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I'm 'Slayer Isis'

Fanfiction is a way to let my imagination run wild.

I'd like to major in English Literature or Writing when I go to university. I also want to get into film and become a screenwriter.

I do love feedback/comments/reviews - these are quite important for a wannabe-writer.

My favorite show of all time is "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"...and I do intend on writing stories in that category...but right now the only show that seems to take place of my "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"-lovin is "Supernatural" so I am more focused in that category.

I've focused my time in writing a Supernatural series called Meant To Be. It's basically the show Supernatural with my addition of my own characters and different story lines, etc.

Below are links to pictures of people who I think resemble/look exactly what I picture my own characters to look like.

"Amy" (Parts 1-5) : (it's Olivia Wilde (II)'s an IMDB site - but if you look through the pictures, the ones with the lighter hair color and not-so-extravagant make-up - YEP, that's my Amy)

"Isabella" (Pts. 4-5): (it's Dannell's an IMDB website - with jet black hair and blue-colored eyes, that's Isabella)

"Michael" (Pts. 1, 5): (it's Wentworth Miller - and I used to be dedicated to watching the show Prison Break, but lost touch...but after watching it, gave me the inspriation for Michael)

"Grammy" (Pts. 4-5): (this is definately Grammy)

"Officer Blake Evans" (Pts. 4-5): (this is Michael Landes - great actor - and definately reminds me of Blake)

"Carter Lynn" (Pt. 4): (Drew Fuller - another great actor and definately Carter Lynnish)

"Professor Ian Saton" (Pts. 1, 4):

"Dean Karajan" (Pts. 4-5) :


"Dana" (Pts. 4-5):

"KC" (Pts. 4-5):

"Erin" (Pts. 4-5):

"Violet" (Pts. 4-5):

"Natiskawa" (Pt. 1): (w/ dark hair)

"Man possessed by Natiskawa" (Pt. 1):

"Tobias" (Pt. 3):

"Jezebel" (Pt. 3):

"Philip" (Pt. 2):

"Lori" (Pt. 2):

"Eric Lawson" (Pt. 5):

"Dean Enyart" (Pt. 6):

"Felicity" (Pt. 6):

(As of 02/10/07, these characters have not actually shown up in the series, but will eventually...)

"Mike Cromwell":

"Kate Cromwell":

That's it so far, more pictures of different characters will be updated soon. If there are any characters you wish to see (through my eyes) send me a comment through one of my stories.

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