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Now im a big fan of TT all i write about i live for TT (if your a idoit TT means Teen Titans). I would like you to meet my good friends Dragon Spawn half human half dragon. Blink who can teleport Where ever he wants. Energy who can turn to Energypure .And Wildone who has senses 5 times better then beast boy. we all make the Hellict Heros. all created and made by me in my story they will meet the titans

Heros i've made

Blink- Teleportation, createing more of himself, and accelaration.(boy)

Dragonspawn- Fire breathings, claws, Wings, and minor magic(boy)

Realitychanger-(ME!) able to can reality do almost anything (boy)

Wildone- EXTREME senses can smell things a mile away, can hear your heart beat, can see a speck of dust, can taste things in the air, can feel a pin hit the ground(boy)

Energy- can turn to pure energy can fire it, and fly. (boy)

Kreature- can turn into any monster that someone thought up (boy)

Golem-(NOT COPIED I HAD THIS MADE UP BY SEASON 2) the power to change into anything he touches and faze into it (boy)

Im a real BB/rae fan all i read (praticaly). I hope you will read my up coming storys.

I'm patrickthecrazyirish cuz well heres my info

Gender: male ( if you think im a girl I pitty you and suggest therapy like my little cuzz chase)

how im like:I'm just another happy go luckyguy flunking school (jk oh and if your a real idoit jk means just kiddin) I have a smile that would put Beast boy to shame, but when im pissed people seem to go missing so stay on my good side

If you want to contact me my aol instant message account if DarkWerewolfjedi (lame but I love werewolfs and jedis)

Favorite lines

Ron-brick where did you get that hand gernade?

Brick- I don't know.

Beast boy- i don't remeber a bookstore

Raven- thats because you never bought a book

Kent(my friend)-who the hell are you?

me-...I...realy don't know

Nolan-kent I know him hes my friend

Patrick-Shit shit dive dive

All(me, my brother and cousins)-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



Champ- It's ancorman not ancorlady


Cataur- Praise be to cermshilrim
Comso- I would like to make a motion
Nick- lets go bother peston!

Hobbies: Making up Heros to fight each other, Reading and listening to loud music

Real name:...Do you think I'm stupid no really? Im


Robin/Raven- I can where your coming from, but I can't see the flirting

Cyborg/Raven- are you retarded

Raven/Beast boy- YES IT A PERCET PAIR!

BB/terra- Don't like Terra let god deal with her..

Redx/terra- don't even ask where i saw it it scared me uuuuuuuuuhhhshivers so wrong excuse me i need to slam my head agaisnt the wall!


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