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Author has written 3 stories for Digimon, and Hikaru no Go.

UPDATE: Several weeks ago, I started looking at my old drawings of the cast of DA01. Although I'm not particularly keen on continuing from where I left off, I didn't like just letting the characters rot. As such, I've decided to begin the series anew. It will not be the same as the version you remember. The name is not even the same. However, many of the original concepts will remain in tact, plot points that I never even managed to get to. The cast is essentially the same, but it does not take place in the same world. This is a new digital plane, one that is based off of OUR network. The conflict of this world is also different, as is the goal. I don't want to give too much away. I love the characters, and more importantly, the concept, to just leave it all to letting you look at Taichi's universe. I guess the world it takes place in is much more original than the one I presented originally. The inclusion of Taichi and Agumon may actually be the only connection to Digimon that you can see.

I know this means that many of the people who love digimon are going to be turned off by the world I'm trying to create. But I don't care. You can either love it or hate it. But this place is mine.


The Overlap- Allex Allwell and six friends, along with a well known person from another universe altogether, are unexpectedly thrown into another incarnation of the digital world. Having no knowledge of their surroundings, they travel towards pillars of smoke in hopes of finding sentient life. What they discover upon arrival is both disturbing and enlightening. Only by helping connect these beings and restoring the balance that caused the opening between so many worlds can the travelers return to their home. And only by learning eachother can they hope to help anyone else.


Digital Adventure 01: New Threats I had huge plans for this fic, but, once again, I never work on it, and just thinking about it feels like excessive amounts of work. I'm very sorry to those who read it.
Paths Crossed As a connection to New Threats, many of the story's most important aspects would have to be changed if I wanted to continue. Because the connection was so important, I'm forced to close it off.
My Fault I never had a clear goal for this and I still don't. I don't give a damn about it.
Savior Like this was a surprise.
Overthrown This fic is still a fledgling, one that I never take the time to work on, or even think about
Danno Daisuke I've never worked on revising this and I don't plan to.

Some things to note:

Although I currently have no interest in continuing the fiction that I have on this site, I find that writing is a good way to vent my problems and using worlds I'm familiar with (and don't have to neccessarily add to) was very helpful. I may write new peices in the future, but I would like for most of my projects to be original rather than fan work.

(At this point, The Overlap is the only fan writing project that I'm going to work on. If I ever choose to do more fiction in the future, it will be one at a time. Any ideas I come up with before the finish of TO will be shelved until I feel there's a good reasonto begin.)

Shows/Manga/Books I'd like to do fiction for:

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Harry Potter

(There may be more added to the list at any time, but I can't even say for sure that I'll do fiction for the items listed.)

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