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Author has written 23 stories for Young Blades, Odyssey, Jane and the Dragon, and Gundam Wing/AC.

About Me... I go by Vigilanti, Windwraith or the occasional Starwolf, depending on where you happen to find me. I have been writing stories for enjoyment since 1988. I have an AA in liberal arts (computer graphics) and a BA in history (medieval specialty). I also enjoy linguistics and have taken multiple classes in American Sign-Language. Aside from Reading, Writing and Research I also enjoy Gaming with my friends (Starwars D-20 Conan or Warcraft RPG) and playing in the Society of Creative Anachronism though I am not as active as I'd like.

I worked as a graphic editor for for three and a half years, scanning photos, slides and negatives and translating them to digital format. I was one of the ones to make sure the images looked their best. If a picture is worth a thousand words...I definitely stored up a treasure trove. In one day I processed about five to seven thousand photos. In addition, I saw what people were doing all over the world.

The only problem is it is very two dimensional. I spent the past two Summers studing linguists my plan is to do some sort of anthropological work abroad. It is the beginning of a grand new adventure! I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to see and be seen touch and be touched to interact with new people and cultures. It is time to step up to the plate and possibly make a difference in the world at large. Hopefully I will still be able to keep up with my stories wherever my travels take me.

Despite my passion for words I am dyslexic, and if I am writing without a beta there are bound to be mistakes. Please be indulgent. It has taken time to gather courage enough to share my stories with others. Now that I have begun doing so, reviews excite me...they also encourage me to post faster. This site is devoted to Fan-fiction. Even if I have not written a specific disclaimer in a given work you can be sure I do not own any of the recognizable characters you find in them. If you are inspired by my writing or original aspects there-in and want to use them in your own works please contact me first.

My Philosophy and World-view: I like Science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction and am not afraid to do the research necessary to do these topics justice. As far as world-building, I tend to diverge rather cleanly from cannon at times but try to do so while still maintaining the feel and personalities of the original characters. I feel creativity and imagination are gifts from God who is the ultimate creator and author of life. If I can use those gifts to educate entertain or inspire than then the glory should go to Him. I know as soon as someone starts mentioning "religion" as being "important" in their lives others immediately think that person is a "freak" or "fanatic." I am not ashamed of what I believe and I don’t like being stereo-typed. Likewise I try to respect others opinions even if I do not agree with them. It is, after all, our differences that make the world unique and fascinating.

On the flip-side, I am not naive enough to believe the world is all sweetness and light. In life darkness is real and the shadow sometimes becomes oppressive. For me, being a Christian is having the certainty that even when life gets rough there is a greater plan. The storms are temporary, they provide us with opportunities to learn and grow. In trusting that the God of the universe loves us with compassion and grace, I have confidence that everything will come out alright in the end. Don't be surprised if my writing and the worlds I create sometimes reflect this fact.

Having said that, Some of my stories are dark! Be warned:My favorite themes are action-adventure and angst. Many people write about average folks, others prefer larger than life heroes...I am drawn inextricably to the underdog. Byronic heroes: Bruised, broken, bereft and betrayed, these are the folk that propel the gristmill of my mind. The Villains in my stories are usually people in positions of authority that abuse their power and take advantage of those in their sphere of influence. Some of my stories also contain themes of physical or emotional abuse, mind-control and/or slavery.

I do not write on these topics because I enjoy seeing my favorite characters in pain. The truth is nothing bothers me more than imagining someone usurping the sanctity of a person's mind. But in saying that I admit the themes are visceral. Speculation gets the blood pumping and reminds you that you are alive. But it comes with purpose. And one of the purposes I find innate in these sorts of topics is to explore ramifications and nature of freedom.

Historically the condition defined as ‘slavery’ was abolished long ago and I very much wish the truth of the matter was consigned to the pages of history books. But the reality is that millions of men, women and children from all over the world are living victims of human trafficking. I feel great compassion for the people who are or have been affected by this injustice.Those responsible for stealing the freedom and or dignity of others in such a way are villains pure and simple. Slavery as an institution is wrong. I do not intend to lessen the severity of this charge in any way when, in a historical context, I portray a master as compassionate treating his slaves as close confidants and trusted friends.

My country (USA) was founded in the belief that everyone is entitled to personal rights and independence they are free to pursue their dreams. But I have come to see that this philosophy only scratches the surface of what Freedom is or at least should be. Slavery exists in many forms not the least of which is as a condition of the heart, mind and spirit. I find it strikes a chord deep within us, even in modern society it resonates.

Depending on where you are you might not be faced with the reality of human trafficking but that doesn’t mean you won’t meet people who are walking wounded, prisoners of painful pasts unable to escape. People are in bondage to addictions, habits, greed, abusive relationships and countless other things. Some of us are ensconced so securely in conformity and complacency we aren't even aware of the chains constricting our world-view. We need to open our eyes and our hearts to what is going on around us. We need to show compassion to those hurting and give aid and solace to whomever we can.

Freedom from ... is only part of the story. We mustn't ignore that freedom to ... and freedom for ... are just as important. And so I write. In my study I have come to see neither freedom nor bondage is determined entirely by one's physical circumstances. They are indicative of ones outlook. As mentioned above, as bad as things get, there is always hope. Regardless of a person’s individual situation, freedom is possible. And in my stories, despite the violence and mental anguish a character may endure, things usually work out in the end.

Please Note: "Working out" does not mean "happily ever after!" I focus on the circumstances that shape characters and follow them forward as they learn, grow, cope and overcome the hardships life throws at them. Things happen. You learn from it: either the situation changes or it changes you. In fiction the only thing to do after writing 'happily ever after' is to close the book. "The End" is final. For me stories are living breathing things. Even if a given plot-bunny it is no longer scampering wildly about in the Forrest at the fore front of my mind, it is still present in the hutch. I can go back and visit it if I wish. A ‘happily ever after’ generally makes stew out of said bunny. Its essence is devoured and dismissed. I am reluctant to do that. So there will always be some loose threads left for further pursuit.

I do not write romance, slash or citrus. I have found physical relationships propel characters inextricably toward that 'happily ever after' point I tend to avoid. It is no surprise that fan-doms are formed around popular parings. Life is about the interaction between people and personalities mesh in different ways from affectionate to playful and teasing, competitive, argumentative, combative. let’s face it some cannon characters simply ‘go better’ with others. It is entertaining to read motive and subtext in situations. These are the things that add depth to well crafted characters. But you won't find anything blatantly sexual in my stories.

Love is of course one of the driving forces of human nature and I believe that all people have an innate need to be loved and accepted because of who they are not based on what they do or don’t do. Characters who grow or mature in an environment where they have been deprived of love are deeply affected by this. It tugs at the heartstrings of the reader. We want to see them grow past the pain and neglect of their upbringing to love an be loved unconditionally.

In life, I have found there is only one love that surpasses all others and that is unconditional love of Christ. In accepting Gods love and forgiveness and learning from it we can in turn love others in that same fashion. Christians are in fact called to love others...even our enemies in that same way. I am not ashamed of my beliefs. I do not look to force them on others -- if you would like to learn more feel free to PM me. I will not judge people who do not believe as I do neither will I excuse others spewing hate in the name of religion. But as far as my stories go, I do not, and will not cross the line from depicting complete accepting love of anther person to depictions of sex.

I am a single woman. I am not the type to try to live vicariously through imaginary characters. By in large I feel PWP is pointless and overdone in most fan-fiction, neither is it particularly well executed. I don’t feel the need to add to the list. Relationships other than friendship/brotherhood are not usually fundamental aspects of my story-line. and just because I mention certain characters are 'engaged' doesn't mean you should expect wedding bells before the close of the story. Should I find a 'happily ever after' in my own life my feelings on this may change, but it hasn't happened yet.

Well, I suppose I’ve bored you with this long enough, You want to know what I've been working on? ...

O-O What’s New? O-O

Gundam Wing AU "Dragon Fei" WuFei thought the tide of war had taken everything he ever cared about. He had nothing left to loose...Then they stripped him of his humanity and tampered with the very integrity of his mind. What is a dragon to do? Complete

J&tD Black Dragon Series: "Day of the black Dragon" Gunther has a dragon of his own and decides to leave kipper castle and travel to a war torn land in search of his heritage...Among elves? Continuation of "Dawn of the black dragon"

Active Story: Posting in Progress

None at present:

NOTE: There will be dry spells where you won't see anything new from me because I like to have a good portion of a story written and proofed before I begin posting. That way I can update rather quickly and consistently once I have begin and am virtually guaranteed to be completed without leaving readers suspended in limbo indefinitely. I have learned the hard way that plot-bunnies get uncooperative from time to time and skitter back into the woodland unexpectedly taking inspiration with them. This is extremely frustrating for both of us and do my best prevent this from happening. If it does said story will be clearly marked as dormant in the summary.

I appreciate your interest in my stories and believe you deserve the best I can give so sometimes that means changing focus to keep things fresh and new. If you want to see more of the worlds I spin check out my Fan-Art Gallery at making digital images helps me solidify my ideas and you will likely find sneak peeks there of things to come here. Feel free to PM me with questions or comments about any of my projects. Encouragement is always appreciated.

Stories in the Works
(Aggressively Active and demanding plot-bunnies, multiplying in shadows...the way dust-bunnies do.)

Yes, I am on a crossover kick: there just aren't enough, well though out, plot driven, over-arching AU's.

Crucible of Invincibility (GW/PS) I have recently discovered the wondrously dramatic, engaging and slightly noir, yet unfortunately named series Pumpkin scissors. The plot bunnies peer from the bushes with bright shiny eyes. Post war, reconstruction epic involving a kind hearted yet monstrous living weapon having to deal with life in the aftermath of war. Perfectly broken soldiers and manipulative secret societies, check, Freaky evil scientists, check. Political intreague corruption and injustice…Got it covered. Pulse pounding hurt/comfort/anxt, got that too. Steam-punk style Gundams? Why not? Randal Oland, meet Heero Yuy, your progeny and the prototype for project XXXG-01, your replacement. He is everything you are...only smaller.
(character cameos appearing from FF7, wildstorm, marvel and others)

Multi series crossover epic

"Crossing Destiny" (Inuyasha, Escaflowne) Sesshomaru: Killing perfection, why would parents name a child that? The answer, they didn’t it was a name he gave himself. Why? The story of a pup named Setomaru and how a twist of fate changed his destiny. featuring Characters: Sesshomaru, Sora, Dornkirk, Treize, Folkien

"Crossing the Void" (Escasflowne, Gundam wing) The beam of light that engulfed Treize in the final battle was more than everyone suspected. It signaled not the end if his life, but the end of his exile. Emperor Dornkirk is dead and Prince Blood-wing is recalled to Gaia to take up the throne of Zaibach. featuring Characters: Treize, Zechs, Allen, Von, Dryden

"Crossing Fate" (Gundam wing, Escaflowne, Inuyasha, FF7) Zechs leaves Gaia because fate had decreed he have a dance card in the Endless waltz, but he sees Gaia as his home now. When he returns he will not be alone. The five pilots traverse the path of stars to find the lives they should have lived. but things rarely work out as planned. featuring Characters: Gundam pilots,others listed above more to be determined

On a lighter note:

Tri-Wizard Conundrum: (GW/HP)
My best friend inspired me to try my hand at a Gundam Wing Harry Potter crossover that did not involve the family reconstruction act, so-and-so is actually this other character in disguise, or spell gone wrong phase shifts where macic and science collide. It has all been done before. SO how about this, Imigine if you will the Wizards of Hogwarts (Drako, Harry and Remus), meet the Warlocks of Durmstrang (Wufei, Heero and Treize) and the Magi of Beauxbatons (Quatre, Trowa and Zechs) together ther mission is to travel across the pond and work together to locate a Rogue Shinigami all three institutions failed to recruit when they should have. There have been no indiginous magik users reported in American since the suspention of the Salem Society. Can this unlikely team work together to locate and contain the braided menace before he wreaks more havok in the unsuspecting muggle metropolis?

"Gundam boys in the land of make-believe" (GW/Mr.Rodgers?!)

Quatre is a smalish tiger who lives in a clock. Trowa is a Prince formerly known as 'Tuesday' It sounds like an unlikely cross I know but this is not a parody. Is it too farfetched to imagine the characters of Gundam wing have made their home in what is perhaps the most well known neighborhood the land of make believe? This story began as a bet but the plot-bunnies refuse to settle quietly and it is growing into something truly unique. I don't know how it will be received but I'm rather taken with the idea If you think it has merit let me know else I might never get the impetus to post it:

Still on the Drawing Board
(Timid and imature plot-bunnies still in the hutch; I could be working with them...but i'm not)

Gundam Wing Slaves of Rome: part III "Rome wasn't Built in a day"

Gundam Wing-Makar Series: Part IV "Makar Legacy"

Stories Paused

(Indecisive and Incredibly irksome plot-bunnies placed in the Penalization Play-Pen)

J&tD Black Dragon Series: "Revolution: Black Dragon Rising"

Dorment Stories:

(Infant Plot-bunnies hibernating safely in back of hutch...)

At present "Fin's Odyssey Continues" is the only truly dormant story posted here. It is dormant because i was trying to keep closely related to the actual series and the episodes aren't on youtube anymore and i don't have $100 to buy it. I do have 1/2 chapter written not posted and the final chapter is complete. But the middle is a muddle and for that i apologize. If you really want the incomplete bits i can e-mail them to you or if you are interested in helping me co-write them feel free to PM.

Lesson in Betrayal
is also listed a "dormant" but in actuality it was begun as a one shot and grew to include a few more chapters. I never had a concrete plot or story I meant to tell it was just a “what if” exercise to break out of a bad case of writers block.

Landmark Events!

"All Roads lead to Rome"
has received over 29,000 hits and nearly 200 reviews

"When in Rome Be like Romans"
Has received over 30,000 hits and over 300 reviews

"Dragon Fei"
has received over 25,000 hits and over a 200 reviews


Gundam Wing:
"Cursed" has received over 14,000 hits and over a hundred reviews
Gundam wing: "Hair ties" has received over 8,000 hits
Jane & the Dragon: "Revelation: Dawn of the Black Dragon" has received over 6,000 hits

I also think it is incredibly cool that my stories have been read in over 100 countries!!
Friends from around the globe I salute you!!

Especially, I am so grateful for those of you who have supported and encouraged me with your gracious reviews!

Feedback really means a lot to me and I try to respond to all signed reviews. Did I mention I LOVE getting story reviews? -hint-hint- When I get reviews I update faster. If there is a dormant story and you are eager for an update feel free to PM me anytime.

My wish for you is ... Be well, take life one day at a time -- and never stop dreaming!

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Avengers - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 34 - Words: 46,377 - Reviews: 344 - Favs: 572 - Follows: 439 - Updated: 3/19/2015 - Published: 3/3/2014 - Loki, Thor, Iron Man/Tony S. - Complete
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