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My Favorite Charmed Lines:

Season 1

Something Wicca this was comes:

Prue: We can rent the room at a reduce rate in exchange for some help around the house.

Piper: Phoebe's good with a wrench.

Prue: Phoebe lives in New York.

Piper: Not anymore.

Prue: What?

Piper: Hey, I have a great idea. Why don't I make a fabulous reunion dinner.

Prue: I'm not hungry.

Phoebe: I ate on the bus.

Piper: Okay, we'll try the group hug later.

Prue: We are gonna be careful, we're gonna be wise and we're gonna stick together.

Piper: This should be interesting.

Season 2


Piper: (sarcastcly) Thank you doctor.

Phoebe: Hmm, Doctor Phoebe Halliwell, I like it.

Jack: Yeah no complaint from my view either.

Prue: Ok, is everything about you sexual?

Piper: Ok, um can I go home now? Because no offence but I hate hospitals.

Give me a sgin.

Phoebe: 28 minutes, 33 seconds

Piper: Have we really been running for that long?

Phoebe: No, I've been timeing you've been comparing Leo and Dan

Piper: Leonardo’s Boutique and Bodega Bay. Leo, short for Leonardo, Bodega Bay, where Dan is from.

Phoebe: uhhhh...

Piper: (leans in and glares at Phoebe) Don't play the blonde act with me Phoebe! You cast that spell didn't you!

Careful What you Whitch for

Piper: Okay, how about what already is. Dan is back in town.

Leo: So?

Piper: So what am I gonna tell him? The last time I saw him he handed me proof that you were killed in 1942. He’s gonna expect a reaction from me.

Phoebe: How about "Hey Dan, you're right, I am a necrophiliac."

Prue: Lunch date with Dick.

Phoebe: Dull Dick? Prue, you are too hot to have to duty date.

Phoebe: I don’t get it. You’ve been stuck in that bottle for 200 years, someone finally sends you to us and you have no idea who licked the stamp? I kinda find that hard to believe.

Prue: What, and a genie man standing in our living room wearing that offering to each grant a wish isn't?

Genie: Well, I don't get it. You win the lotto and you're asking for explanations?

Season 3

Once apon a time (my favorite episode)

Prue: (in a childish voice) I wanna see the fairy.

Prue/Phoebe: (singing) If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. If you're happy and you know it... pat your knee. If you're happy and you know it pat your knee.

Piper: What the hell is going on?

Abby: You think this is bad? You should've been here for Frere Jacque. They've been acting like kids since they got here. I didn't serve them, I swear.

Piper: Okay, (freezes the room) what ass-backward spell did you guys cast?

Prue: We-we-we didn't cast a spell.

Phoebe: But we did use Fairy dust!

Phoebe: Oh, you know what? You are being a big, big, big, estra, estra, estra, double estra big derk right now.

Death takes a Halliwell (another favorite)

Phoebe: I hereby proclaim this power of sand Kingdom Phoebeville! Yay!

Prue: You know I don't get it. (Starts to walk away)

Phoebe: Wait, what don’t you get?

Prue: That you just spent an hour of your life building something that is just gonna be completely, completely destroyed and disappear in about five seconds flat.

Phoebe: Ahh, but Phoebeville will live forever in the hearts of the villagers who come to love it.

Prue: Yeah. So I’m sorry if I’ve been a little cranky.

Phoebe: Say no more. (yelling) Princess Prue has spoken! By the orders of the Queen, that’s me…

Prue: Ooh, I got that part.

Phoebe: Phoebeville, and all of it’s glory will be abandoned for greater pastures!... and two lattes.

Prue: Oh, all hail the Queen.

Phoebe: Yay, I love to be hailed.

Phoebe: A shadow? Like, what do you mean? Like a Woogy?

Prue: No, scarier.

Phoebe: Eww...

Exit Stratigy

Leo: Oú est l' tour Eiffel. That is 'Where is the Eiffel Tower?'

Piper: In my dreams if we don't get you a passport.

Leo: Honey, we don't need a passport to honeymoon in Paris. With a blink of an orb, we can be sipping champagne at the Champs Sel Seasay.

Piper: From Dan's old file, the one he put together when he was suspicious of you. You remember him, don't ya?

Leo: Let's see, perfect hair, cleft chin, tried to steal you away from me? Vaguely, vaguely. (Leo snatches the birth certificate off of Piper.) This isn't gonna work, I was born in 1924.

Piper: No, you weren't. (She snatches it back.) Okay, off-white background, black ink... Little trick I learned in high school.

Leo: You're gonna forge my birth certificate?

Piper: No. Just going to change one little number. (She white outs the number.) So, 1924 becomes 1974. And just like that, you are fifty years younger. (She writes in the seven.) Wait a minute, that makes you 27. That's younger than me. Maybe I should change another number.

Leo: Piper, this is completely illegal!

Piper: Yeah? Well, so is marrying a dead guy, okay? (She holds up his death certificate.) Let's not get technical now.

Prue: (walks into the kitchen) Morning. What's up?

Leo: Well, probably three to five years jail if we're lucky.

Look who's Barking

Prue: Morning.

Phoebe: Morning.

Prue: Uh, you’re not still writing in there about Cole are you?

Phoebe: Nope.

Prue: Good.

Phoebe: I’m actually writing about his demonic half now.

Woman on tape: Soft in elevation, slow, deep, exhalation. Be at peace in this world. Allow your mind to drift. Slow.

(Leo orbs in and scares Piper. She blows up her CD player.)

Piper: Leo! You’re supposed to knock, not orb.

Leo: But I live here. (Piper uses the fire extingusher on the CD player and then pointsit at Leo) Okay, okay, okay, just relax.

Piper: That’s what I was trying to do and then somebody made me blow up my Guru.

Inspector: He drowned in his own blood according to the M.E. All his blood vessels just burst. No reason. Are you Feds?

Phoebe: (annoied) Actually, Inspector, we’re witches, okay? We actually think a demon might have done this. Probably my ex-boyfriend and if he did do this then we have to find him and vanquish him. Satisfied?

Inspector: That’s very funny.

(He leaves the room.)

Prue: Okay, are you out of your mind?

Phoebe: Well, it got rid of him didn’t it?

Leo: Then their call turns into a scream that kills.

Prue: Well, that explains the broken blood vessels and the shattered glass. Looks like it’s not Cole after all.

Piper: So what do we do? Wear earplugs?

Phoebe/Piper: "The piercing cry that feeds on pain, and leaves more sorrow than a gain, shall now be heard by one who seeks, to stop the havoc that it wreaks.”

(They hear thunder and a bright light surrounds Prue. She disappears.)

Phoebe: Prue?

Piper: Oh my god. (They look down and Prue has turned into a large white dog.) Prue?

The ones that I put here are Seasons one two and three, only because I like the Charmed Ones with Prue. I like Paige, just Prue better.

My Friends words/lines:

Erin: Frugledoogenorf!

Julie: Wow, it seems like I should care... To bad I don't!

Me: That... just dosen't seem right!

Julie's normal response: Nothing seems right to you.

Funny Lines From Julie's Book:

Nova: What did you do!

Violet: I dunno, but it wan't me.

Nova: Serenity! HELP US STOP THEM!

Serenity: (in a wierd eery voice) Noooooo. You go stop them yourseeeeeelvssssss.

Sage: Serenity, what do you think of me?

Serenity: (in a weird eery voice) You are a mindless idiot.

Sage: Thanks.

Serenity: (in an sweet innocent voice) You're welcome!

Helen's made up sences:

Guy #1: Ok I think my piolet training is all finished. Just one question. What does this botton do!

Guy #2: No don't touch that!

Plane: BOOM!

Guy #1: He did it. (points to Guy #2)

My Charmed FanFiction series:

1) Gone, But Not Forgotten (Complete!)

2) Cursed (Complete!)

3) Shaft's Revenge (In-Progress)

Any comments? Questions? Just e-mail me!
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