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Gender: Girl

Name: Do you absolutely need to know? Fine. Sofia


My characters: The only characters I own is Sophie the Nightmaren and Molly the fox.

My characters

Sophie the Nightmaren: A ten year old girl turned into a Nightmaren following a prophecy. She has the power to control water and immediately befriended NiGHTS. Reala and Wizeman are after her power. Sophie is blue with a shiny blue hat and brown, shoulder length hair. Her skin is white and she has seafoam green eyes that have no pupils. She has a strip of shiny blue going from each knee to the end of her foot and from the top of her arms to the bottom of her sleeve . She has a light blue crystal on her chest.

Molly the fox: Tail's little sister and a sweet girl alone. With the personality of cream the rabbit, Molly's manners come naturally to her. She looks the opposite of tails with a white body and brown tips. She is about half the size of tails and wears a blue necklace. Molly has an incurable disease that might be the end of her.

Favorite characters from Sonic

Cosmo: I like Cosmo because she has something to do with plants. I really like her light blue eyes and her polite attitude.


Shadow: I like Shadow because of his cool attitude and his red and black streaks. I also like him because of his mysteriousnes.

Amy: I like Amy because of her cuteness. Even though she is always left behind, she still does her best.

Cream: I like cream and her chao Cheese because there are very cute. I like cream because she is very polite.

Tikal: I don't know to much about her but I like her.

Least favorite Sonic characters

Eggaman: Eww.

Knuckles: I don't like him to much.

Vector: He's to big...

Favorite NiGHTS characters


Jackle: He's pretty good.

Reala: I like his name...

Clawz: He's cute.

Least favorite NiGHTS characters

Wizeman: Eww.

Puffy: She's to big

Favorite TV shows: Sonic x, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Life With Derek

Favorite color: I like Light blue

Favorite time of day: I like the sunset and nighttime.

Favorite songs: We, You'll be in my Heart, There you'll be, Dreams Dreams, Breakaway, Dreams of an Absolution, My Heart Will Go on

Wish: I wish NiGHTS was real and to fly

What I hate: Cussing

What I like: Disney Channel

Well thats is for now

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Tired of knowing his daughter is home alone all the time, Dr. Robotnik makes, and sends her a new little pet...a hedgehog pup named Shadow. The next chapter is coming soon. I promise. Check my profile for details.
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NiGHTS - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,312 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 6/22/2007 - Published: 6/6/2007
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This is the trilogy that launches my series of NiGHTS fanfics. NiGHTS teams up with a new pair of dreamers, but things don't go as planned! Can he save the day, or is this the end for our hero? Co-written with a friend and posted with permission.
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Prophesy reviews
The prophesy has been continued. A young girl named Sophie is turned into a Nightmaren and has to discover her powers along the way. Can she find a way to bring her parents back or will she be caught by Wizeman? Yay official pairing at the end :3 NxS
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Mew is sad. Mew is lonely. Mew is now not binded to the island. Mews only hope is to get mewtwo to change her back. Why can Mew now leave the island? Will rioru and L.J be able to help? Will mewtwo's wrath kill mew? Chapter 7 up. DISCONTINUED
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