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favorite anime/manga:

Naruto, One Piece, Deathnote, Bleach, Paradise Kiss.

Favorite naruto couplings:

neji-saku (MY FAVORITE)

naru-saku (THEY'RE SOO CUTE)

kaka-saku (HOT)

gaa-saku (you know he likes her! _O)

and mostly anyone paired up with her.

im a big fan of sakura. deal with it. =)

BASHERS NOT WANTED! theres no need to bash. and i dont get why people always bash sakura. i mean, she KICKS ASS! she tries hard to become strong AND shes doing this without any bloodline abilities whatsoever. and shes STILL able to kick ass. besides, sakura is one of the characters with the most real personalities. many of you might think she's annoying. but i'm sure that many of us HAS been annoying in some points of our life. NO ONE is perfect.

and no offense to the people out there, I dont like yaoi, yuri, or incest. its just ... wrong. i dont have anything against the authors or the people that like it. I'm just saying I dont like it.

oh yeah, and if anyone wants me to write some stories, feel free to request.
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