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I am a college student who in the spare time reads a great deal of fan-fictions because I find it interesting how some people take things. I am part of several groups for fanservice and such. One of which I actually attend in person is for the series "One Piece" where me and five other people make devil fruits and think of interesting things for our OC's. I made a character who holds a mystery as to what gender does it hold, more so is that the government wants em dead because my character ate the "Spirit-spirit fruit" which holds no combat compatibility and allows the user to communicate with the dead. The government want this fruit out of the way because they have some souls that they silenced and want to keep quiet. We also make characters we use just to kill them for the entertainment purpose.

The group we keep and are personal

Position- Name- Devil/Cursed fruit (if one)- species- dream/ goal in life.

Leader- Sapphiragon D. Brice- (Master-Master fruit)- Human- Collect the devil fruits of all deemed unworthy. = Rogue Deity Master's character

Member- Rengoku D. Marcus- (Atom-Atom fruit)- Human- Become the worlds best scientist. = Bloody Dragon Fang's Character

Member- Chimera D. Timaeus- (Spirit-Spirit fruit)- Human- To write down the stories of the lost souls.= MY character

Member- Toragima Aquarius- Mink Tribe (White Tigress)- To understanding the world they live in.

Member- Atlantica Sheila - Fishwoman (Lionfish)- Become the worlds best Blacksmith.

Ship: Large Galleon- The Vanishing Leviathan

Characters we made just to kill

One piece

Enoz P. Charlie- Captain of the Trauma pirates- Fear-Fear fruit- Paramythia

Daed A. William- Firstmate of Trauma pirates- Sludge-Sludge fruit- Logia

Nellaf L. jack- Navigator of the Trauma pirates- Mystic beast: Manticore model fruit- Zoan

Captain of the Black soul pirates- Robinson P. Marik- Tar-Tar fruit- Logia

Firstmate of the Black soul Pirates- Whaler O. Peter- Blubber-Blubber fruit- Paramythia

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