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Hmmm, what all do you guys want to know about me?

I'm 19, my favorite anime series is Fruits Basket...and I guess my favorite other series is Due South. I haven't written a lot of fanfiction, just one for Due South (not posted here) and the one I'm working on now for Furuba. I've added a couple others, but I have a TON planned...

This profile is something a little different. Rather than the usual these are my favorite animes and these are my favorite pairings, I've complied some lists. Proofreading and revising lists, tips for writing in general, tips for writing lemons, things like that. I hope you enjoy! And I do have some of the usual things towards the bottom.

Writing Advice

And here is where I'm offering free writing advice to anyone that cares to look. If you're here because I've reviewed a story of yours, there's a good chance you've heard a lot of this before. I review a lot. As in nearly everything I read. And there are some mistakes that I see over and over and over. Here's a checklist for the aspiring writer, I hope it helps.

1. PROOFREAD. I cannot stress this enough. It's basic; it's easy. If you aren't good at spelling and grammar, ask a parent, ask a friend, ask a teacher. If you want, ask me. I don't care. But so many stories end up being ruinedjust because the spelling and grammar is so terrible that you can barely get through the story. People won't read it, most won't review, and those that do will probably flame you. Please, for the sake of your stories, proofread.

2. Are you in character? Would these characters REALLY act like this, or do you just WANT them to act like this? There are times when OOCness is appropriate. Most times it's not. Until you learn thedifference, I recommend trying to stay as in character as possible.

3. Is your story actually going somewhere? Many stories I've read started in one direction and fifteen chapters in took an entirely different direction. It turns me off of a story, and I suspect it does the same for many other readers. I write my stories in their entirety before I post, to make sure I not only have a clear plot but to make sure I fill the gaping plot holes I leave behind. It doesn't work for everyone, but it's not a bad idea to at least have a clear outline of where your story is going. This is especially true if you're going to try foreshadowing or anything like that. Lots of notes can really help a story.

4. Read good fanfiction. Read good non-fanfiction. Read good anything. And when you're done, read some more. I'm serious.We write what we see.By nature, we imitate what we know, at least until we manage to develop our own style. Even then, that "unique" style is almost certainly based in part on other things we have read. If you need a recommendation list, PM me. I have a MASSIVE list of things I like (no, not all of them are on my favorites list...unfortunately). This list includes fanfic from this site, from other sites, and books I've read. Please, I'm offering, feel free to take me up on this.

Lemons section. Please, you shouldn't read this if you're underage. I may be...explicit, and this IS a section about sex, so please. And you've been warned, so don't yell at me if I ruin your mind.

Yes, I have a separate section devoted to lemons. They're hard to write, and I've read some really really bad ones. Thus my advice section.

1. Read good lemons. These don't have to be in your fandom, because a good lemon is rare indeed. Check mediaminer.org, there are some pretty good lemons there. I have a few that I especially recall, PM or e-mail me for the titles. The livejournal community 30_lemons is also a good source. I have a few lemons posted for Furuba, and there are many, many more in various other fandoms.

2. Keep people in character. This is one of the trickiest parts of lemons, especially if the characters aren't having sex in canon. Be mindful of the characters and how they would really react to certain things. Also, make sure you can keep them in character when NOT having sex. If you can't do it then, then you probably can't do it when they are.

3. Be mindful of...well, position... Imagine that these are real people, use dolls if you have trouble imagining what you're having them do. I apologize for how dirty that sounds, but it's true. The contortions some of these characters do is nothing short of miraculous.

4. Avoid cliches. There are some very standard descriptions used in lemons, and they get old. It can be hard, I know at times I still use them, but try to think of something else.

Proofreading and revising checklist

Here's something that might come in handy for anyone that is less than clear about what they should look for when proofreading and revising a story or chapter. Yes, I'm a grammar nazi. I can't help it. I'm a walking grammar book.

1. Revise first, proofread later.

2. Check for plot holes. Are there loose ends in your story that aren't getting resolved in some form? Make sure you tie them up by the end of the story, especially if you're writing chapter by chapter.

3. Is everybody in-character?

4. Is there anywhere that it would make more sense to start a new paragraph?

5. Run a spell-check and grammar check. This won't catch everything, but it's a good start to proofreading.

6. Comb your story for sentence fragments. Unless used for style effect, they're just plain bad. Be careful of them.

7. Check your capitalizations. Names are capital, proper nouns are capital, the starts of sentences are capital. That includes sentences in quotations. Everything else is lower case. If you have a question, ask someone.

8. Check for run-on sentences. These are two complete sentences that are squished into one without a conjunction or a semicolon. There are various ways to fix them; ask if you don't know how or you don't know how to find them.

9. Comb the chapter/story for spelling. Pay special attention to words that have multiple meanings, words that sound alike but are spelled differently, and words commonly misused (ex. to, too, two)

10. Check punctuation.

Do you have punctuation of some sort at the end of every sentence? Period, exclamation mark, question mark, it doesn't matter what (if it's appropriate) so long as there is definitely punctuation. Try to make sure it's the correct end punctuation. :)

Watch your commas and periods at the ends of quotations. It's a common mistake. If you aren't sure you're doing it right, feel free to ask.

Did you put quotations around dialogue?

Did you properly use commas? (less important than most of these, but it's worth paying attention to) Here's a good site that has the rules and examples showing each one. Remove the spaces to go there. http: / / leo . stcloudstate . edu / punct / comma .html

Did you start a new paragraph each time someone new starts talking? (Please, I BEG you, do this. It's not just proper grammar, it makes it SOOOO much easier to read.)

11. (Meant to put this in earlier, oops) Check the use of phrases/words. This can be really hard to do on your own, and is best done by having someone else read your story. What I mean is make sure you use the right word to convey your meaning, and try not to overuse certain phrases.

12. Watch the tense of your verbs. Don't randomly switch between present and past, and be careful of how you're phrasing things. If it sounds unnatural when you read it out loud, then it's probably wrong. As with everything else, ask someone if you aren't sure.

13. Get a good beta. It always helps to have a second (or even third) pair of eyes combing a story, anda good beta can help you catch any of the above things that you may have missed on your own, and possibly help you fix them.

14. Listen to your good beta's advice. If you have a beta but don't listen to them, then what's the point of having one?

I hope this helped.

I had something I was going to put here. If I remember, I'll change this.
I also do some beta-ing, so if you'd like me to take a peek at something of yours PM or e-mail me. I prefer beta-ing things I'm familiar with, so if it's, say, Harry Potter or Evangelion or Inuyasha or something then I can't help you as much. So, if you want me to beta, take a peek at my lists of things I like and know well, and if me not being familiar with something doesn't bother you, then just send it anyway. I mention this only because I can't help with OOCness if I don't know a series.

I beta any genre, yaoi and yuri are fine, smut is fine. I'm not a fan of AU stories, but I'll read them.One pairing I refuse to read, and I will only read if you can give me a good summary of the story totell me why your story about this pairing is worth reading, is Kyo/Yuki. I feel that the two are too... not right for each other. But if you can convince me, then I'll be a willing beta.

Favorite Furuba pairings...in no particular order

Kyoru (by far this is my favorite)


Hatsuru (Haru/Tohru, if you don't know the abbreviation)

Toriru (Hatori/Tohru)




Yuki/Haru (close to the bottom of the favorites list)

Hana/Tohru (preferably one-sided)

Other animes/manga series I like and know fairly well... Naruto, Love Hina, Full Metal Panic, Rurouni Kenshin, Blue Seed. I love Full Metal Alchemist but I don't know much of it yet.

Other things I know well enough to beta comfortably: Due South, Star Wars (movies, some of the extended universe..PM me with details if you aren't sure), Star Trek: TNG, and more books than I can list.

If you have a question, feel free to PM or e-mail me.

I love reviews, and I especially love critical reviews. If you can tell me how I can improve, then I can actually get better. I want to write professionally, and if I don't learn how to improve, then that dream will never happen. Hope you like my stories, and if you don't, tell me why!

Chloe (because I've always wanted to be a Chloe and the internet is the only place I can be.)

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