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What's up people of the internet. I'm just you're average British geeky guy, with a passion for thinking up stories involving his favourite fictional characters...You know the usual fanfiction criteria.

List of Stories:

Trainer to Huntsman-(In Progress)

A day in the life of cryptid's-(Completed)

A Cryptid's Dream-(On indefinite hiatus)

Misc information about yours truly:

Birthday: 11th May

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Music Genre: Anything that's good

Favourite Music Composer: Tie between Hans Zimmer and Hiroyuki Sawano

Favourite Pokémon of each generation: 1. Beedrill/ 2. Feraligatr/ 3. Dusclops/ 4. Gallade/ 5. Seismitoad/ 6. Noivern/ 7. Vikavolt/ 8. Mr Rime

Favourite Pokémon region: Kalos

Favourite Pokémon Type - Ghost

Favourite Pokémon Villain Team - Team Skull

DeviantArt - Kallerston17

Trainer to Huntsman Info


After a strange rip in space-time sends Kalos Pokémon Trainer Kai Emblem and his party of Pokémon from the world of Pokémon to the World of Remnant he quickly makes a name for himself. Found by Professor Ozpin and Ruby Rose, Kai joins Beacon Academy as a Huntsman in training. Coping with life on a foreign world, overcoming his personal insecurities and past phantoms, keeping control of his rowdy Pokémon, and realising Remnant and Pokéarth may be more linked than he first thought, Kai must quickly learn and grow if he hopes to survive this world and return home. Even if he has to alter destiny itself.


Name: Kai Emblem

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Kai is in his late teens, but has a round face that made him look a bit younger. His eyes and hair are both the same shade of brown, with his hair cut short and brushed neatly to the right, on top of which he wears a prized grey fedora. He wears a bright cobalt blue jacket that was grey under his arms and when zipped down to reveal a plain yellow T-shirt. On his lower half he wears blue jeans and a pair of black boots.
He sometimes carries a yellow backpack with black stripes and lots of zipped pockets.

Personality: Kai is a well-meaning and kind hearted young man with a strong will to do the right thing, often going out of his way to help others over himself (even against his better judgement) and normally succeeds, even if it comes to at a personal cost. Kai is a planner often thinking of strategies for everything in life whether it's a conversation or a battle, that said when something doesn't go to plan Kai normally panics and struggles to come up with a solution. This also makes socialising awkward for him as topics changing in conversation leaves Kai to stutter and struggle to come up with anything to add. He also cares a great deal about his appearance, often looking at his reflection, judging himself and wiping away dirt and muck that ever gets on his person. Kai also has difficulty in dealing with more romantic or suggestive themes in regards to women, often going red and stammering from something as simple as a compliment. Despite his quirks Kai is nothing if not a good person, that just so happens to wind up in awkward situations where he needs to play the hero.

Powers, Abilities and Traits:

Prior Journey Experience - Before arriving in Remnant, Kai has already been a Pokémon Trainer for three years in that time defeating the eight gym leaders, Team Flare and the Champion. Not only has this made his Pokémon powerful but it has given Kai a strategic mind that he uses to plan strategies to overcome obstacles thrown in his way.

Protective Aura - Unlocked by Professor Ozpin. Kai has a protective aura that can heal minor wounds and protect him from serious and fatal injuries, however his aura is lower than average, perhaps as a result of not being from Remnant.

Semblance: Perception - When Kai is afraid or stressed his senses become drastically heightened allowing him to: see, hear, feel, taste and smell his surroundings in greater detail. Perception has been used to warn Kai of incoming attacks, identifying weak spots, noticing critical details and improving his reflexes and reactions.

Gant Blindé - A pair of black metal vambraces attached to a pair of grey metal hands by a fifteen feet long piece of wire. By manipulating the hands through elastic bands Kai artificially increases the length of his arms, protects his hands from hot temperatures or direct attacks, and can shoot the arms out like a grappling hook while still able to move the fingers. It also houses a glass dome that when twisted gives access to a series of Dust vials for elemental lasers and improvised elemental attacks based of Pokémon moves known as 'Makeshift Moves'.

Pianist - Kai is a skilled pianist having taken lessons since he was six years old, though having stopped taking them before going on his journey.

Pokémon Team:

1. Greninja - Unnoticeable. Calm under pressure. Silent. Traits that encompass everything ruthlessly efficient about a ninja. Greninja... Is quite literally the opposite of these in everyway. An egotistical, loudmouth, with a passion for making jokes: Greninja is Kai's go to partner for just about anything. Despite his loud and outgoing personality, he is surprisingly easy to talk to and entertaining to boot, if not annoying as well. That said whenever Kai is in trouble, Greninja suddenly becomes serious often putting himself in harms way to protect his Master. If you're in trouble Greninja will always have your back... While also cracking a few jokes at your expense.

Type: Water/Dark

Gender: Male

Ability: Torrent

Nature: Rash

Characteristic: Somewhat of a Clown

Move Set: Aerial Ace, Water Shuriken, Night Slash, Scald

First Appearance: Prologue

2. Talonflame - Talonflame is not the easiest Pokémon to get to know, and he probably wouldn't want to get to know you. Originally from Santalune forest, Talonflame spent his early years as a Fletchling getting bullied and tormented by a wild Pikachu, his only wish in life to fly to freedom. Eventually his anger reached a boiling point, defeating Pikachu and making a new life for himself on Route 2 before getting caught by Kai.
Talonflame’s upbringing has made him an angry, competitive, hothead who cares about someone's strength above all else. He is often seen arguing with Kai and his fellow Pokémon and doesn't even pay attention to strangers, unless they make him mad in which case Arceus help them.
That being said, behind his anger lies a kinder side of the Scorching Pokémon, shown when he antagonised Jaune and Yang when they were at their low points to help them rise up and grow stronger like he had. He also has a much more relaxed side whenever he takes one of his regular flights on his own, to enjoy the freedom he has as part of Kai’s team.
Kai himself seems to understand and appreciate both sides of Talonflame, proudly sending him to battle and even getting him to fly on his arm when the battle's over. He may be a hothead, but he's Kai's hothead.

Type: Fire/Flying

Gender: Male

Ability: Flame Body

Nature: Adamant

Characteristic: Quick Tempered

Move Set: Flame Charge, Steel Wing, Fly, Acrobatics

First Appearance: Chapter 1: Petals and embers

3. Aegislash - A proud and valiant knight, Aegislash is a loyal and skilled member of Kai's family. She often speaks in stereotypical old-English referring to people as Sir and Lady respectively, though no one seems to mind if anything it only proves her resolve as a knight. Despite being a sword she is surprisingly blunt at times pointing out someone's flaws even in battle, calling them 'fools'. That said she has the upmost loyalty for her Sire and anyone who he deems as an ally. Although that doesn’t stop her from calling out their actions or holding grudges, shown most prominently with her rivalry with Weiss Schnee, after their sparring match.
She has also developed a ‘parrying’ technique with her shield while in Blade Forme allowing her to minimise damage even when her defences are down with proper timing.
As determined as she is skilled, Aegislash makes sure that foes kneel before her and her Sire... Unless they land a Super Effective hit when her guard is down, then she'll be the one doing the kneeling.

Type: Steel/Ghost

Gender: Female

Ability: Stance Change

Nature: Bold

Characteristic: Strong Willed

Move Set: Slash, Shadow Sneak, King's Shield, Iron Head

First Appearance: Chapter 5: Day One (Part II)

4. Slurpuff - Slurpuff is... Odd to say the least. Originally living on Route 7, Slurpuff spent her days as a Swirlix pleasuring herself out the many smells (or as she calls them parfume’s) the world had to offer. Although many other Pokémon failed to see the novelty, often attacking her when she got too close. That was until she met Kai and his party, where after her own parfume was accepted for the first time she gladly joined them.
Like most of her species she has a strong sense of smell, and is commonly shown sniffing the area around her, commenting on the smell even in context where it wouldn’t be apparent. She also has a relaxed view of the world and has been shown to even tease her teammates for fun. Although she gives back to them by somehow having developed a mastery of cooking, able to create delicious dishes for people and Pokémon to enjoy.
Despite her eccentricities her teammates and family still love her, and has more than proven her parfume's worth.

Type: Fairy

Gender: Female

Ability: Sweet Veil

Nature: Quirky

Characteristic: Mischievous

Move set: Dazzling Gleam, Flamethrower, Cotton Guard, Fake Tears

Previous Moves: Energy Ball

First Appearance: Chapter 8: The parfume of leadership

5. Lucario - In a family of oddballs you tend to find that one regular guy, a 'straight man' if you will. In this one it's Lucario. Originally belonging under the ownership of the Fighting Type Kalos gym leader Korrina, Lucario grew up training with a second Lucario at the Tower of Mastery. Until several chance encounters led to Lucario meeting with Kai, culminating in him fighting at his side in a Mega Evolution duel and becoming a member of his team.
Lucario is calm and rational, living life through logic and reason as opposed to instinct or emotion. Lucario is an excellent fighter capable of handling a Huntsman in training without receiving orders from his Master, yet knows emotions well enough to comfort or provide reason to those in emotional distress. Although sometimes is slow to pick up on a joke, taking sarcastic questions as literal inquires.
Lucario is also capable of going under the process of Mega Evolution which drastically increases all his stats, notably his Attack, Special Attack and Speed.

Gender: Male

Type: Fighting/Steel

Ability: Steadfast /Adaptability when Mega Evolved

Nature: Serious

Characteristic: Proud of its power

Move set: Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Power-up-Punch, Dark Pulse

First Appearance: Chapter 10: Lost and Found

6. Noivern - Noivern suits the role of Kai's last Pokémon very fittingly given how he has been described as Kai to be 'like a little brother'. The last member of the team caught; Noivern has a caring, sensitive child-like personality. He is shown to get frightened easily and will refer to his other team members like siblings calling them brother and sister. That said he also has some arrogance in him, giving the occasional snarky comment, though when he's called out on this, he is quick to apologise.
Despite this Noivern is still a proud and powerful member of the team, able to fight and win against second year Huntress in training Coco Adel and Ice Type gym leader Wulfric’s Abomasnow despite the extreme type disadvantage. He is as strong as a dragon after all.

Gender: Male

Type: Flying/Dragon

Ability: TBA

Nature: Timid

Characteristic: Alert to Sounds

Move set: Hurricane, Supersonic, Boomburst, Dragon Pulse

First Appearance: Chapter 14: Consequences

Name: Robin Navy

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Robin is in her late teens and has raven coloured hair and blue eyes. She wears a dark blue sleeveless minidress under which she wears a sleeveless white shirt and a pair of black shorts. On her feet she wears black and white trainers with metal soles, and around her neck she wears a red tie. Finally after she was attacked by a Grimm she wraps white bandages on her arms.

Personality: Unlike Kai's kind but awkward nature, Robin is far more confident and determined staring whatever comes at her dead in the eye. She is outwardly cold and serious to others showing no patience or sympathy, even to her own Pokémon which she expects to be flawless. However she does have a soft side around them, whether it's being unable to remain mad or disappointed in them, or crying when she almost left them to save herself. She appears to be messy shown when she emptied her belongings all over her and Kai's dorm also showing an affinity for berries. Despite her insistence on perfection she does have flaws of her own such as her narrow mind in battle, her obsession with defeating the champion... and her motion sickness.

Powers, Abilities and Traits:

Prior journey experience - Before arriving in Remnant, Robin has already been a Pokémon Trainer for six years in that time defeating the eight gym leaders. This has made her Pokémon strong, and has helped her developed strategies and techniques to achieve victory.

Protective Aura - Unlocked by Professor Ozpin. Robin has a protective aura that can heal minor wounds and protect her from serious and fatal injuries, however her aura is lower than average, perhaps as a result of not being from Remnant.

Semblance: Personal Gravity - When Robin feels under pressure of failing, her semblance allows her to manipulate her own personal field of gravity. This allows her to change which direction gravity comes from allowing her to glide over the ground, or fall high into the air. She can also increase the amount of gravity affecting her increasing her weight and the speed she falls.

Roller Skates - Like a good portion of trainers in the Kalos region Robin commonly uses a pair of roller skates. Robin is skilled enough with her skates that not only can she speed over the ground with ease but she can also perform complex tricks and flips with them as well.

Motion Sickness - Robin has extreme nausea on fast moving vehicles such as Bullheads, as such she doesn't travel by flying Pokémon and generally gets from place to place by her feet alone.

Vegetarianism - As revealed when she didn't accept food from Jaune, Robin does not eat meat. Despite this she doesn't hate those who do and still feeds her Pokémon meat if their diet requires it.

Allergies - Robin has an unknown allergy. However this allergy is severe enough that Robin needs to keep an EpiPen on her at all times in case of an emergency reaction.

Pokémon Team:

1. Chesnaught - (First appearance: Navy Character Short) (Gender: Male) (Ability: Overgrow) (Nature: Relaxed) (Characteristic: Capable of taking hits) (Move set: Spiky Shield, Seed Bomb, Hammer Arm, Stone Edge)

2. Beedrill - (First appearance: Chapter 28: The new face) (Gender: Male) (Ability: Swarm) (Nature: Hasty) (Characteristic: Likes to thrash about) (Move set: Toxic Spikes, Pin Missile, Poison Jab, Fell Stinger)

3. Beartic - (First appearance: Chapter 29: Birds of a feather) (Gender: Male) (Ability: TBA) (Nature: Adamant) (Characteristic: Proud of its power) (Move set: Icicle Crash, Aqua Jet, Superpower, Sheer Cold)

4. Flareon - (First appearance: Chapter 31: Power Trip) (Gender: Female) (Ability: Flash Fire) (Nature: Sassy) (Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn) (Move set: Fire Spin, Dig, Iron Tail, Flare Blitz)

5. Clawitzer - (First appearance: Chapter 34: A trainer's pride) (Gender: Female) (Ability: Mega Launcher) (Nature: Hardy) (Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning) (Move set: Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, Aqua Jet, Venoshock)

6. Tyrantrum - (First appearance: Chapter 37: Second chance) (Gender: Male) (Ability: TBA) (Nature: Quirky) (Characteristic: Scatters things often) (Move set: Rock Slide, Crunch, Dragon Claw, ?)

Story Arcs:

Volume 1:

Intro Arc (Prologue - Chapter 5)

Jaunedice/Forever Fall Arc (Chapter 6 - Chapter 9)

The Stray/Black & White Arc (Chapter 10 - Chapter 12)

Volume 1.5:

Remedial Lesson arc (Chapter 13 - 19)

End of Semester arc (Chapter 20 - 24)

Volume 2:

Investigation Arc (Chapter 25 - 27)

Arrival Arc (Chapter 28 - 34)

Save the date Arc (Chapter 35 - 37)

Tales of Beacon Arc (Chapter 38 - 39)

Nightmare Plateau Arc (Chapter 40 - 47)

Beacon Dance Arc (Chapter 48 - 50)

Mountain Glenn Arc (Chapter 51 - ?)

Cryptid's Dream Info


4 months after the war with the Alvarez Empire, six mages brought together by fate join together to form Fiore's newest magic guild. However new foes and challenges face these mages as they struggle against dark guilds, a competitive job market and their own histories. Will they succeed and prosper? One can only dream?

The info for the main characters of Cryptid's Dream is available here: Cryptid's Dream Guild Members Data Sheet
Or use this link: https:// docs(dot)google(dot)com /document/d/1T6LTqVswKOM8Gzf1Kkt-DXUjsFuCrUIhdy6W7dBxxj8/edit

To anyone reading any of my stories, I hope you enjoy them and thank you for reading.

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