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DOB - 04 / Feb / 1992

Location - Australia

Fav colour - green, yellow, black, red and blue

Fav hobbie - cooking, pencil drawing, writing

Fav school subjects - Science, Drawing, Hospitality (kind of), Maths (kind of), Enlgish and Sose

Fav food - Sweet things, pastries, roast chicken, most pies and anything I cook

Fav Band/Singer - Negative, random 80's, Marylin Manson, Righteous Brothers (I'm all over the place)

Pets - Bacon the rat, Judy the jackrussle, Muttley the bordercollie and a couple of hungry fish

Things that annoy me - the word 'guesstimate', know-it-all's, people who are mean to dogs, the popular girls at my school (not naming anyone coughclaudiacough), spelling, Mary Poppins (she freaks me out)

Things I'm scared of - Mary Poppins, the shed, spiders, the dark (ahem.. hmm... yes well lots of my friends still are!), heights.

Teen Titans

Pairings I like

Jericho -x- Raven

Jericho -x- Kole

Kyd Wykkyd -x- Jinx

Kid Flash -x- Jinx

Starfire -x- Robin

Beast Boy -x- Terra

Pairings I don't mind

Kyd Wykkyd -x- Raven

Kid Flash -x- Raven

Beast Boy -x- Raven

Billy Numerous -x- Starfire

Billy Numerous -x- Terra

Speedy -x- Cheshire

Herald -x- Bumblebee

Cyborg -x- Bumblebee

Pairings I dislike

Cyborg -x- Jinx

Robin -x- Raven

Slade -x- Terra (I know it happened in the comics but... ergh! She's sixteen!)