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Hi! I wuv Kitties! Thats why I named myself KittenKrazed. To everyone I reviewed to, I used my name. I'm not going to say it, but, it starts with an M! Yay!

My friends say I laugh too much, and I do. They also say at times am crazy. Am not crazy, am random, clumbsy, weird, funny, and sometimes just plan stupid.

Here are some things about me! Yay!

Age: 14, B-day May 28 1992

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Current location: CA, Vallejo, Sitting in front of the computer

Things I love: KITTIES! Teen titans, Inuyasha, FullMetal Alchemist, Case Closed, puppies, my family, BEAST BOY!The cat that sits outside of my house, drawing, singing, writing stories, music, watching TV, hanging out with friends, listening to Radio Disney,Ummm...Thats all I can remeber.

Things in my room: My pet turtle, Max,a bed, tv, closet with stuff in it, mangas, GameBoy, notebooks, desk, and a very light blue carpet.

Stuff I hate: Family fights, people who use lol, TERRA! SPIDERS! Mean people, TERRA! Those mean, rich, snobby, girls, did I already sat terra?

My dream: After 2 or 3years of college, I want to do to Japan live there for about a year, make a manga, have it made into a anmie, do some voice's in it. Then get many jobsto be avoice actress. Or live a peacefull live as a mom. I think we all know which one I'll go for.

Pets: 2 dogs, Maggie, and Molly, 1 turtle, Max, 1 cat, well she not really my cat, I think so, her name is Sprinkles, or kitty. And 2 kittens, Syrup and Waffles.

Family: Mom, Dad, 2 sisters, 6 pets, 5 Aunts, 3 uncles.

Fav. coulpes: BB and rea,and Inu and kago, thats the olny ones I really like.

Least fav. coulpes: BB and Terra. I HATE THAT COULPE!

And nowI have a DA, same name, KittenKrazed. Go and check it out!

And that all you need to know! Yay! Good night CA!

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