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Hidy Hi, I have recently come to the conclusion that before I go and upload a Fic, I should probably have a profile. If for nothing else than as some form of fanfiction social nicety. So here it is.

Age: Flip a coin 15 times, heads equals 2 years, tails 1. add them up and we'll go with that number. Or, for those of you without a coin at hand, I’m a relatively recent inductee into the “Two decades without a grievous injury resulting in death” club. As you can imagine, this is a streak I’d like to keep up for quite some time.

Appearance:If you happen to be curious as to this. Go pick up a dictionary and look up procrastinator, my picture should be right there.

Musical interests: Ska, Jazz, rock... essentially, if the music I'm listening to has a brass section I'm happy. If you're interested, I decided to set my homepage as the site for "turn up the ska" if you have winamp, it's a good radio station to listen to.

Gender: Apparently people couldn’t figure this out on their own, and after being asked a few dozen times, I figured I’d put it here. I’m male, have been, and, barring some form of horrendous accident involving heavy machinery, will continue to be, for my life in it’s entirety.

Things I read/watch: Big one at the top of that list is Evangelion, I also liked "I (heart) Huckabies", "The Pest", and now have a new addition of "Phill the Alien" good old Canadian nonsensicle comedy. I've also recently found myself a fan of "Corner Gas" and "My name is Earl". As for reading, I don't usually read much fiction and usually stick more with politics. But I have read pretty much every book written by L. E. Moddesit Jr.

Oh yeah , and before I forget, I officially feel lied to. After constant prodding by, well let’s be honest here, every functionally literate person in the world, I finally read The Davinci code. And I’ve gotta tell you, the things the literary equivalent of that “white chicks” movie, I honestly think humanity is in the midst of devolving here, how did this get to be considered a masterpiece? Mind you, I’ve also got some qualms with Shakespeare, so maybe I’m just crazy.

Disposition: Bipolar, never look for any consistency in what I do, Trying to find some would only lead to a headache. Some people say who you are changes every day, as for myself, I seem to have a penchant for changing my mind halfway through a sentence.

Alright, I’m not exactly what you would call a writer. In fact, all the stories listed below are pretty much my only attempts at storytelling; so don’t expect anything monumental, magnificent, or for that matter, even marginal to come out of me here. If however, on the off chance you do enjoy any of these, I’m glad, since that’s essentially what they’re here for.

Yes, I am working on another Fic, it’s just taking a ridiculous amount of time to put together. Unfortunately, all this extra time doesn’t seem to be translating into any extra quality. Even so, given time, it will eventually be done.

Does anyone actually read this?

If yes, then why?

Have a good one eh.

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