if you’re a fan of getting to see people getting disemboweled (tee-he) read Dead End. Yeah….cross-dressing and disembowelment what a girl I make.

Well any way I said I wouldn’t have any drag in my first fanfic so I will try to restrain myself. Personally romantic gushy crap messes with my compulsions, but I decided my first fic would be romantic, but fuck it killed me when one of my chapters got erased of my hard drive and I had to rewrite it Oh the gushiness it was hard to write the first time. If your reading The Table you will know what I m talking about when I publish that chapter.

Oh and I like Anime too like…

-Cowboy bebop oooooooooo-Hagane no re…..I mean Fullmetal Alchemist.

-Chrno crusades oooooooooo-Appleseed (Justin thanks for lending it to me)

-S-cry-ed ooooooooooooooo-Blue Submarine No. 6

-Animatrix oooooooooooooo-Escaflowne

-Big O ooooooooooooooooo-Ereka 7

Reader's Q+A

Water Block- DId they see her 'spots'? (Are those Hickey's?)

Me- your first question is answeered in ch. 5. The other one is yes, spots are hickeys... i jut think the word hickey is over rated. (dont ask about my weird logic.)

Water Block-Was Kyohei awake when he grabbed Sunako? Was it just a plan to irratate the boys?

Me- Yeah Kyohei was awake, and he wasn't tring to irratate the boys he was tring to irratate Sunako, like in the second volume at the hot springs, when she tries to go to bed.

sakurasyaoranforever-what the hell was with that! did he find her "spots"

Me- you shall soon find out.

Azamiko-_So wait...are they 'going out' or just friends who fool around? I thought that they were 'going out' but this chapter made me question that...

Me- They're "going out" i guess in the next chapter they kinda play hookie and go out on date'll see.

Dark Anime Love-Lol. Uh- oh, I wonder what it could be on her. Lol. Does it begin with an "s" and end with a "t"? Lol. Can't wait to see what else is comming. Lol.

Me- Oh how i love sarcasim...really i do.

lunabasketcase-ah...kyohei is a hickey machine huh?
well anyway cant wait for the next chapter good luck

Me- Yup, guess so. He stikes me as that sort of pearson.

subi ( is 'a whatever look'? needs to be more descriptive.

Me- It's an "I really don't give a fuck" sort of look...I imagine you've gotten it before.

sakurasyaoranforever-omg no i love blood! ya know how when your bleeding on your finger and don't have a bandaid? most people start freakin out but what i do is i just suck the blood till it stops bleeding. anywayz i love the story

Me- YES! They always freak out god damn it. Anyway my bad ramen burn is now scaring and not bleeding...but i was sharpening my pencil in algebra, with my exacto, whhen it slipped out of my hand, and a natural reflex is to catch it right...well i cauht the blade...blood, gore and the algebra teacher saying "again Emily?"...yeah i always seem to cause bodly harm in algebra (its like the 4th time). Oh yeah i may go to a city school but visual artists have like three diffrent kinds of blabes with them most of the time so teachers don't care if you takr thrm out.

lunabasketcase- the girl freaked out? weird...
its blood it keeps us alive y would it be gross?
o right ur story! good job there getting closer
i luved the discribtion of how they were sleeping with Hiroshi-kuns body parts suronding them lol nice!

Me- yes she completly got freaked out, god what a chick...OH MY GOD that makes me sound like such a dyke!

Dark Anime Love- Lol. Poor Sunako. She's never going to be left alone is she? Note: Can you make Yukinojo get a sex change? He acts so much like a girl and even looks like one too. It wouldn't be that hard for it to happen. Please? I'll promise to review every chapter you ever post for this story. I'll love you forever. Please? Just think about it. End Note. OKay, besides what I just begged you to do, I really love this story. Update soon! (I am soo annoyed by Yuki. Ugh! What a wuss!)

Me- Dear DAL i forgot to tell you this (I ment to), i said i would try to make my first fic drag free, but...I CAN"T STAND IT ANY MORE! YUKI SHALL BE IN DRAG SHORTLY. If only for a moment Oh yeah he'll be in gothic lolita (radient twitching smile.)

lunabasketcase-hehehe good start
y is it called the table?

Me- You probly know now but its forthe table they hang out on so much...I want that table, i fucking dreamed about it before i had this fic dream.

A note to celinae- Sorry about my anger thing, it was due to the fact it was my very first ch. and very first. Don't get me wrong i can take critisism, I mean i go to art school, you get critisized everyday. I was tring to make the point that my first capter was crap, and i knew this and if you compare it to my new chapters you can tell i knew. Oh and also every thing i say sounds mean, cocky or ridiculous it's just how i am.

Prizz-Wha! I love this chap! this will be my fave chap in this fic! Cant help but ask.. are they doing "it" or just making out? in what degree of base have they gotten so far? ahehehe.. it's okay.. we're not children.. whahahaha!

23 yrs! wow.. almost his child.. no offense meant.. before, age does matter to me but ive grown.. im a open-minded now.. so i hope you're not offended.. i know someone who is 40 yrs older than his wife.. he is 60 now and they got a child who is in elementary.. ahehehe.. almost his grandson.. _ V,

Me- I'm glad you like my fic and about you question i have no fucking idea, i forgot i guess, if i remember, i'll tell. Oh and yes 23 years.

Stats on fanfics

ch.9 is coming soon, diligently working it's about half done. I'm starting a new bleach fic though.

Okay my home com is very mad know, and well, it doesn't work. I'm on one of my school coms now. Chapter 9 is on my home pc.

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