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4/26/09- Oh, man, it's been a while. So, I've been up in Seattle for over a year now and, I gotta say, it's pretty much the sht. I love it up here. So, why, you might ask, do I feel the need to update this profile? Well, for one, I finally published another fanfiction after a year hiatus. Not another chapter on one of my ongoing fics, but something nonetheless.

Also, I might be in for another move. It seems as though my body likes the idea of falling apart, and decided it was the hips' turn to cause me trouble. I have Avascular Necrosis in both my hips, which is a lack of bloodflow to the joint, which results in the bone "dying" and quite often the collapse of the joint. It's, um, quite painful, and will most likely result in surgery. I'm on crutches now, but the most likely scenario will be a procedure called a core decompression, at which point a sadist... I mean, orthopedic surgeon (kidding... I love my O.S.) will drill little holes in the femoral head to restore bloodflow and kickstart the bone to heal itself. In order to get this done, I would need to move back to California, hopefully temporarily, so my family can take care of me and kiss my boo boo's better.

If you want a little medical lesson, keep reading, otherwise I appreciate you staying with me so far. You should also keep reading if you're a jock considering taking steroids. This could be educational!

So, just to blurt out a bunch of facts about myself, and to educate the few who might be curious about my condition, I'll elaborate. draws in deep breath Okie dokie. I had Leukemia when I was 11 years old. I had a bone marrow transplant from my brother (which is not a surgery, by the way. At least not for me) which pretty much looks like a normal old blood transfusion. However, as most of you probably already know, the bone marrow is what produces all those wonderful cells that keep your body healthy and fight off all the shit that isn't supposed to be there. Well, my brand spanking new bone marrow found my body unfamiliar, and therefore a threat. This is called Graft versus Host disease, or GVHD. For GVHD my oncologist prescribed my Prednisone, a steroid, as an antirejection medication. I was on it for a very long period of time, and if you didn't know, steroids fck you up. I gained about 90 pounds, have striations (stretch marks) all over my body (and I mean all over), and have had Avascular Necrosis in my knees, shoulders, and now my hips. Yes, that's right aspiring athletes. Steroids may help you to bulk up, but in the long run they'll pretty much destory your body. And trust me, AVN is not fun.

Long story made slightly less long, I'd been in remission for about 4 years before I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. The way I like to describe Aplastic Anemia is this: cancer is when your bone marrow produces your cells all wonky. Aplastic Anemia is when your bone marrow doesn't produce anything at all. I went through a similar treatment, which resulted in a second bone marrow transplant, which resulted yet again in GVHD and more freakin' steroids.

I've been in remission from Leukemia for almost 11 years now, and Aplastic Anemia for almost 7 years. Like I said, I've had Avascular Necrosis in my shoulders, too, which resulted in a partial replacement for my left shoulder and a core decompression in my right. So, it's all crap that I've been through before.

Why did I go through all of that? I could lie, but the reason is purely selfish-- this is a way to connect to the world, to tell my story without writing a freaking novel and trying to sell it as a sob story, or an inspirational tale of overcoming adversity. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

I don't think I have anything else. I really thought I was more long-winded than this.

2/9/08- Hey guys! It's finally happening! I'm moving to Seattle on Monday!

It'll take me a few days to drive up there, and I'm buying a laptop when I've saved a little bit of cash, so it may be a while before I'm able to get back on. Like my updates aren't rare enough, right?

Due to the continual flow of time, I felt that my profile page needed to be updated.

I recently finished up at community college (sans math and bio cuz they can suck my balls) and I'll be moving to Seattle in about 1-2 months to begin my industrious career as a hippy.

Currently, I'm still working at Arthur Murray Dance Studio as the receptionist. My wonderful co-workers have taught me to dance a bit, and I'm not too bad unless certain headbands restrict bloodflow to the feet... (grumbles at said headband)

I just recently turned 21 and am thoroughly disappointed in myself for my lack of interest in booze.

I'm very easily entertained and even easier to please, as can be illustrated by my recently painted BLUE room. Yes, that's right... after nearly 15 years of the plain old white walls, I have finally convinced my parents that a lovely shade of blue would make my room look much nicer and my disposition much, much sunnier.

I've also realized that I own far too many books, and that hiding yaoi manga in plain sight doesn't work as well as I had hoped. (They still haven't said anything... but I've noticed the questioning glances). I also realize how much I'm going to miss my books once I move, because there's no way I'll be able to take all of them with me. (And G-d only knows how many I'll end up purchasing while I'm there...)

I can't think of any other information you may be interested in, so I'll just continue to ramble for a bit.

I'm a typical anime freak, and I've even contemplated majoring in Japanese just so I could read all those beautiful manga that haven't been translated into English. I'm still undecided... but now I'm leaning more toward Chinese Studies.

I suppose I'll leave the rest of my profile as I found it. I hope I haven't bored you too much.

I'm an adrenaline addict, bookworm, wannabe geek (though my friends would argue that I've surpassed the term), and amateur writer.

I tend to change obsessions from time to time, but the constant loves of my life are: Hana-Kimi, Slayers, and Princess Tutu.

You can also find me at these websites (though I sometimes forget to update on those): LunarAlchemist

Pomme de Sang- Shooby (If you're a fan of Anita Blake, I've written several drabbles)

So, yeah... I'm a fanfic junkie and somehow I find time to commit a few hours a day to it.


I just want to apologize to any reviewers that I've bitched out because you gave me a review I didn't want to hear. Some of you were flamers, but most of you weren't. My head has shrunk considerably since then. I appreciate criticism now. Really.


I am so sorry to those waiting for an update on "Oh, Screw It." I promise you, I'm not trying to build anticipation or anything. I just have writer's block, plain and simple. I've also begun to edit the first chapters, and you know how it is when you have so many projects. But I am working on it, and I will get a new chapter out to you as soon as I'm able. Thank you for your patience!

Please review-- if you do, I'll give you a theoretical cookie. They're better than real ones. Really. No calories.

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