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Author has written 5 stories for Danny Phantom, and Doctor Who.

UPDATE on 08/13/2010: All, I want to thank you for your patience. Real Life has been quite hectic. But the additions to people's Favorite Authors and Favorite Stories lists have been quite the boost. So have the reviews! Thank you all so VERY MUCH!

Personal notes: I'm PUBLISHED!!! For real and for certain. See my website for details on recent publications.

I'm working on new chapters for both "Resurrection" & "Do Overs", but I now have two original shorts stories to write (and submit to paying venues) as well as a novel proposal. They come first before DP, but I will get new stuff for DP posted on at least one story soon. Thanks for keeping the faith and for your patience! I greatly appreciate it!

Source Material Links for "Do Overs": Wilhelm Wundt link (http:///~intell/wundt.shtml) and Shapeshifting Link (http:///wiki/Shapeshifting). Hope you find them as interesting as I did.


I like cartoons, anime, manga, writing, reading, history, and I'm a real life Database Administrator / computer tech type. I am a RL writer and enjoy writing fanfic for myself when I get stymied on one of my own original pieces of work. It's a good way to exercise one's writing voice while working through Writer's Block for other pieces.

I like reviews. Please make them constructive, though, instead of just rants/flames. Suggestions and thoughts are appreciated, but I can't promise to follow up on all of them.

I have 2 perspective pieces called "I'm the Hero" and "Deep Blue". I hope you enjoy them. Current works in Progress are Danny Phantom: Do Overs and Danny Phantom: Resurrection.

Fanfic Turnoffs: Bad spelling, grammar, formatting and punctuation. I understand people are busy, but some writers could learn a lot by cracking open a dictionary once in a while. There is a world of difference between "it's" (a contraction of "it is") and "its" (a possessive noun), your and you're, etc. Also, misplaced homonyms (words that sound the same or are spelled the same but have completely different meanings like "hair" and "hare" or "their" and "there") drive me batty. I can deal with a small amount of mistakes in a piece (Heck, I make mistakes too), but if there are more than 10 every couple of hundred words, I often go off to find another 'Fic and won't even bother with one that might have a good plot if I could find it underneath all the errors.

Fanfic Turnons: Good plot! Great characterizations! Realistic drama (as in I can believe why the character is acting the way he/she is). Good grammar, spelling and formating. Original ideas or old ideas told in an original way. Though I usually avoid OCs or un-canon plots, I do stumble across pieces that make me reconsider my prejudices. Legend Maker ("DP: Inferno"), Alex Shiva ("My GrandFather's Ghost" and his Teen Titan's story), Wings of Morphius (lots of her stuff, but mostly "Gender Confusion") are a few of the writers who manage it so well that I practically salivate to read the rest of their work.

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