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Welcome to my Profile Page. Enter IF. YOU. DARE...muahahahahahahahahaaahhhemm.


I love angst, which is why all of my stories have it. I tend to put the characters I love most through hell, so I wonder what that says about me. I'm also a hopeless romantic at heart, so therein lies the contradiction.

Writing Status: I'm on hiatus. I shall be back.

Date of Birth: Not telling! (But, I am a Virgo! And damn proud of it!)

Sex: Female

Book Adaptions To Screen That I'm Itching To See Happen: The Darkest Powers Series (by Kelley Armstrong) AND The Raven Cycle (by Maggie Stiefvater)

Favorite Books: Little Women, Stalker, The Bridge To Terabithia, A Walk To Remember, Dracula, Sense and Sensibility, Frankenstein, Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie, The Boxcar Children, Wuthering Heights, Macbeth, The Taming of the Shrew, and Twelfth Night.

Favorite Book Series': Harry Potter, The Darkest Powers Series, The Raven Cycle, Bloodlines, Vampire Academy, The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments (Books 1-3), The Secret Circle, Goosebumps, The Babysitters Club, The Dollanganger Series, The Hunger Games, The School for Good and Evil, and The Gemma Doyle Trilogy.

Favorite Show(s) of All-Time: It's a tie plus three, between: Friends, One Tree Hill, What I Like About You, Malcolm In The Middle, and the Jdrama series Hana Yori Dango.

Favorite Anime(s) of All-Time: Akame Ga Kill, Sailormoon, Tokyo Ghoul, Digimon, The Vision of Escaflowne, Cardcaptors, Shiki, Attack On Titan, and Pokémon.

Favorite Musicals of All-Time: 1) The Sound of Music, 2) The Phantom of The Opera, 3) Mamma Mia, 4) Wicked, 5) A Very Potter Musical (as well as its sequels), AND 6) Grease.

All-Time Favorite Ship: Superman (Clark Kent) and Lois Lane, because to me - they are timeless.

Favorite Comic Book Ships: Superman aka Clark Kent/Lois Lane (Superman), Dinah Lance aka Black Canary/Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow (Green Arrow), Batman/Poison Ivy (Batman), Harley Quinn/The Joker (Batman), Gambit/Rogue (Xmen), Snake Eyes/Scarlett (G.I. Joe), Thor/Jane (Thor), Pepper Potts/Tony Stark (Iron Man), and Betty/Archie (Archie Comics).

Favorite Superhero: Superman

Favorite Comic Book Villian(s): It's a tie plus one! Erik Lensherr aka Magneto, Loki, and The Joker!

Favorite Couples From Greek Mythology: Persephone/Hades and Psyche/Cupid

Favorite Movie Franchise: Tie plus one! 1) Harry Potter (Cuz durrr! What else would it be? It was part of my childhood after all!); 2) The Fast and the Furious (R.I.P. Paul Walker!) AND 3) Star Wars, because I'm strong with the force.

Favorite Singer(s)/Musical Group(s): Adele, Eminem, 3 Doors Down, One Republic, Adam Lambert, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Spice Girls, and The Backstreet Boys.

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Color(s): Green, purple, pink and yellow.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin -- "Or perhaps in Slytherin, You'll make your real friends, Those cunning folk use any means, To achieve their ends."

SATC Girl: I'm a Carrie.

Favorite 'Friend' from Friends: Chandler Bing, because could he BE anymore adorable.

Favorite horror movie villain: Michael Meyers, because he WALKS after his victims. He doesn't run; he doesn't chase them. His self-assurance is BADASS!

Youtube & Goodreads Account: wickedlyunique


BECAUSE THE HEART NEVER LIES: This story is inspired by: McFly's “The Heart Never Lies.”

DENIAL: This story is inspired by: Bethany Joy Lenz's “Halo."

LET ME GO: This story is inspired by: 1) 3 Doors Down's "Let Me Go," 2) Avril Lavigne's "Let Me Go," 3) Vertical Horizon's "Everything You Want," and 4) Kelly Sweet's "In The Air Tonight."


GET TO YOU: This story is inspired by: Katharine McPhee's "Love Story."

My Current TV Schedule & My Current Ships:

Sailormoon Crystal: 1)Usagi (Princess Serenity)/Mamoru (Prince Endymion) -- Because they are soulmates; 2) Rei (Sailor Mars)/Jadeite, because her beauty captivated him and he just didn't seem to know what to do with himself when that happened; 3) Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter)/Nephrite, because he's SEEN that LOOK before, and it slays him; 4) Ami (Sailor Mercury)/Zoisite, because she owned him and drenched him from head to toe during their battle. She snuck up on him. He never stood a chance. AND 5) Minako Aino (Sailor Venus)/Kunzite (Because she remembered him!)

Favorite Character: Makoto! Mako-chan is my homegirl! Sailor Jupiter is my scout, yo!

Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki/Touka (because she helps to keep the madness in check); Ayato/Hinami (Because one day she will be his 'ears.'); Nishiki/Kimi (Because they are so adorable) AND Yoshimura/Ukina (Because they were soulmates).

Favorite Character: Ayato, because he'll eat your wings...he's so complicated.

The Young and the Restless:

- OldSchool Billy&Mac (Portrayed by David Tom and Ashley Bashioum - because they belonged together).

- Original Jolleen aka JT/Colleen (Portrayed by Thad Luckinbill and Lyndsy Fonseca , because when JT met his blue eyes his world was never the same. Damn you show for killing my precious Colleen!).

- Nick/Sharon (Portrayed by Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case - My affair with this ship has been on again/off again. There are days when I love them and then others where...not so much. it's hard to ignore the history between these two; not counting the fact that they were the longest continuous married on screen soap opera couple in the history of soaps!)

- Daniel/Cassie (Portrayed by Michael Graziadei and Camryn Grimes - Because she could have loved him all of her life. I'm so mad the writers chose to kill her off. She would have been the only functional member of the Newman family. Cassie and Daniel had all the beginnings for an epic romance. I feel as robbed as Nick and Sharon do)

- Cane/Chloe (Portrayed by Daniel Goddard and Elizabeth Hendrickson - Because I hope their paths cross again - and this time without the manipulation and seething hatred.)

- Daisy/Adam (Portrayed by Yvonne Zima and Michael Muhney - Because they would rip Genoa City apart until it rained blood)

- Chance/Abby (Portrayed by John Driscoll and Hayley Erin, because the spoiled rich brat and the solider would have made one hell of a couple).

- Adam/Chelsea (Portrayed by Michael Muhney/Justin Hartley and Melissa Claire Egan - Because Chelsea is exactly the thing Adam needs to supress the psychopath within).

- Ricky/Eden (Portrayed by Peter Porte and Jessica Heap. I just hate this show sometimes. Why was Paul's son thrown under the bus? Because his mother was crazy that meant he had to be too? There was so much that could have been done with Ricky. The best characters are the ones given proper redemption storylines. But no. Instead the writers decided that the best thing to do was take the insane chemistry between RIDEN and turn it into a warped one-sided fatal attraction scenario. I will never forgive you for this show. It resulted in the death of a legacy character and the departure of a member from one of my favorite Y&R families.)

- Summer/Kyle (Portrayed by Hunter King and Blake Hood - Because they cheated fate twice! They could have easily been uncle and neice OR brother and sister, but fate had other plans. Their love is definitely written in the stars)

- Kevin/Lily (Portrayed by Greg Rikaart and Christel Khalil - Because as dark as this relationship was - they were the interesting they've ever been during it.)

- Dylan/Sharon (Portrayed by Steve Burton and Sharon Case - Because they really understand eachother. There's a tenderness there. It's sweet.)

- Summer/Luca (Portrayed by Hunter King and Miles Gaston Villanueva - Because I love how nervous this relationship makes everyone around them.)

- Mariah/Travis (Portrayed by Camryn Grimes and Michael Roark - Because the bartenders would be Ooohlala).

- Noah/Natalie (Portrayed by Robert Adamson and Mara McCaffray - Because even though I'm pretty sure that Natalie will turn out to be Victoria's long lost daughter (her supposedly dead baby Eve) -- Noah and Natalie still will look hella awesome together. Heck, they could be Y&R's answer to the void left be Guiding Light's Jonathan/Tammy. Plus, BONUS: Victor's head would explode. That's reason enough to ship these two).

- Chloe/Billy (Portrayed by Elizabeth Hendrickson and Jason Thompson) - Because the only woman I can stand living in Katherine's house with Billy is her namesake.

Favorite Character: It's a tie plus EIGHT! 1) Tied for the first spot is Cassie Newman and Colleen Carlton (I hate HATE this show for killing them off. They were classic. They were grace. RIP. You will forever be missed, bb's); 2) Michael Baldwin (because he lawyered my heart -- from his psycho start to his redemption, this guy proved everyone wrong; 3) Kevin Fisher (I never EVER thought I would be a Kevin fan. I was legitly scared to death of the character when I first laid eyes on him, but just like his big bro - he stole me heart. He's fracken hilarious and yet so vulnerable. I love this guy! 4) Chelsea Newman (She's the most lovable con artist I've ever met. She scams my heart.); 5) Abby Carlton Newman (because she is the wisest character of them all); 6) Dylan McAvoy (because why is his life so complicated?! His mother wasn't his mother, his father wasn't his father, his best friend wasn't who he thought he was, his son wasn't his son, AND then again his son wasn't his son! Ugh! Can he please be happy show?!); 7) Mariah Copeland (because she deserves love -- why is she always relegated to the friend zone???); 8) Adam Newman (yes, I know the man has done despicable things - but there is just something about this bad boy that I love. And weirdly, he's the only one of the Newmans that I can fully stand. Everyone else makes me bonkers (Abby excluded); AND 9) Natalie (because this hacker has ballz! She's such a fun time and says the best things. This show needs to utilize her more).

Favorite Family: It's a tie plus one! 1) Nina & her boys (Chance and Ronan); 2) The Baldwin/Fisher men (aka Michael, Kevin, and Fen); AND Sharon and her kids (Mariah, Noah, Faith, and (in spirit) Cassie).

Escaping Polygamy: This docu-series is amazing! There are no words to describe how deep and emotional this series is. Watch it. That's all I can say about it. Just watch it.

Teen Wolf: Lydia/Jackson (Because 'Do you still...' 'I do. I do still love you. I do. I do. I do.); Stiles/Malia (because, control is overrated); Scott/Kira (Because they prove that a wolf and a fox can trust each other. Unconditionally. And completely); Peter/Lydia (Because he's the spark that lit her fire -- I'll take them in whatever incarnation I can get: OldPeter, YoungPeter - I just don't care!); AND Lydia/Parrish (Because she's done with high school boys)

Favorite Character: Stiles (because whether he's possessed by a Nogitsune or not -- he's still ever so fascinating to watch)

Lucifer: Chloe/Lucifer (because she makes him human)

Favorite Character: Lucifer, because humanity is the new naughty.

2 Broke Girls: Max/Randy (Because he moved to New York for her)

Favorite Broke Girl: Max, because I love her sass.

The X Files: Mulder/Scully (because one day they will be reunited with William)

Favorite Character: Agent Mulder, because he always brings the sass.

Bates Motel: Dylan/Emma (because Emma is lonely and the Bates family outcast is just the thing she needs. Plus, their shipping name is DYLEMMA! Genius. UPDATE: My ship is no longer a crackship! 2 years of pining and this show finally gives me Dylemma just when I gave up on the possibility of them!) and Norma/Sheriff Alex Romero (because - just trust him Norma)

Favorite Character: Dylan (I don't care that he's the product of horrible incest. He's my baby. I love him.)

American Gothic: Tessa/Brady (because they try to smile like they are NOT psychopaths)

Favorite Character: The ENTIRE Hawthorne family. Because they are functioning psychopaths...But if truth be told - Jack is the real scene stealer.

Pretty Little Liars: Ezra/Aria (because I used to find them annoying - but they are the most constant couple in this show. I respect that. Now that is why I ship them) AND Hanna/Holbrook (Because, she's the Holmes to his Sherlock. Sorry but spaleb becoming a thing made it impossible for me to stay on the haleb and spoby ship. Hanna deserves better. So does Toby).

Favorite Liar: Hanna, because she hit 'A' with her car.

Dead of Summer: Deputy Garrett(Townie)/Jess (Braces) -- because they caught me by surprise. I spent the entire Series premiere thinking Jess was psycho until I realized that she was the one being wronged. You better make it up to her Townie! Stop following New Girl around and go after your Braces.

Favorite Character: Still deciding...

Gotham: Jim/Lee (Because a crime scene is their date night)

Favorite Character: I have a soft spot for my villans: 1) Oswald 'The Penguin' Cobblepot, because he's the king of Gotham! 2) Edward Nygma aka The Riddler (Because I waited patiently all season for him to snap...and he did! And it was beautiful!), 3) Ivy Pepper, because I love how nervous my homegirl makes people. 4) Jerome Valeska (Because that laugh was everything. I hope Hugo Strange can resurrect him. Please! He has to be my Joker. He just has to be!) 5) Jonathan Crane, because I just want to hug the poor thing. Being a good son is not a crime, okay! Leave my Scarecrow alone! Blame his father for everything! He was the one with the needle)...oh, and of course I love Gordon, Bullock, Alfred, and my boy BRUCE.

New Girl: Jess/Nick (because he's her old man and she's his old lady) and Cece/Schmidt (Because he Bollywood danced for her! ANNDDD: They got married!)

Favorite Character: Nick. He's like a teddy bear that I just want to hug, and put on my shelf and stare at.

The Mindy Project: Mindy/Jody (because he sees her as a entitled white man! HaHaHaaHa! Oh Gawd. The banter with these two ruins my life) and Betsy/Jeremy (because her opinion of him meant more to him than his shitillion dollar watch)

Favorite Character: Peter (Because under the disgusting playboy attitude is a man that cares)

Criminal Minds: Will/JJ (Because they finally got married!) and Prentiss/Hotch (Because he wanted her on that plane with him! And because in the hospital - when the Reaper stabbed him multiple times, she never left his side. And because Hotch wanted to kick Cyrus's ass for when he beat up Emily - did you not see the wretched expression on his face?! And because- Well, I could do this forever. Point is - they better be ENDGAME. They better be! Do you hear me Criminal Minds writers! ENDGAME. Hotly FTW!)

Favorite Character: Doctor Spencer Reid, because he has no idea what a "Cullen" is.

How To Get Away With Murder: Wes/Rebecca (because they were like ships in the night); Frank/Laurel (because he will do ANYTHING for her) AND Connor/Oliver (because they are adorable)

Favorite Character: Asher (He may be the definition of a douchebag, but he's a loveable douche).

The Path: Mary/Cal (because he is her angel and she is his light) and Eddie/Alison (because she has him questioning things)

Favorite Character: Hawk, because watching his struggle is fascinating.

American Crime Story:

ANTHOLOGY RANK: I'll let you know after season 3.


The People V Oj: None. I'd be narfed to.


The People V Oj: TBA

American Horror Story:

ANTHOLOGY RANK: 1) Asylum, 2) Murder House, 3) Hotel, 4) Freak Show, and 5) Coven -- and yes, in that order. I could not stand Coven. It had some good elements, but something about it felt too teenie-bopper.


Murder House: Duh! Tate/Violet, obviously! (because their shipping name is violate. VIOLATE! The name of their ship speaks for itself. )

Asylum: Oh this is so complicated to explain, because it’s ...complicated. I didn’t see chemistry between the actors until Season 2. But...

I want to say Lana/Oliver, but I can’t even ship Lana/Oliver together, because 1) I don’t ship the characters together, 2) Oliver should be castrated with a rusty wrench for what he did to Lana, and 3) Eww gah-rose.

However, what I do ship are future shippable characters of Sarah Paulson and Zachary Quinto, because they have chemistry and I want this show to utilize it someday.

Coven: Kyle/Zoe (because...I'm biased. I've been itching for a violate replacement, but...I wasn't feeling Taissa and Evan this season, and I blame Emma for that. The threesome storyline was gross. Like even for AHS standards. But they were my go to ship, because there really weren't any couples this season tickling my fancy)

Freak show: None. I shipped nada this season.

Hotel: Donovan/Natacha (because I bet he'd love it if she called him Little Mouse) and Aileen/John (because crazy attracts crazy - and they both attended that party).


Murder House: Tie! Hayden, because while she may be a homewrecker - she says the most high-lariously amazeballz things. AND Tate, because he was so...frighteningly psychotic yet so bizarrely was like watching a car wreck.

Asylum: Tie! Possessed Sister Mary Eunice, because she dumps mutants off at the playground. AND Lana badassmotherfucking Winters, because she SURVIVED!

Coven: Tie! Misty Day, because she brings people back to life. And Cordelia Goode, because she's THE SUPREME!

Freak Show: Tie! Edward Mordrake (because I'm a Wes Bentley fangirl!) AND Dandy Mott (he is so batshatty. It's hard to look away.)

Hotel: James Patrick March, because that accent is mahvelous.

Scream Queens: Hester/Chad (because death fascinates them. Peas of a pod they are) AND Chanel #5/Boone (Because their blowup at the coffee shop was oohlala)

Favorite Character: Tie! Chanel #3, because she saw the ghost of dead gay Boon! AND Hester "Neckbrace" Ulrich, because she's the Red Devil.

Reign: Aylee/Nostradamus, Leith/Claude, Greer/Martin, and Bash/Elizabeth

Favorite Lady: Lady Greer, because she's Miss Independent.

Favorite Characters: 1) Nostradamus, because prophets are the new sexy! 2) Bash, because he's my precious cinnanmon roll, and 3) Lady Aylee, RIP! I hate this show for killing her.

The Vampire Diaries: Stefan/Elena, Katherine/Stefan, Damon/Elena, Katherine/Damon, Damon/Caroline, Caroline/Matt, Caroline/Tyler, Bonnie/Matt, Jeremy/Anna, Bonnie/Jeremy, Klaus/Caroline, Katherine/Elijah, Alaric/Jenna, Finn/Sage, Klaus/Hayley, Enzo/Caroline, Alaric/Bonnie, Liv/Tyler, Alaric/Jo, Stefan/Caroline, Enzo/Bonnie, Stefan/Valerie, and Alaric/Caroline

Favorite Character: Its a tie plus...eight: 1) Katherine (because everyone wants her 'leftovers' aka Stefan, Damon, Mason, Elijah, Klaus, etc... homegirl always gets there first); 2) Lexi (because she's the wisest of them all. Her advice is like mindblowing. The girl tells shit like it is. No sugar coating either.); 3) Kai Parker (because he always wins); 4) the ENTIRE Mikaelson clan aka the BEST family on television (Mikael, Esther, Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol and Rebekah), because they are so BADASS!

The Originals: Freya/Lucien, Finn/Camille, Elijah/Tatia, Elijah/Hayley, Elijah/Gia, Klaus/Hayley, Klaus/Camille, Kol/Davina, Rebekah/Marcel, Hayley/Jackson, Josh/Aidan, and Kai/OlderHope.

Favorite Character: Honestly, I should just copy and paste the names of every main character on this show here, because its hard to choose. I freakin love this cast -- but there is just something about Klaus that slays my heart. He's complicated. He's got depth. I like that.

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon/Penny (because LOOK! Sheldon is hugging her!); Howard/Bernadette (because "If I didn't have you, life would be blue, I'd be Doctor Who, without the Tardis, A candle without a wick, a Watson without a Crick, I'd be one of my outfits without a dick-ey, I'd be cheese without the mac, Jobs without the Wozniak, I'd be solving exponential equations that use bases not found on your calculator making it much harder to crack, I'd be an atom without a bomb, A dot without the com, And I'd probably still live with my mom, (And he'd probably still live with his mom), Ever since I met you, you turned my world around, You supported all my dreams and all my hopes, You're like Uranium-235 and I'm Uranium-238, Almost inseparable – isotopes, I couldn't have imagined how good my life would get, From the moment that I met you, Bernadette, If I didn't have you, life would be dreary, I'd be string theory without any string, I'd be binary code without a 1, A cathode ray tube without an electron gun, I'd be Firefly, Buffy and Avengers without Joss Whedon, I'd speak a lot more klingon , Klunt nect cat cha drun, And he'd definitely still live with his mom, Ever since I met you, you turned my world around, You're my best friend and my lover, We're like changing electric in magnetic fields, You can't have one without the other , I couldn't have imagined how good my life would get, From the moment that I met you, Bernadette. Oh we couldn't have imagined how good our lives would get, From the moment that we met you, Bernadette.); Amy/Sheldon (Because they FINALLY had coitus!) AND Raj/Emily (because she's the scary to his weird).

Favorite Character: It's a tie between Sheldon and Raj

Once Upon A Time: Here we go dearie's...

- RUMBELLE -- Rumplestilskin(The Dark One/The Beast/The Crocodile/Mr. Gold/)& Belle

- THEYNEEDANAWESOMESHIPNAME -- Queen Merida & Lord Macintosh

- FRANKENWOLF -- Red Riding Hood(Ruby)& Doctor Victor Frankenstein (Doctor Whale)

- SWAN THEIF/SWANFIRE -- Emma (The Saviour) & Neal (Baelfire)

- CURIOUS GENIE -- Alice & Cyrus (The Genie)

- KRISTANNA -- Kristoff & Anna (Why do they not have an awesome shipname coined yet? Boo!)

- SLEEPING CAPTAIN/SLEEPING HOOK -- Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) & Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones (I can't help it! The Tudors fan in me makes me do it!)

- CAPTAIN SWAN -- Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones & Emma (The Saviour)

- SNOWING -- Snow White & Prince David Charming

- DARLING PAN -- Peter Pan & Wendy


Favorite Character: Tie plus three! 1) my Queen -- Regina Mills aka The Evil Queen, 2) my baby Jefferson aka Mad Hatter (Because I love his delusional self), 3) of course Mr. Gold aka the fabulous Rumplestilskin (cuz he's boss, dearie), 4) Zelena aka The Wicked Witch of The West (because her sass makes me worship her) and 5) the best villain this show has ever seen - the one and only Peter Pan.

Galavant: Galavant/Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta (Obviously. Durr. I'd be narfed in the head if I wanted our boy with wretched MADalena); King Gareth/Queen Madelena (Because they agree to disagree); King Richard/Roberta 'Bobby' Steinglass (Because she took his virginity. Now unicorns can stop following him); AND Chef Vincenzo/Gwynne (Because love is all they need).

Favorite Character: Galavant, because he's our hero.

The Royals: Jasper/Princess Eleanor (Because she was never a part of the con) AND Liam/Dominique (Because with them there are no secrets. Feuding families and all).

Favorite Character: The twins, cuz their diplomatic bags are their arses.

Say Yes to the Dress: Because I love wedding shows.

Four Weddings: Because I love wedding shows.

David Tutera's My Fair Wedding/David Tutera CELEBrations: Because I love wedding shows.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians: It's reality TV. I ship what I'm shown.

Favorite Sister: Kendall, because she's a natural beauty.

Which Kardashian Am I: Kourtney

Gravity Falls: Dipper/Pacifica (Because he sees the real her).

Favorite character: Mabel, because homegirl attracts the crazies.

Fuller House: Jackson/Ramona (Because he came to her rescue)

Favorite Character: Stephanie Tanner, cause ... how rude!

Girl Meets World: Josh/Maya (Because she's in it for the long game); Farkle/Riley (because this time a Minkus will get the girl); Lucas/Maya (Because he's the cowboy to her ma'am!); Farkle/Smackle (because I love how awkward and scary they both are); Lucas/Riley (because he finally got his moment); AND Farkle/Maya (Because...he's Batman!)

Favorite Character: Uncle Eric! Plays With Squirrels is my boy!...but if I had to choose a second generation character then ima have to go with the one and adorable Maya Hart, since no one helps her with her homework.

Little Lunch: Rory/Deborah-Jo, Atticus/Melanie, AND Battie/Tamara

Favorite Character: Rory, because he's got his own timeout spot with his name on it.

I have no idea how I became obsessed with the soaps listed below...Actually that's a lie. I got ZEE TV as a free preview for 2 months during Diwali 2013 and then ultimately made my mom buy the channel cause I couldn't live without it. It's so embarrassing. I used to make fun of the older people in my house for watching them, and now I'm obsessed with it. FML.

Tashan-E-Ishq: Mahi/Yuvraj (what can I say. I love DarkShips and they're as DarkShip as it gets: what with him obsessed with her sister and all, but marrying her for revenge, and then him trying to kill her by throwing her off a cliff and then her retuning all stunning and seeking glorious revenge on his ass. Beautiful.)

Favorite Character: Pinni, because she's the only one with a brain.

Jamai Raja: Sid/Aanya (because they make me excited for season 2. Sorry not sorry, but Sid is waayyy too good for Roshni. Always was and always will be. Even Neil deserves better than her.)

Favorite Character: TIE! 1) Sid, because he's God-sent AND 2) Yash, because he's THE JOKER! He may have gone off his rocker near the end, but he did what had to be done: freed Sid from his awful Saasumom and the so-called love of his life.

Meri Saasu Maa: None. Sattu is too good for Pari.

Favorite Character: Sattu, because I'm shallow and he's so handsome.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi/Pragya (Because the Rock Star and The Professor make one hell of a couple. She grounds him and he teaches her to live. These two are my OTP for Indian Soaps. I adore My Rockstar and his Fuggi!), Bulbul/Purab (Because they could wait a lifetime for each other) AND Neel/Aaliya (Because they both match each others crazy. They make me laugh harddd when they have scenes).

Favorite Character: Pragya, because she's got a quiet strength that seems to endure a heck of a lot.

Yeh Vaada Raha: Survi/Aniket (but they're not happening, because apparently this show thought Survi/Karthik was the way to go. Blech)

Favorite Character: Aniket, because he's not afraid to stand up to his crazyass mom.

Ek Tha Raja, Ek Thi Rani: Rani/Raja (because their names alone is reason to ship them!)

Favorite Character: Rajmata - Because she SURVIVED!

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