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Author has written 6 stories for Batman Begins/Dark Knight, and Nightbreed.

General Warning,

I like to write "dark" things.



Against All Odds: It's been many years after the fall of Midian, and the Nightbreed are still scattered and in hiding. A new kind of enemy has arisen in the Natural world, and the Breed are in more danger than ever. Peloquin and Kinski have spent years in isolation, when a night that started out like any other brings them two "unnatural" strangers on the run. Now, it's just a question if the friendship of Eva, a girl who cannot die, and Riley, a man whose blood has been tainted by that of a vampire, will bring the two Nightbreed peace and safety, or will the added numbers only bring the eye of the enemy into better focus. Movie-verse. Rated 'M' for Violence and Sexual Conduct.

Brothers in Bond: Even amongst the accepting Breed of Midian, the dangerous rebel Peloquin is thought of as a bit of an outcast, and is hardly understood. One fateful night, however, brings him to someone that needs a friend just as much. This is the story of how Peloquin and Kinski first met, and the brother-like bond that grows between them that not even death could break. Rated 'M' for Violence and Sexual Conduct.

Trespasser: On the run from the cops after killing his cheating girlfriend and her lover, Joe finds himself in the mysterious place of Midian. What he doesn't realize is that the occupants of this strange place do not like trespassers, and take less kindly to those who threaten their children. The justice that Joe runs from will be served swiftly by the hungriest of Midian's citizens. Movie-verse. Rated 'T' for Mild Violence.

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The Joker:

Two of a Kind: Just Like Gravity-You might notice that in the beginning of this fic I started with Harleen, but soon changed it. This is simply because there are so many J and Harley stories out there, and I wanted something a bit more original. -- In ToaK:JLG, which takes place during his "imprisonment" in Arkham after TDK, he finds that he has an admirer of sorts. One Jazlyn Mirez, who has her own dark past and secrets that have pushed her close enough to the edge to attract the attention of the murderous clown. She has found herself drawn to him like a moth to flame, and he has discovered just how much fun it will be to throw her right over that edge into madness. Set in NolanVerse. Rated 'M' and R for Sexual Abuse, Torture, and Violence.

Hazard Pay: TDK is an awesome movie. I love every scene in which we are "blessed" with The Joker's presence. Each time he is on the screen I am hypnotised. My only complaint about the movie is simple: There were NOT enough scenes involving The Joker. I believe he should have been allowed to do so much more with the time he was given. So, Hazard Pay is my first little attempt to do just that. It's an "untold story" that could have easily happened if it had been given a chance. -- Gambol has put the word out on Mr. J, who in return comes back for him, as we all know from TDK. But what would happen if Gambol had also hired a professional to take care of the mob's little problem? Trisha, the hired hit woman, is about to find out that this one is no normal hit job. Becoming bored with her professional routine, she soon finds the danger and fun she has been waiting for when she is hired to kill The Joker. He takes her for a ride she'll never forget. Set in NolanVerse, a "what if/untold story" of TDK. Rated 'T' for mild Violence.

Communication Is Really Key: She was just a random girl. A 16 year old Japanese tourist, having a fun night on the town with some friends. If she had only known of the real dangers of being out on the streets at night with Gotham's most deadly criminal prowling for his own bit of fun, she would have stayed at the hotel. This is the short story/one-shot of Masami's final evening with The Joker. Set in NolanVerse. Rated 'M' for Sexual Abuse and Torture.


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An on-the-run murderer finds himself in Midian, where the occupants of the mysterious place do not like trespassers. Suffice it to say, justice is dealt swiftly. - Movie-verse. Rated 'T'.
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