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Hello and Welcome. Here have a cookie and enjoy your stay. We are currently under construction trying to fix whatever cringe was previously on here and are in the process of making things better, including my writing and personality in general.

About me:

Name: ha like I'm telling.

Age: 15

Birthday: Right After Halloween

Appearance: Red hair, brown eyes, average height, a few freckles, likely has a nose in a textbook because school is hard.

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, (I never have time for either of these tho because I pressure myself too much ugh), Golf, Drawing, (I suck but I don't care), Piano, and making others laugh.

Books/TV/Movies I enjoy: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Divergent, Warriors (though I haven't read any Warriors since 2016), Miraculous Ladybug, She-ra and the Princess of Power, Carmen Sandiego, The Princess Bride, Any Marvel Movie (I haven't seem all of them and those that I have seen were out of order so I am confused), Star Wars (Basically same thing with Marvel happened)

What I want to write:

Parody Stories

How many I want to write: IDK a lot tho

- this will likely be Warriors or Hunger Games but one thing you can count on is humor!

A Syot

How many I want to write: At least 1

- okay so I really want to make a successful Syot and the reason why my old one failed was because I was so unmotivated plus trying to make a bunch of transitions into high school so it became a mess. Now I'm handling that better so hopefully I can try again soon and maybe that will loosen up my high expectations of myself to get super impossibly high grades because I've been doing that for years and it must stop.

A Collab Story With Someone

How many I want to write: Not sure yet

- so this is likely to be pretty far off in the future (especially since I will soon start chemistry and everyone has been telling me that it's awful) but I do want to have this happen sometime but it likely won't be this year.

Syot Rules and Form

No resubmitted tributes

You can submit 4 tributes max

Reservations last 7 days. After that, it's up for grabs by anyone

Spots will mostly be first come first serve, but that isnt guaranteed.

I only accept tributes by PM. No review submissions please! I won’t look at them or accept them bc CU might find me...

Do not be mad if your character dies. There's only one winner, after all and no one wants to deal with hissy fits let's be honest.

Please Title Forms like so:

D12F Katniss Everdeen









Appearance: (doesnt have to be too detailed)

Personality: (doesn't have to be overly specific. 2-3 sentences would be okay)

Backstory: (Same as above)

Opening Scene: (I'm not doing reapings since they get boring, so everyday life scenes will do)

Reaped or Volunteered:

Volunteering Reason/Reaping Reaction: (This may be mentioned in recaps)

How do they feel about the Capitol?:

How do they feel about their district partner?:

Chariot Outfit:

What do they do during Training?:

Strengths: (max 4)

Weaknesses: (at least 3)

Weapon of Choice:

Suggested Training Score:

Interview Angle:

Interview Outfit:

Bloodbath character?:

Open to being a Bloodbath?:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Arena Strategy:

Finale Strategy:

Predicted Placement:

Preferred Placement: (not 1st or else I swear...)

What do you want me to focus on when writing this tribute?:

What song pairs well with your tribute?:

Anything Else:

Spots open

D1F: Rose Quartz ”Rose” Quill, 18- Professor R.J Lupin1


D2F: Jupiter Elicks, 18- Professor R.J Lupin1

D2M: Castor Nova, 18- DefoNotAFangirl


D3M: Chorus Wembley, 16- Bluffs





D6F: Acura Martin, 13- Professor R.J Lupin1

D6M: Austyn Fizzaro, 17- Professor R.J Lupin1

D7F: Ivy Lee, 17- odestaonly


D8F: Argyle Thompson, 17- TheBlueWaters

D8M: Weaver Garcia, 16- TheBlueWaters

D9F: Tesla “Tes” Kaste, 16- itsjustanotherwriter02

D9M: Blake Halgreeve, 17- glittergirl20

D10F: Eva Miller, 16- Team Shadow


D11F: Luna Marie Sky-Stellar, 14- the magical sleuth


D12F: Artemis Amberwater, 12- Dragon Silvertongue

D12M: Rickard Evans, 17- Upright.Dove

My lovely children who are now likely dead :(


Career with PTSD: Crystal Silverstone, Age 17-District 1 Female in The Girl with the Knive’s Ruthless: The 89th Hunger Games- Reaped


I defiantly have regrets- Bridgette Striker, Age 17- District 2 Female In SilverflowerxRavenpaw’s Cut Through Their Sides and Rip Off Their Hides- The 21st Hunger Games- Ded- Placed 16/24- 0 kills

Oh Bridgette, you had a lot of attributes that made you a Career, but you still underestimated your abilities which made you not entirely cocky. I enjoyed creating you but not the part where you killed a dog like what the heck who does that? RIP.



Crazy Psychopath: Lea Mistgrove, Age 19- District 4 Female In TheBlaBla245’s The Victors: The 75th Hunger Games- Ded- Placed 13/24- 3 kills

I honestly though she would make it pretty far and kinda be the antagonist in the story but I guess not. Nevertheless I love my ruthless killer gal even though she wasn't made to be liked. RIP.




Lil Cinnamon roll: Joseph Arnolds, Age 13- District 7 Male In The Girl with the Knive’s Ruthless: The 89th Hunger Games- Not Reaped

Hunger Games? Pssh I’ve got this: Cedar Jacobs, Age 16- District 7 Male in Team Shadow’s The 100th Hunger Games- Ded- Placed 16/24- 0 kills

You made so many people laugh with your hilarious jokes. You brought some humor upon everyone you met and stayed that way until the end. RIP.

She back: Ivory Hart, Age 16- District 7 Female in Team Shadow’s The 101st Hunger Games- Ded- Placed 17/24- 0 kills

You were so determined but I guess that didn't matter in the end. No matter, you were still great. (For some reason I keep thinking of In The End by Linkin Park whenever I remember you) RIP.

I'm more trendy than you will ever be: Vine TikTok, 17, District 7 Female in Whirlpool833's ThE WoRsT FaNfIcTiOn EvEr- Not reaped

Every iconic meme ever is created by moi: Memeulous, 18, District 7 Male in Whirlpool833's ThE WoRsT FaNfIcTiOn EvEr- Not reaped



Idk why is she so cringe: Sierra Nightvale, Age 15- District 9 Female In Fire’s Catching’s Deep Dark and Dangerous- Not Reaped

Hallucinating Homosexual- Ceres Whitewood, Age 26- District 9 Female in Team Shadow’s The 75th Hunger Games- Ded- Placed 16/24- 0 kills

I loved your whole dynamic with being someone who few people ever see- a former Victor with PTSD and is LGBT. There was a lot built into you and I'm glad it was so well executed by Team Shadow. RIP.




My brother’s adopted?!?!: Pricilla Winters, Age 15- District 12 Female In LongingForRomeo’s Tempestas: The 189th Hunger Games- Ded- Placed 23/24- 0 kills

To be honest I'm not sure why I made you. You were very average and seemingly forgettable but I still love you because you tried you best. RIP.


Half-German Rebel: Gabrielle “Gabby” Meier, Age 14- France Female In TheAmazingJAJ’s Et Vici Mundum: The First Competition- Reaped

Iconic quotes from people at school:

"I knight thee, Sir Retardo"

"Is Africa a country in Europe?" "Yes it is right below France"

"Eww I hate 7th Graders"

"I'm going to sue Jesus for making me so ugly like how do you do that"

"What is the best French word you know?" "Croissant"

"I'd rather be a furry than trans"

"I'm uwu gender thank you very much"

"My grade is not doing too well" "My grades are never doing well"

"What Season comes first?" "Monday"

"Oh my God Ms. Payne I think I have scoliosis" "Stop being so dramatic"

"My brother is famous. Therefore I am famous. I will be just as or even more famous as a cheesemaker"

"I’m actually considering being a cheese artisan. I’ll make a bust of Danny Devito out of Mozzarella"

"Guess what I have today?" "Balls?"

"No teacher is that cruel until college"

"All white people are bad"

"I'm not surprised you have a fursona"

"I will take off my shirt to avoid you"

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Camp Warriors by The Mighty Silverblaze reviews
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Last Moments- The 36th Hunger Games (Syot Open) reviews
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Lost reviews
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