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Author has written 6 stories for Zoids, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Maxindpogster is actually Maxi and the Pogster, 2 people created by the creative mind of the author. And it looks like something fresh if off the mind after a three year hiatus.

About the author:
Usually called: By my last name
Age: 19
Nationality: Filipino-American
Location: Fords, NJ(One of the only US states used as a joke for TV shows)
Music: Pretty much anything with singing in it as well some nice instrumental in it.
Bio: Can't really say much about myself. I'm deep in principles, philosophy and all that. I'm currently majoring in BS accounting and I need money for books bad. I also want to add that I'm a private person and that I don't really want to be bothered unless if there's a good reason. In concern of this site, I use it as one of the outlets for my overactive imagination, which seems apparant being I'm letting Max and Pogi do my work.
And if you're that interested in the characters.. well, here's the product of the overactive

mind, and then some:

Pogi Selamac
Age: 13
Height: 5'3
Hair: Black spikey hair with one "sickle" bang
Eyes: Brown (occassionally white)
Usually wears: brown sleeveless shirt and black pants w/ boots.
Known for:
- Carrying out tasks that pertain to the "Big Picture"
- Being part of a mythical group that's probably extinct
- Using weapons such as tridents, zanbatous, swords and a white flame
- Being the strongest of everyone simply because the Author favors him more
- Being completly oblivious.
Prefered Fics: "I guess I would want fics with a supernatural force, where people can

fly around and summon the elements. You know, like being able to summon monsters or

use your hands to create such forces. Those kinds of things."

Max Leunam
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Hair: Black flip thing that was big around 2000
Eyes: Grey
Usually wears:
- Green shirt w/ jean and sunglasses
- Black jumpsuit w/ sleeves ripped off
Known for:
- Having an accident involving the scar in the back of his head
- Wearing sunglasses to hide the shame of his grey eyes
- Being part of a Mech team that dominated its respective league within 2 months
- His expertise in physical and mental activity.
Prefered Fics: "Mecha and war. It needs to be with advance technology and needs lots

of guns. If not, then probably any with police or something. The stuff the gets the blood


Zenko Iwahara (Zen)
Age: 17
Height: 5'6
Hair: White combed back
Eyes: Blue
Usually wears: Black pants, blue shirt, black vest and a blue headband
Known for:
- Fighting for the hell of it
- Creating a home for outcasts
- Hand to hand combat involving a shield, shadows and various ninjitsu
Prefered Fics: "Anything relating to swordfighting or ninjitsu. In all honesty, I just want

something that comes with a nice fistfight!"

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