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Author has written 9 stories for Star Wars, and Final Fantasy VII.

Hi, all! (2005)

Alright, so 11 at night isn't that much better than one in the morning, but I'm insomniac and will probably go to bed at three anyway.

I'm a just below US legal drinking age college girl at the moment, though I hope to fix that in a few months. I actually started in the Angel/Buffy fandom, because I think that Joss Whedon is Shakespeare reincarnated, if not quite God. If he writes, I will read, watch, laugh at, and cry over. I don't care what he writes about, as long as he writes. He is just that good.

I have yet to write in that fandom because I don't think I can do it justice, though. So instead, we have Star Wars. Which has much, much more room for new stories than Joss's TV shows, at least in my estimation. I am an Anakin fan-girl, I admit it. One day I will write about Vader in the suit, but I am still smarting from RotS and so try to save him that indignity in most of my writing. I also read some Harry Potter, though it is hard to find the good ones because of the sheer quantity of writing in that fandom.

Generally, I like stuff with a darker take. I like a bit of reality in with my sunniness, and I like humor. Or you could just look at what Joss Whedon does. If a story has everything - darkness, danger, humor, a certain sense of reality, I will love it. For Star Wars, the story I would point you toward is Anakins Saga by Geo3, starting with the Step Into My Parlour viginette. That got me hooked on the fanfiction of Star Wars, and however it ends, it shall always be my canon. Yes, George, you did a wonderful job. But Geo has... made the difference between a melody and a symphony. If you never do anything else, read her story.

Sunday, Sept 21 I'm bad at longer than one-shots, aren't I? Though I always have ideas that feel like they ought to be epic fics. Hmph. So if I have something that someone else would like to continue, go ahead and PM me. PM me first, though. Depending on how sucked into this entire thing I become, I might be posting FFVII recs, too.I sort of hope I post more than twice on Advent Rising, though. I have a lot of questions about Sephiroth's childhood, and no satisfactory answers from other people.

Shadow of the Suns is not going to work by the way. Logic keeps screwing with me, and if the Emperor had the twins, they'd not be quite as happy as I made them. I might rewrite it, but I doubt it.

Thinking out Loud, because I have no beta and no friends I can bounce this stuff off of:

Final Fantasy 7(spoilers, but not big ones)

The Lifestream. Canon has the lifestream being made of memories and...spirit energy, which isn't particularly well defined. Stagnant lifestream, or The Darkness, Terra Corrupt, the source of Nero's awesomeness and Vincent's Chaos issue, is made of bad memories and feelings. I'll buy that, and then be promptly amazed that Vincent is still sane... sorta.

But my major question, which gets back to the 'mysterious power' or 'undefined spirit energy' thing: WTH, Mako Reactors? Mako is just another word for lifestream. So how do you turn feelings and memories and dead people's Chi into electricity? And while we're at it, what are the byproducts of whatever reaction fuels Mako Reactors?

Obvious Scenario 1:

If Mako Reactors are loosely equivalent to Nuclear Reactors, then they only need a very little bit of the lifestream for ridiculous amounts of power. This seems consistent with Shin-Ra's whole 'cheap energy' thing. However, there are two side-effects: Nuclear reactions involve the fundamental destruction of whatever substance is being used as fuel, to the tune of E=mc^2. So they are destroying souls to power your lightbulb. The second side-effect is that there is a byproduct that is not energy, and not lifestream. So WTH is it?

- mostly fits with canon, except that reactors seem to require a metric *load of Mako to work. Maybe there's a density issue, so the Mako has to be compressed into materia to power the reactor... which would also fit canon. Hmmm.

- But, again, WTH is the byproduct?

- And, oh yeah, radiation. Could also be canon, vis a vis monsters. Monsters seem to be created more by an overload of Mako, or mad scientists, than as a radiation side-effect. See the whole Midgar has nine reactors for one city, and nobody mentions mutated people there.

Obvious Scenario 2:

Some bright spark found a Bolt materia and literally turned on some lightbulbs. Also known as the 'Ride the (magic)Lightining' scenario.

First major problem: machines can't cast magic. Y'know, unless the machine has a soul, and is therefore connected to the lifestream. FF7 is on the very edge of this issue and all the Terminator loveliness it creates in DoC, but Mako Energy was harnessed long, long, long before that. Like nearly a hundred years before that.

Not to mention that lightning sucks as an energy source, and if you want to do anything other than fry your motherboard with it, you'd have to be a master at shaping the casting. Try taking a clarinet, and playing a sustained Super-High C at pianissimo levels, without going outta tune. Yeah, kinda like that. Done properly, it makes your clarinet sound like a violin and gives you serious bragging rights. Look up Artie Shaw's Concerto for Clarinet(it's jazz, he's weird) on youtube, and if the 3 minute version it's ten seconds from the end. It's not pianissimo.

Yeah. FAIL.

Obvious Scenario 3:

Mako acts like regular old coal or oil. You burn it, it has a ridiculous amount of pollution, but your lights are on, and you are face-to-face with the consequences, so you don't care.

Except burning wouldn't work. It's spirit energy, and it's inside the planet for the most part - presumably with the mantel and the core and all that hot melty rock stuff volcanoes occasionally spew at you.

So... there would have to be some sort of chemical reaction. Not combustion.

//come back to think later.

Not so Obvious Scenario 1:

The Lifestream makes me think of the river Lethe. It also has some cutscenes that make it obvious that it can lift things. So, Newtons law instead of Einstein's - Force exerted over a distance is work, which changes the kinetic and potential energy level of objects, and so can create energy. Or...

They aren't reactors, they're watermills!

Difficulty: Lifestream's natural flow is under the surface of the earth. So reactors would be needed to divert it, and calling them 'reactors' is a cop out. One I could see Shin-Ra going for though.

Canon issues: The WHOLE PLOT of FFVII. Though I suppose it would be easier to do it his original way. And his original way would override the reactors.

- Also, this makes every greenpeace wannabe in the game into a walking punchline. Harnessing is not the same as destroying.

- However, there could still be unintended consequences. Big Ones. Think about Dams for a minute - they completely change the ecology of the existing system. So Midgar would be in the middle of a ridiculous amount of overzealous wildlife, and somewhere else would be a barren wasteland. The barren wasteland would come first, though - takes a while to grow a jungle.

- WEAPONS would not go after humans. Unless the initial dieoff invokes the failsafe to end all failsafes.

- Minerva might have something to say, though. But then, nobody really knows anything about Minerva, other than Genesis is a fanboy, and attempting to fight her is like trying to punch out Cthulu.

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NotPathetic!Padme/Suitless!Vader. DARK, Vignette. Edited - see note. Padme doesn't die of a broken heart, Vader doesn't burn at Mustafar. It still doesn't end well.
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