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Quite honestly? I never thought I'd write fanfiction again, but here I am. Contributing.

Here we go.

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Since we’ve been posting a shitton of fanfic as of late (or rather, Marti is contributing publicly and I’m being a miser and hiding all my stuff) regarding our bizarre overlapping universes, I figured I’d make a post to explain who all our characters are and how they interact in our huge combined world. Step one is recognizing who’s heroes are who’s.

Marti (Nebulad) is the proud parent of:

Gahruil Tabris (Warden)

Luca Hawke (Hawke)

Saevin Lavellan (Inquisitor)

My babies are as follows:

Macha Tabris (Warden)

Audrianna “Rees” Hawke (Hawke)

Cha’cer Lavellan (Inquisitor)

Okay. After step one, the next step is understanding that we pay absolutely no attention to canonical character companions. So in all our stories, all SIX of these heros are alive and well and functioning in their own storylines. Here’s how they typically mash together:

Macha Tabris is a distant relation to Gahruil Tabris. She was married off to the Halamshiral Alienage, and considers herself Orlesian. Meanwhile Gahruil is the Tabris that remained in the Denerim Alienage and went through the canonical Tabris origins. Macha joined the Warden team later along with Corinth (fivelettered’s dwarf warden). This three warden team is referred to as The Dream Team. (that’s also the tag for it, if you’re wanting to look for warden fics by us.)

The Hawke’s are more tricky, since we basically had to split the families down the middle. Luca Hawke remains THE Hawke. She is a mage, and has a little brother named Carver. Her father was Malcolm Hawke and her mother is a random fereldan. They flee to Kirkwall because of the blight, etc etc. Regular old refugees. Rees usually drops the name Hawke and becomes Rees Amell. She has a little sister named Bethany and they are both daughters of Leandra Amell and a escaped Tal-Vashoth mage. They join Luca Hawke’s gang for protection and gold. Also, Luca, Rees, Fenris and Isabela are all (eventually) in a polyamorous relationship. This is called the Sacred OT4, or Lucky Stars. (tags: the sacred ot4, the lucky stars collection). We have an AU (of an AU of an AU. we know) where the ot4 has a child named Leto. In that AU, Leto is the inquisitor.

Finally, The New Fangs. In the original AU, Saevin Lavellan is the inquisitor and Cha’cer is an ancient elf (like Abelas). There’s actually a huuuuge longfic dedicated to this world written by Marti called Where The Sky Will Be Kept. It explains who Cha’cer is (the General of Fen’harel’s Fangs and Fen’harel’s ex lover turned best bud), Saevin and Solas’ relationship coming to a full bloom, Cha’cer and Sera becoming girlfriends and lots of cool divinity lore explanation. I highly recommend it.

Okay. So given that we’ve strayed about as far as earthly possible from the canon that Bioware gave us, this is the post i’m going to use for reference whenever we post stuff. That way we don’t have to explain the whole dang thing every time hahaha. So if you have any questions, I’ll post up the answers here as well! :D Also, if you’d like to add your Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor to our world, we encourage you to send us messages and we’d love to write in some cameos.

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"Happy housewarming!" Luca declared. He stared at her blankly while she shifted back and forth eagerly, looking entirely like her hound. He even imagined the dog would have the same choppy bowl cut. "I do not understand," he said after a few minutes ticked by. Rees snorted.
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Solas was balanced precariously on the back of the couch, the only real piece of furniture in the room. He didn't seem to fear falling, and indeed when he drew back too far and Saevin jolted upwards in alarm, his magic caught him and straightened him out- he didn't even seem bothered by how close he'd come to hitting the ground. [Demi Solas - No Sex]
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"Yeah, Papa was an elf. You want a drink?" she asked. He smiled at her, inclining his head towards the table. "Are you in the financial position to offer me one?" Fenris asked wryly. She scowled and swatted at him teasingly- she was flirting with him, he realized, and the knowledge made him warm and cold at the same time.
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Finding Her Roots by Nebulad reviews
Solas stood and watched the darkness churn in front of him, beyond the camp. "Keeping the Dread Wolf company?" she asked with a smile. He snorted. "You could say that, I suppose." [Demi Solas - Some Sexual Content]
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"I think my memories of this place are skewing the scenery," Solas said with a faint twist of his mouth. She couldn't tell how he felt about that. "It's very pretty," she offered, hardly able to tear her gaze away from it. She loved flowers. "Hardly genuine, though. Perhaps I'm trying to impress you." [Demi Solas - No Sexual Content]
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Fifty Dollars and a Free Meal reviews
Honestly, Luca Hawke was a little insulted that she hadn't thought of this idea earlier. Granted she didn't have the credentials of this particular anonymous poster. Not like she was going to ask for a criminal record as proof. To be frank, she mostly was getting a kick out of the idea of a Tal-Vashoth date punching Uncle Gamlen square in the jaw. [Collab with Nebulad]
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Fenris, a runaway slave and fugitive, steals the identity of a knight and finds himself locked into a kingdom-wide competition for the title of "Champion", half the royal coffers, and the hand of the heir to the throne. Meanwhile Audrianna, Queen Leandra Amell's oldest daughter, has a promise to keep to her sister; and she's not going to let a silly competition stop her.
Dragon Age - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 62,909 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 44 - Follows: 57 - Updated: 1/28 - Published: 11/14/2014 - [Hawke (F), Fenris] Isabela, Bethany H. - Complete
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"It was her choice to make. Not yours." The spirits words split through his chest like a dagger. "She was proud of you. Her pride. Her wolf." :: This ficlet is a companion piece to Where The Sky Will Be Kept by Nebulad.
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