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Anyone else think that Alex Rider fanfiction is sorta...blah? There is just so much of the same thing and not a lot of it at all! If you write AR fanfic and take requests(mainly one-shots)...PLEASE PM ME! I have a few that I would like to see written!


Bienvenue, Mon Amie's!

My name is Alex(female, BTW!)and I am(currently)14 years old. I don't write fanfiction, but I am a reader/reviewer.

The one fic that I have posted, Grace like rain(formerly Girls Got Game),was written by a friend and I have not updated it for her in a while, but it is almost finished, so if you want the whole story, just PM me and I can post it or give you a link!

I guess that the most important thing about me is that I am a Christian and very proud of it! I love GOD with all my heart and believe in his son, Jesus Christ as the risen savior! So...w00t for JESUS! > >

I love anything to do with Christianity, writing, reading, music, movies, and random insanity! I will go ahead and go into more detail on my faves of those things:

Christianity--Oh! I love my church, youth group(just got back from my first mission trip with them!), The Bible, praise and worship, Christian T-shirts, crosses, fish(> >), etc! I am a sold out JESUS FREAK!

Writing--I. Love. Writing. It is one of my gifts from God that I am very thankful for and I hope to use it for his glory one day by writing a book! I have kept a writers notebook for years and write stories, poetry, and songs! My favorite genres are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Allegory, Christian, Action, Adventure, ect.

Books--I just love to read! I cannot keep myself in books! My faves are: Bible(of course!), Artemis Fowl(awesome), Alex Rider(totally rockin! my current fave!), Maximum Ride, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Star Wars books(about Obi Wan, mainly!), Gah...there are more...but I cannot think of them! I will get back to you guys on that!

Music--I listen to Christian rock obsessivley and collect movie soundtracks! I am way to tired to list them all, so I will do it later!

Movies--Oh...I am a total movie obsessed nut. I watch one almost every night and go to IMDB and apple.com/trailers on a weekly basis to catch up on what is coming out. I know what is coming out years in advance. Here are my fave movies: Kingdom of Heaven, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, The Island, Star Wars, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transporter and Transporter 2, The Italian Job, National Treasure, Sahara, Batman, Elektra, King Arthur, Gladiator, Aeon Flux, Van Helsing, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Equilibrium, The Passion of the Christ, End of the Spear, Mummy, Mummy Returns, X-men movies, and there are SO many more...so if you want to know if I like one, just ask me, because I likely do! And...fave actors: Ewan McGregor(Omgsh! That man is just yummeh! And Scottish! And such a great actor! He is my current absolute fave!), Jason Statham, Christian Bale, Gerrard Butler, Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, Liam Neeson, Marton Csokas, Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg, Seth Green, Pierce Brosnan, Damian Lewis, Hugh Jackman, Oh there are more...no doubt. Actresses: Kate Beckinsale(she rocks! I really want to see the Underworld movies!), Charlize Theron, Milla Jovovich, Keira Knightley, Famke Janssen, Jennifer Garner, Rachael Weisz, Kate Blanchett, Eva Green, etc. I do not have as many fave actresses. But then again...I am a girl...and the actors are usually just so...nice to look at...lol.

Random insanity--I have a lot of that...lemme tell you!

Okeys...on the topic of fanfiction--

I do NOT involve myself in ANY slash.At. All. It is against my morality.

My favorite ships include:

Alex Rider-

Ian Rider/OC(not that it has ever been done...but I can hope that someone will eventually!) Update-Someone wrote one! Thanks Wynjamor!

Yassen Gregorovich/OC(never been done either, but more likely than the Ian one, considering Ian dies before the first book even starts!) Update-Wynjamor wrote one of these, too!

Alex/OC(that one is Ok...I tolerate it if the story is good. Better than Alex/Sabina!)

Artemis Fowl-

Butler/OC(my fave AF ship ever! Butler rocks!)

Holly/Trouble(most likely Holly ship of all)

Artemis/Carla or Butler/Carla(I have this weird thing for Carla's character. I think that she makes a fresh pairing)

I like other AF ships...but there are so many that I cannot think of them

Star Wars-

Obi/OC(gotta love it!)

Obi/Siri(pretty good ship)

Obidala(tolerable ship...somewhat AU)

Most Obi ships


Random Categories-

Transporter- Frank/OC, Frank/Audrey

The Island- Lincoln/Jordan, maybe a Lincoln/OC

The Italian Job- Rob/OC, Charlie/Stella, Rob/Stella

Phantom of the Opera-Christine/Phantom(forget Raoul!)

Van Helsing- Anna/Gabriel, Gabriel/OC

Ok...that is probably not all...but most of my faves!

Wow...I bet that this is really long, now! I think that I will call it quits for now and add more later. I was mostly inspired to do this by Megan Argetlam, so enjoy and I will see you next year at Miss Jan's! Had so much fun at the Lake, today!

If you want to see me elsewhere online, then I am at the Artemis Fowl Confidential forums(www.forum.artemis-fowl.com), The Anthony Horowitz boards(forgot the URL, but go to www.anthonyhorowitz.com), and last of all, The Third Day forums(www.thirdday.com/boards)!

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