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Author has written 12 stories for Final Fantasy VII.

To explain the current hiatus:

Unfortunately, other problems have pushed writing involved, chaptered works to the back burner. I will recommence MTL and Clearly Dark, along with the Reefie pieces I have on the storyboard, whenever I get things resolved/have the time. In the meantime, it is possible, not likely, but possible, that I might post some quick drabbles to make up for it. I'm really, really sorry, everybody!

In the meantime, I am available through PM if anyone is absolutely dying to know what comes next, has general questions, or just wishes to chat about something, as that doesn't usually involve keeping storylines straight and characters behaving properly (less taxing!). Again, I am sorry for any disappointment. Thank you for reading my stories! I am very glad my work is being enjoyed.

I'm Medli, and I'm in my twenties. I'm a girl, as Medli would suggest. I am also in grad school doing studies of a scientific nature, and I work. I'll let you guess at what. (is being cheeky) Here's a hint: I tell on the old Viva La Reefie forum. You could go check there. (\being cheeky)

Anyway, I love writing and I have finally been cajoled into posting a few of my stories as I work on them. Right now I only have FFVII work ready/close to ready for posting. The novels are taking up the rest of my time.

I am proudly supporting and co-modding (when my workload allows me to - I have been neglecting my duty here horribly) Reading Chick's Blacklight, the first forum to promote the Shelkero relationship. Yes, you read right. Shelke and Nero. Go and check it out. You know you want to.

PM me if there's anything else you want to know and I'll either answer you directly or do that and add it to this profile.

About my stories, listed by current, unfinished work and sub-category of associated works:

Manipulating the Terminator Line is a story centering around Nero and Yuffie during Dirge of Cerberus, originally inspired by Leonora T. and nariosaw. This story examines the unexplained, odd bits in the dialogue and storyline and adds a spin on it: what if Nero was manipulating Yuffie into telling him the WRO's plans, what if she trusted him and went along with it, and what happens when they both realize that they have ended up in over their heads? Updates will be sporadic, as this story is very difficult to write. Please be patient, I have not forgotten this story. This story also has a soundtrack to it, courtesy primarily of Leonora T., and it will be added here and to each chapter as relevant as the story progresses.

Clearly Dark is my Shelkero and Deepground storylet (ficlet) dump. Stories will be largely unconnected, but those that go together will be labeled as such. This will be added to as I write the pieces.

Questionable Ethics is my (possible?) AU to Reading Chick's AU, Never Too Late. It concerns a philosophical discussion over morals and ethics between Nero and Yuffie.

Someone Wake Me Up is a sad Shelkero story, a giftfic for Reading Chick. Shelke is trying to grasp what her mind is trying to tell her, but she can't quite remember yet. All she knows is that it's very, very important. Written to/inspired by The Veronicas' Someone Wake Me Up.

Outside View is a Deepground, Tsviet-centered story from the point of view of an unnamed medical assistant during the conflict with the WRO over Midgar. Who this person is is not important, thus why she is referred to as "she" in the entire story while everyone else is named. What is important is her impressions.

Reminiscence is my Reefie "epic," written for a challenge on Viva La Reefie. This is actually going to be the kingpin, so to speak, for a series of its' own about life after DoC. Any of you who wanted to see Yuffie's dating plans for Rufus, those are coming up in the next story.

A Red, Red Rose is part of the Reminiscence 'verse, and a commemorative fic for the over-10,000 post mark on Viva La Reefie. Yuffie gets Reeve to relax, and he reads her a poem. The humor part is meant. This is not all sap. But it is cute, funny sap.

Public Service is a cute little Reefie fic, part of the Reminiscence 'verse, inspired by a line in Leonora T.'s Think Like a Man. Really cute, Leo, I mean it. Even if you don't like it, I'm telling the world that's where I got this story. Yuffie is four months pregnant and on vacation in Nibelheim. Bored, Vincent becomes the victim of her ennui and craving-procured abundance of certain foods... This is an aside to a longer story I'm writing, about Reeve dealing with Yuffie being pregnant, that is tentatively called The Perils of Impending Fatherhood.

Existence By A Window is a stand-alone piece not connected to my usual story 'verse. Inspired by the SHeDAISY song Love Goes On and the at-long-last death (hopefully) of a really weird case of writer's block

Binary is a short piece, part of the Reminiscence 'verse, dealing with Pranksters Anonymous and pot-bellied pigs. Inspired by the senior prank at the school where Don'tCallMeBones was teaching. Thanks, Bones!

Fowl is the first in my new series, which I am calling Turks in Translation. Reno and Rude are on a mission for Rufus in Costa. Reno gets into a little language spat with some of the local kids. He has no idea what they're saying to him...

Cat Among the Pigeons is the second story in Turks in Translation. Elena, learning Costan, hears a bunch of kids say something very dangerous, and as she doesn't understand everything they say, the most important half of the message is lost. I can promise you will be shaking your head in exasperation and I would be surprised if you don't laugh.

For Turks in Translation, leave me a review or PM me if there's a phrase you'd like to see the Turks have a run-in with, which language, and which Turk. Or some combination thereof and I'll fill in the rest.


I did not want to have to do this, but in light of the recent rash of favorites without reviews I have received, I am going to have to request that if you favorite a story that you leave a review. Those of you who enjoy my work enough to favorite it seem to have varied interests, and thus it is difficult for me to determine which aspects of my stories were enjoyed the most. The words "Great story!" or "I like this," tell me a lot. I speak a few languages, so if you're not comfortable commenting in English, chances are I can translate a few words. Thank you.

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