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Author has written 10 stories for Teen Titans, Naruto, Final Fantasy VII, Shakugan no Shana, Persona Series, Mabinogi, and Star Ocean.

Edit (09/16/2012): I just want to say, that you can look at the publish date for the relevant chapter that I (and many before me and after me (and at the same time as me)) called that Tobi was Obito the whole time. Game, set, match.

So, it has certainly been awhile since I've updated this page; literally, it has been almost four years. And people are apparently still reading the stories. It's very gratifying to still get favorite notifications and reviews for a story written so long ago.

Now I am a certified working professional in IT (Data Network Analyst) and theater (acting and light design), and I still wish I had some free time with which to write all the cool (to me) story ideas into actual works. The unfinished Elemental Gelade story and the unfinished Mabinogi story are still getting notes in the little book of story ideas, and I will someday return to them. Promises. Consider the rest of this profile to be ancient (updated 12/15/2008), but still representative of how I feel about what I wrote. Being a fan is an awesome thing, and it should be expressed in whatever way you can. Special thanks to all who enjoyed my stories (or didn't, hell).

Also, to update the martial arts comment at the end: I am now a shodan in Ju-jitsu (the real kind), 3 years trained in Johannes Liechtenauer's manual (with the amenities made to rectify some bad translating), and currently being trained in Wing Chun.

SLIGHT CHANGE: I'll be doing me best with this one, but I intend to write two stories simultaneously: one for Elemental Gelade, now that the category exists, and the Naruto one described below! YAY! For those of you who don't know what Elemental Gelade is, FIND OUT RIGHT NOW! RAWR!

NEXT PROJECT: Naruto AU, bringing in an OC of my own creation. This will be a complete reworking of Naruto in the early genin-academy days, and frankly I think it's gonna be a little shocking and VERRRRY AU, so I'm taking some time to iron out the story and eliminate inconsistencies cough TRUE STRENGTH cough. One thing that's been bugging me lately is that there seem to be too many characters in things these days, Naruto included but Mahou Sensei Negima and others come to mind. I feel that you should draw a line between character development and a diverse cast; grant it, those who walk that line with a good sense of balance are out there and I salute them, but I think it's something that should be addressed.

NEW MOTTO (joke:): To be a little deadlier at the end of every day - My roommate and I

It's become very difficult to write. I keep getting these ideas that I never have time to bring around to fruition. Oh wells.

I've written fanfics before. This is the best outlet I could find for my insane and uncontrollable urges to write!

I am a gamer at heart and a humongous nerd, recently dubbed by roommates and friends as "King of the Nerds." All you fellows who have also been thusly named, we must band together as one!

I loved the Teen Titans for what it was: a great show, reminiscient of the good 'ol days of comics.

I bit the Naruto bug and quickly acquired the Anime and manga a few years ago; now I am a full-fledged nerd and proud of it! Naruto is my latest obsession, but I have to admit it has lasted longer than any other I've had; Japan rules!

My latest music obsession is HEAVY METAL! I love rock 'n roll, man. The Black Mages, Dragonforce, Led Zeppelin... Borknagar, Aeternus, Enslaved. If you don't recognize these names, they're from the Norwegian metal scene. Very progressive, very viking, very MUCH better than the slop Metallica puts out (Master of Puppets and ...And Justice for All albums happily excluded).

College is in full swing, and I'm loving the scene. I work hard, and I play hard. Currently rockin' it out in Ju-jitsu class!

Now, onto writing topics: my favorite thing is being original. I actually have two book ideas and a manga idea that I'd like to get off the ground someday, but for now I whet my teeth on fanfiction.

How can fan fiction possibly be original when you're basically taking another author's plot? - Poetic license.

I love reading a story that knocks me out of my chair. I love reading that satisfiying plot twist, or that new turn on the same old story. I know I'm not that good of a writer to really do that, but I enjoy reading and try my best not to write dead-horse material.

I hate dishonestly in all its forms. Loyalty and integrity are extremely valuable in a world that doesn't seem to think along those lines anymore.

My important people's happiness is far more important than my own, which comes in a distant third on my priority list.

Enjoy reading, and remember: review. To me, they are not a sign that one's story is good, but that a reader cares enough to click that button and put in their two cents. Every one of my reveiwers holds a special place in my heart, and it makes writers feel good and it can be very encouraging to see good contructive criticism.

My favorite characters in the arts right now are Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke the Terminator (Teen Titans villain), Artemis Entreri (Forgotten Realms Character from R.A. Salvatore), Revan (KotOR), and most prominently: Uchiha Itachi!

I love the villains. In my opinion, they always have such rich and complex characters, especially Itachi, who is my favorite Naruto character. I always like villains, though... mmmm...

Been getting much more into the martial arts lately. I've been studying the German longsword by Lichtenhaur, Ju-jitsu, Kenjutsu, and Tai-chi longsword! SO AWESOME!

Carpe diem!

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