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A marine’s life is one of brutality by their commanding officers, and some enlisted men such as sergeants. One man, Conrad Winters, had a very difficult time in the Marine Corp. He was stationed on a Marine base on an island where ONLY marine bases were located. He was a private, recruited just a month ago. This is his story.

Chapter One: It all starts...

Winters knew lots about the history of Earth and liked what was happening up in space at the time. He had learned of the Pillar of Autumn, a huge ship captained by Captain Keyes. This ship had just been put into space and there were rumors about the cyborg known as the Master Chief. Most of the commanding officers, Majors and Generals, knew about it (or so it seemed to everyone), but Winters was undecided.

The wake-up call seemed to come earlier then usually as Winters rolled out of his bed and got dressed. He grabbed his battlerifle and made sure he was cleaned and his rifle was ready for inspection (random inspections are always held). He had a custom scope and trigger for his battlerifle and had pouches for extra clips around his belt. He dressed fully, body armor, leggings, socks, boots, a shirt over body armor, gloves, belt with pouches, and the new helmets.

The new helmets fit everyone perfectly and had a communicator built right into it. It had a scanning system to tell you everything and anything in a mile radius. You have to just say the word scanner and a screen will appear in front of you telling you everything. Symbols were represented as trees and rivers as well as people. It was made of strong medal, but not too strong to weigh you down too much.

Winters was going to walk to the building where Sergeant Wilkons was at, where basic usually took place. Instead, they called everyone out to the courtyard where General Anderson stood in front of a microphone. On the island, in the huge courtyard, stood about five thousand Marine. On other islands were the other Marine bases, where they were probably gathered and told about the same thing this group would be told.

Winters stood as he heard some coughing on the microphone ahead. He listened to his General speak. “We have found a new species known as the Covenant. They are brutal and we are calling them aliens, something they probably don’t like too much. They are mindless and kill whoever and whatever they lay eyes on. We are going to war with them and are sending you men up into space in dropships to dock with great warships. Go to your 1st Lieutenants to find out where you are docking and where and with who. Gather all your things, personal belongings and equipment, and find them ASAP. That is all!”

Winters grunted, strapping his battlerifle on a thin rope going around his shoulder. He let his weapon slid around to his back and he went back to his sleeping quarters to grab some things. He had a pen, some pictures of his girlfriend, some paper, and then his equipment for the Marines. He had three grenades, extra clips, an extra communicator, a pistol, a few extra pouches, an extra pair of boots, and some nightvision goggles. He started walking to his commanding officer, 1st Lieutenant David Moore.

He went to his office, where about a platoon of people stood. He knew many of them, having seen them in Basic a few times. He went over to his friend, Private First Class Adams, and made a small grunt. “You believe this shit? Gatherin’ us out here just to go to war up in space, I’d rather fight on solid ground.”

Adams smirked and nodded, “Hell yea brother, but face it, we have no right to say anything to these guys, less you want a demotion.”

“I still think the Marines should stay down here and everyone else go up there.” Winters nodded up to the ceiling and Adams nodded slightly in return.

Moore soon spoke to everyone, “You men make up about forty-five people that will be Alpha Platoon. You guys will board dropships A, B, and C. You will put your equipment and personal belongings in the cargo bay holdings and get inside the dropships. The dropships will take you to the Pillar of Autumn where you will receive further instruction from Captain Keyes. I will meet you up there after getting some other things sorted out down here. Dismissed!”

Winters and Adams nodded a bit to each other and went over to dropship A. They started loading their things in while striking up another conversation.

“You think the Covenant are intelligent at all?” Winter asked while putting his stuff in.

Adams had just finished as he replied, “Could be possible, General said they were very brutal though.”

“It is possible that the Covenant are as civilized as the entire Human race though. I mean, they have to have space flight if they can even try to challenge us. They would probably have their own language and even a few cities, maybe a planet like Earth.”

Adams nodded, “I guess we’ll find out sometime or another, probably soon if we’re going to war with them.”

Winters nodded and stepped into the dropship, “Yea…”

“Strap yourselves in boys!” The female pilot called out while getting the dropship ready. Most transport ships were pelicans, but this one looked more like an assault/transport ship. It had two machine guns in the front and more cargo room. The inside looked the same as a pelican though.

In about thirty minutes, the ship took off soaring through the air at full speed to the Pillar of Autumn.

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