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Author has written 10 stories for Gilmore Girls, and One Tree Hill.

Rory: Logan just called Rory his "girlfriend" for the first time You OK over there? Do you need a glass of water or... a time machine?

Logan: Rory, you're special.
Rory: Like "stop-eating-the-paste" special?

Rory: Whoa, Logan, where are we going? Slow down!
Logan: You slow down, you die.
Rory: Yeah, you go to fast in heels and you kind of die, also

Logan: You can do anything. You just have to believe in yourself. Did we learn nothing from "Mad Hot Ballroom"?

Logan: Ace?
Rory: Hey, how's it going?
Logan: It's 4:45 in the morning. Are you OK? Did something happen?
Rory: Not really...I sent you a text message yesterday.
Logan: Yeah, I know I texted you back.
Rory: No you didn't.
Logan: (smiling) Yes I did. Check your phone.
Rory: I don't have any missed calls...oh, wait. There's a little envelope thing in the bottom corner.
Logan: Get out of town.
Rory: It went directly to my saved messages. Why would it do that?
Logan: I couldn't tell ya.
Rory: (reading the text message) Oh wow! Woah...yours is really good. (a little embarrased) OK, well sorry to wake you. I'll talk to you in a few hours.
Logan: Woah, wait! Where do you think you're going?
Rory: To sleep.
Logan: No, I don't think so. You woke me up. Text me back.
Rory: You want me to text you back?
Logan: You started this.
Rory: I know...but I don't have my books with me.
Logan: You don't need your books Ace.
Rory: Logan...
Logan: I miss you Rory.
Rory: You do?
Logan: (smiling) Yeah.
Rory: I miss you too. I can't text you with you on the phone.
Logan: So hang up.
Rory: I'm gonna hang up now.
Logan: OK
Rory: OK...bye.
Logan: Bye.

Cop: License and registration, please.
Emily: Why do you need to see my license and registration? I wasn’t speeding.
Cop: You were talking on a cell phone, ma’am.
Emily: I don’t see how that’s any of your concern. Do my bills go to your office?
Cop: It is illegal in the state of Connecticut to talk on a cell phone while operating a vehicle.
Emily: Well, that’s absurd! I can’t talk on my own cell phone in my own car?
Cop: License and registration, ma’am.
Emily: If I can manage to drink a cup of hot coffee while driving, I can certainly manage to talk on a cell phone—or is drinking coffee illegal, too? Can I listen to the radio? Can I open the glove compartment? Perhaps you should outlaw scratching your nose—that would cut down on accidents.
Cop: Ma’am, have you been drinking?

Cop: I’m gonna need you to blow into this breathalizer for me.
Emily: Young man, I don’t know where that’s been, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that it won’t be going anywhere near my mouth!

Logan: I miss you too Ace.
Rory: Five words.
Logan: I'm not done yet. (kisses her)

Rory: Work dork!
Logan: Work dork lover!

Rory: I can't believe that you're leaving in only 26 hours and 45 minutes.
Logan: Come on, think positive that's an entire lifetime to a fruit fly.
Rory: Actually you're thinking of a mayfly, fruit flies can live for up to months, so what do you say can you stay for a month?

Rorys Engagement Ring in Check Yes or No

Rorys wedding dress in Check Yes or No (imagine it in a dark pink)

Bridesmaid gown in Check Yes or No


Rorys heels in ch. 3 (only in bronze)


BY THE WAY: Just in case you can't tell by my songfics I am a country girl:)

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