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Hey people. soI guess I should start off by saying a little about myself.

Real name: Brianna (Bri) . . . i am not going to give out my last name for certain reasons!

Age: 15 as of July. I am a leo.

WhereI live: some where in Colorado, I won't give specifics.

Race: I am half Spanish, the rest of me is split between German, Italian, and Austrian.

Sex: I am a female!

Family: This is where it gets complicated. Ok, soI have a mom and a dad.I have a little sister. (she is younger by two and a half years).I have an older half sister (she is 33) an older half brother (he is 29). We share the same dad. And I have a nephew who is 2 years older than myself along with four younger nephews and one younger niece! Wow if you understood all that, props to you!

Pets: Iwe sold one of our horses, so we only have one now :(she's apalomino. (basically that she's a golden color!) I have two cats. One is a kitten that we just got. And one we have had for I think four years now. i have a bird (he is MY bird) his name is Dustball, because heis gray and when he sleeps he looks like a huge dustball! and lastly we have three dogs. Two are border collies, and one is a pickapoo. that is all the animals I have . . .for now! I want more!

Hobbies: Hmm, let's see. I like to draw, alot. I like to write . . . Duh! I like to be with animals. i like to snowboard, ski, play soccer, softball, and football. i like to hang out with my friends. i like to be outside. most of my friends are guys so we play a lot of football together . . .I'm QB! well obviously i like to watch the 'Teen Titans'! and i also like to daydream, A LOT! i can never seem to stop. i always have my head in the clouds.

Dislikes:I hate it when people are mean to animals! and I almost always cry when an animal dies in a movie. I could care less about the kid or person that's going to die! just as long as the animal lives I am happy! :P I don't like it when people are racist, sexist, or biased. I don't like dishonest and hurtfulpeople,I have been stabbed in the back too many times to like people like that.I don't like movies that make girls seem like hopeless, helpless, pathetic ditzes. and i Do Not like at all (some of you are going to hate me for saying this, but) Star Wars movies, or Lord of the Rings.I just can't seem to like them. Star Wars is just like Lord of the Rings only in space. They have the same basic plot line! ok I am done.

Favorite things: BEASTBOY! I love him! I love the funny guys, any guy who has a good sense of humor is 50 perfect! the other 50 is based off of trust, loyalty,understanding, and if i am able to talk to him. I also like the colors green, yellow, and red. I like chocolate. my favorite authors are 'Teentitantruefriend' 'The Gidgeman' 'TerraxBeastBoyFan' 'Tianamlz' and many more! Some of my favorite stories are 'The key to the future lies in the past' 'the Titan life'All of TTtruefriend's stories! 'Elementals' and there is a lot more.My favortie place to be is probably in the mountains.I love it up there! i love to travel too.

About me: Let's see. people say I am very creative. I am caring to all. I am funny, even when I try not to be.I am very sarcastic at times. I love science!I hate history! (too many dates to remember)I am very protective of my friends. And if you mess with me or any of my friends in the wrong way I will hunt you down and make you watch reruns of 'Teletubbies' over and over again! Muuuahahahahaha!

Pairings: i am a BIG BBxTer fan. i hate BBxRae pairings. i am a RobxStar AND a RobxRae fan. i can't choose which one i like more. hmm... Cyborg...i guess CyxBee is a good one. and CyxJinx is good too. But i also like KidxJinx...

Well that's all for me. i am very surpised you made it this far in reading my profile, i thought maybe you would have fallen alseep by now! any way thank you for reading about me!

P.S. check out my stories!

Welcome Home

Dream Hopping

Confessions and Sacrifices

Christmas Visitors

Uh-oh Highschool (in progress)

Haunted Memories (in progress)


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