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Hi there! So I'm a female college student somewhere in California (I forget where exactly) who enjoys stealing other people's characters and playing with them.

My favorite fandoms are altogether unsurprising. They include, in no particular order, Harry Potter, Various Broadway shows, Final Fantasy 7, Monty Python, Invader Zim, anything and everything Tim Burton has had a hand in, Discworld, and a myriad of other literature/movies/other majiggers with my sense of humor.

On a totally unrelated topic, myriad is an awesome word is it not? You should go find out what it means and use it in everything you write from now on. I know what it means, but if I told you it would ruin the suprise! (Cookies for those of you who already know what it means.)

I'm going to warn you right now most of the stuff I post won't be terribly long, I have a terrible fear that I'll start writing a massive epic- and then burnout before it's done and disappoint lots of people (I actually already did this once, I felt really bad). This doesn't mean I'm never going to write something long, but don't hold your breath. That said I really do like writing and plan on doing more of it in the future. I hope you enjoy it. :)

In other news I have a deviantart account under the same username where I post original fiction and the occasional bad drawing, stop by if you feel like it...

A final note: I do not reply to comments as a rule (although I may break this rule now and then). Not because I don't love comments- I do- but because I tend to be absent minded about things like that and I'd feel bad if I neglected someone on accident. ...So instead I neglect everyone on purpose. I do read the comments though, all of them, repeatedly, and will probably even notice if you leave me more than one, and I really do appreciate any and all feedback y'all want to leave me. :)

White Doves and Bluebells by AntiqueSong reviews
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