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If you leave a review asking question or comment that leads to a bit of discussion, I am more than happy to reply to your review. But please, sign in so I can reply. If you go anonymous or as a guest, I can't reply back. Thank you.

May 21, 2017:

I am now editing Seven Days, the chapters are being replaced one by one. If you just started to read it or in the middle of reading the story. Please be patience with me, I am editing the grammar, spelling and whatnot of the story and at the same time, changing some elements to the story to fix where it didn't make senses.

I'll be working on Water and Fire next.

The reason is because they both are being posted on Dokuga website. So as I edit a chapter, they get uploaded on Dokuga.

Then, if I have time, I'll get to Rin's Waiting. _

I am using Grammarly and Online Editor to help me to clean up the grammar error. I still struggle with two languages as I write and those two online programs really, truly helped me get through my college courses. I managed to get good grades using the programs. _

Thank you!

Common reviews I get:

Grammar need improving: English is my second language. I am constantly learning every day and improving. Please note how old these fan fictions are. I have not edited or updated them in a long time and will not. I simply do not have time, which is why I haven't written any new ones. Trust me, there are a handful of fan fictions out there with really, really bad plotline, bad grammar and looking like were written by four years old. As Jareth, the wonderful Goblin King would say, "I wonder what your basis for comparison is." If it's published novels, you're in wrong place.

Update: If you felt the need to leave a review on about how my grammar need to be improved. Please, don't say "your grammar is lacking" or "your grammar sucks". That's not constructive and I will not learn from this. Instead, point out one or two example in my story that need improving and give me a feed back on how it need to be improved. I'm more than happy to open up a PM and have a chat.

Don't say it. Show me.

Sesshomaru/Rin antagonist: Enough with those websites you're sending me to dismiss the pairing for whatever reasons. Hello!? This is fan fiction, imagination and freedom to write whatever I want are allowed. Shut up! But thanks for the extra review number, you're only just adding more reviews scores to my fan fictions.

"Are you against LGBT?" Don't be a daft! At first glance of my writing style gearing toward gender-bender may appear that I am against gay pairing, but I am not. I simply like the idea of male/female role and putting the protagonist in a female role to experience feminism. It is also another reason to this, as a writer, I write what I know the best and sure as hell I do not know M/M pairing or even F/F pairing and why would I attempt to write what I don't know or experience and give you false idea of what it is? As much I enjoy yaoi stories/doujinshi, it's not realistic. I have many friends that are part of LGBT community and it never bothered me one bit, they happened to be the most wonderful people I know. So, STFU on that! If you don't like gender-bender, then why the hell complain? Move on and read something else.

Offering to publish my fan fictions on other sites: No, no and no.

Offering to publish my fan fictions in different languages: No. That's my final answer. My story isn't a perfect stories to translate. My English grammar isn't perfect and it would screw up the translation and make a whole different meaning than it intend to. So. no.

Plagiarizing: "I don't know who you are, but I'll find you and kill you." Basically, I keep eyes on my fanfiction and do come after you and destroy you. I already had few of my fan fictions copied and enforced them to be taken down due to false author credit.

Another note on plagiarizing: they're fan fictions. Basically, yes and no. All fan fictions are plagiarized in a sense and credits do go to the original authors and whoever. No one here earns a cent off their fan fictions except to play with the characters and the concept of the story. So, stop accusing me of plagiarizing, you're plagiarizing too by writing fan fictions as well. Credits do go to the authors for their characters and stories. I just don't need to repeat them every single f*ck*ng chapters. It's done in the beginning and it's throughout the fan fiction, end of story.

One/two-word reviews: thanks, but really... a little bit more words are appreciated. Refer to Grammar need improving note.

Other reviews: Thank you for liking my story and appreciate you taking your time to write the compliments. I appreciate it and it brightens my day every time I get one. Maybe, maybe someday when I have time, I'll write more stories. I know I have so many on the backburner. I love you all!

As of 2016, it appears that I am back into fan-fiction for a little bit and at a slow pace in writing one new fan fiction. I will try my best to get this story completed, I do not like to leave a project unfinished.

As of 2017... maybe not. I'm too busy and heading into my 4th (out of 5, maybe 7) years of college and I just don't really have time. That also means... I really don't have time to edit my stories. I'll try... but no promises.

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