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Music: I like almost all kinds of music. I can stand country and hip-hop/rap to an extent, depending on who the artist/band is. I do particularly like Evanescence, Green Day, Breaking Benjamin and Strata.

About Me: My life isn't perfect, but it isn't without it's perfect moments. I love the fact that a few years ago I was a totally apathetic person, simply because I now get to enjoy emotions, and the things that they bring, be they pain or euphoria. I used to have an alcohol problem, but I have quit drinking, and have been sober for three years this November. I love reading, writing, and reviewing is sort of a pastime for me, simply because most of the time, my opinions aren't really taken seriously.

About My Fanfics:

In Progress:

Currently, I am working on more chapters for Part 2 of the Trilogy, and it is coming along smoothly...but slowly. The newest posting was a few days ago, and hopefully I'll have some more reviews!

Please also note that Forgiveness in Death has been taken down. I did write it for myself, and yet it just didn't feel right, so I've taken it down for that very reason.


My third fanfic, Three Words Part 1: Redemption, is finished. Read it and view it's awesomeness! TWP1:R

Okay...I've written up a Harry/Draco one shot based on the episode of Angel "I Will Remember You." I will warn you that this will make you cry! Keep sending the reviews! WIAA

My first fanfic is If Only, and it is a one-shot. IO

Also know that I thank all the people who read the stories, but I really like reviews!!!

Quote of the Month: 'Pray you now, forget and forgive' - William Shakespeare

Funny Quotes

Hank: Excuse me, where is the hardware department?
Buckley: The hardware department... Sir what is it you're looking for?
Hank: The hardware department.
Buckley: Right, but what are you trying to buy?
Hank: Just tell me where the hardware department is!
Buckley: Sir, what are you trying to buy?
Hank: Fine, I want some WD40 and a Tap and Die."
Buckley: Yes, and what are you trying to do again?
Hank: Buy some WD40 and a tap and Die!
Buckley: Yes, and what is a Tap and Die?
Hank: Ah, forget it. Lets say I want a hammer. Do you know what a hammer is? That's what I want, a damned hammer.
Hank and Buckley argue, and Bobby breaks a few cans of stuff.
Buckley: Sir, you're gonna have to pay for that.
Hank: You're fired!

Luanne: Long live the people's revolution!

Drew: Let's continue the show with a game called-I love this game-living scenery. This is for Ryan, Colin and Wayne and Richard Simmons! Everybody, Richard Simmons!
Richard runs out and excites the audience. Once he joins the other three on the stage, they look at him nervously. Audience laughs.
Drew: Living scenery...
Richard: This is my favorite game, how bout you all?
Audience jeers.
Drew: Suddenly it's my favorite game too, all of a sudden.
Richard: Thanks, Mr. Carey.
Drew: Call me Drew.
Drew looks at him suggestively. Richard looks back in the same manner.
Drew: This game...Ryan and Colin are going to act out a scene and during the scene they have to use a number of props, however, since they don't have any real props to-
Richard: I'll be the prop!
The audience, along with Wayne, Colin, Ryan and Greg, lose control and laugh hystarically
Drew: Wayne and Richard...Wayne...Wayne and Richard Simmons are going to stand in and become the props.
Richard: I'll be all the props for these men!

Ryan: This one's wet!

Colin: This one wants more coins.

See the actual clip's bloody hilarious!

Bender: Yeah? Well you can bite my shiny metal ass!

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Captivation by Angelic Candy reviews
After the war,Harry attends a Quidditch Academy.He thinks his problems are over until he discovers Draco there. The animosity between them flares. And as their rivalry heats up, Harry realizes their relationship is morphing into something unexpected.H&D
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Secondhand Robes by Samayel reviews
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Three Words Part 2: Acceptance reviews
Part 2 of 3. It's been six months since Draco's death, but Harry still is haunted by his memory. Despite this however, he continues his battle against evil that threatens the world, but what's even worse, his destiny is finally revealed to him. Accepting
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Part 1 of 3. HD Slash, Post Hogwarts. Ten years ago, Harry ran away to protect Draco from himself. Now, he is a secret agent being thrusted into a situation where not only will he have to protect Draco physically from evils that threaten the world, but
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A certain memory haunts Raimundo. Oneshot. Deathfic.
Xiaolin Showdown - Rated: M - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,795 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/11/2005 - Complete