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Author has written 6 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, and Wolf's Rain.

More about myself:

Name:Ebony Patterson aka Moonie/Moro/~BlackxXxRoses~



Country:England (boring, I know)

Favourite Colour:Back... slimming and goes with everything

Favourite anime: Cardcaptors, I do love Sailor Moon, Dragonball/z/gt, Pokemon, Naruto, Yugioh, Pita ten, Fruits Basket, Vamire Knight, Legal Drug, Absolute Boyfriend, Vampire Doll, .Hack, D.NAngel, Ghibli/Miyazaki movies. And Wolf's Rain, Tsum rawks

Favourite Yu-gi-oh Character: Who here thinks Bakura and Malik are sexy? I do! I find the evilness of Yamis VERY alluring!

Favourite Bishies: Sasuke Uchiha, Zero and Ichi-kun. Too many to list.

Obsessions: EVERYTHING japanese, no matter how obscure, lolita, animals, bishies, drawing, My Chemical Romance. (and playing their songs) Ohh... played to zanarkand from final fantasy 10 for my school concert!

Hello, more experienced fanfiction writers than me. This all started because of Little Ghost's (I am not worthy) fanfiction which I became hooked on. She suggested that I start my own so I (being obsessed with Oh-So-Hunky Gippal) did a GippalxRikku. Sorry Paine worshippers, she's not here -but cute fluffy ickle Baralai is!

I know nothing about Final Fantasy. Anything I do know has been leeched out of Little Ghost ('Tell me more about so-and-so's past...')

Do not blame me if my fanfics are short and crap. I've always believed myself to be a crap writer. I'm good at fanart though! (Paine worshippers breathe sigh of relief).

Oooh, um NoojxPaine fans...this is BaralaixPaine (SORRY! MUHUHUHUHAHAHAHAHAH!)

Hello, newest update! (29/10/05)

A Perfect Ending to be discontinued

Road Trip-Chapter 2 posted today! Yay!


Current Obsessions:

Gippal (so damn fit. Eeep. I don't use the word fit-EVER)


(Chapter two error is now fixed (forgot date when fixed, but hey)




Drawing all of above (Rikku is so fun to draw. Yes I accept requests for sketches via email)

Hiya, newest update (23/11/05)

Chapter 3 posted now!

Update (06/12/05)

Chapter 4 is posted.I didn't have time to read it through so no flames about bad grammar or spelling etc. -_-

Update (05/01/06)

Yeah, I know I'm slow. I'll try to update within two weeks. I've been on schoolholiday so I haven't been able to update. (i use the schools computers)

Update (17.01.06)

Aaaaaargh! Sorry guys, updatyes are slow cos I can't bring myself to type up Chapter 6-It's too sad and angsty! I did however write anotherr oneshot two days ago and will start typing it asap. More pointless Gippikku fluff/mild angst.

Update (25/01/06)

Yaaaaaaaay! Oneshot (called Be Open) finally posted! Slightly bad news, NO-ONE'S REVIEWING IT! So, If you wanna keep all your limbs (and whatever may be left of your sanity after socialising with me) REVIEW!

Oh, I'm currently developing a website in my I.T lessons so more on that soon. It's coming along nicely, thanks for asking!

Update (02/02/06)

I've decided, Be Open will be written as a fic and I'm putting Road Trip on temporary hold. The plan is already written up and ready to go!

Update (27/02/06)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sorry it took 25 23 days, but Chapter two of 'Be Open is finally posted! Yay! Ok, so it's not the longest thing in the world, but it's something!

Update 31/01/08

OMG It's been a while. Cleaning up. Deleting crap and improving. Will be bogged down with coursework most of the time so updates will be incredibly slow. Fresh start, new name. check out my fanartcentral gallery under the name MoonWolf2000. I have improved after the two-year hiatus. New project, finish Naruto ficciness...

Update 18/1/09

Yeah, I know... I took a while. Wolf's Rain oneshot is up, Naruto Sasu-Saku angstyness is under construction and a beyblade (yes, BEYBLADE) fic in the works. A challenge, non? (ROFL)

Moro x

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