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For everyone who likes my story A Dog's Life, I'll need you to be patient with me for a while, see I've started on my next chapter but keep getting writer's block on the little sentences or whatever. I know exactly what I want to do with the chapter but I'm not sure how I want things to plan out. Anyway it might take me a little while to update on this story so please bear with me until then.

As for the fans of My Fire Baby I have an update as of 11/28/06

As for the rest of my stories, I'll attempt to work on them after I update on A Dog's Life.

I spend a lot of time watching different Anime. I have a lot of favorites, and I read a lot of Manga. Perferrably Shonen Jump. I love sad stories, and comedy. Sometimes mysteries and horrors are also cool.

My Favorite Anime shows, are: Dragonball Z, Inuyasha, Naruto, Shaman King, Full Metal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho, Samurai Champloo(currently my most favorite). Yugioh is a little too corny for me but I can't help but watch the episodes with Seto Kaiba since he is the only reason why I even consider watching this show.

My Favorite anime Characters are: Vegeta and Hiei(My most favorites). Sesshomaru and Bankotsu(both sexy). Seto Kaiba and Ren Tao(love their attitudes). Roy Mustang. Youko. Sasuke. Kakashi.Haku. Zabuza.Mugen. Jin.

I also like a couple of the characters from Tokyo Mew Mewincluding Kisshu and Fujiwara. I like the new show Avatar too, Sokka, Uncle Iroh andPrince Zuko are my favorite characters.

My all time favorite Manga is DEATH NOTE! I LOVE IT! Raito is my favorite character and Ryuuku is soooo cool! I like L too, though he is a little weird, he is really smart. I like Near also, he is just like L ! I like Mello too, but I think he looks better with the scar, before I couldn't tell whether he was a boy or girl.

Fav Couples:


Vegeta/Android 18





Pan/Android 17

Yu Yu Hakusho:



Hiei/Mukuro(they were meant for each other)


Yukina/Kuwabara(weird, but cute)

Full Metal Alchemist:




Shaman King:

Ren/Hao(the cutest couple)









Priest Seto/Pharoah

Priest Seto/Thief Bakura

Priest Seto/Kisara













Inuyasha/Kikyo(even though Kikyo's a bitch)





I hate the pairing of Sesshomaru and Kagome, mainly because I don't believe Sesshoumaru would have any interest in her and I take back what I said about not liking Kagome because after paying a little more attention to her I realized that she is pretty smart and besides her and Inuyasha act cute together. I don't like pairing Sesshomaru with Rin either, he is more like a father or older brother to her. And I don't really have anything against Kikyo, it's just that even after she found out that Naraku tricked her and Inuyasha in the pass, she still treated Inuyasha like shit.

I like:

Animals, Anime, FastCars, Violence, Music,and football

I dislike:

Posers, Smart asses, Teachers, School, and anyone who doesn't like me.

I get into alot of trouble at school, mainly because I don't do alot of homework and I talk back. But I am very smart, just lazy. So if I don't update any of my stories soon, it is probably because I am doing my homework or in Detention.

I like spending alot of time outside too. I am a tomboy so I spend alot of time playing football.

Recently I fell in love with Sesshomaru, so...I AM SO SORRY VEGETA BUT I AM CHANGING MY NAME FROM PRINCE VEGETA'S GURL Too...Fluffy'sBaby.

But don't worry Prince Veggie, I'll change it back sooner or later.

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