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Get to know me a bit...

Call me: Shae

Age: 13

Likes: Drawing, Ramen, Music, Writing ((at times)), Movies, ect.

Dislikes: Major Vegitareans((who bug you when you are eating an animal)), illiterates, lousy stories, yuri and yaoi, hentai, ect.

Shows: Inuyasha, Family guy, ect.

Music: Pop, rock, rap, hip hop, ect.

Gender: Female

Now, I am going to lay some things down. My hates and like of a couple of things. Like on some shows, like Inuyasha. I don't watch Sonic X, but if I started now, I wouldn't get it. I would need to see the firest episode. If you know any sites with free downloads, tell me, please.

If you are an artist, with Sonic, or Inuyasha art, please, E-mail me them. I want to see your beautiful artwork. If I like it, I will post your name in here, if you wish, so people can know how well of an artist you are. I am not that picky.


Here are my real hates, couples... erm... yeah...

Hates- Past, or present- In order:

Sally Acorn- Screw that little nutty squirrl! Heck, she doesn't even have a squirrl tail! What the heck is with that. When I see a squirrl, I expect to see an adorible woodland creacher with a fluffy tail. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to watch a mutated squirrl kissing a hedgehog. Ack, imagen((sp?)) what the children would look like. Maw' bring out de' gun, we got some ugly mongoose in the yerd'! Sorry for all you mixed up Sally fans, but if you don't like my opinion, then leave. I don't want you hear anyways. And she moves up on Sonic too fast. Hello, kid stuff, not teen stuff, Sally the shmutty Acorn. Also, put on some real cloths, you retard. Rawr.

Kikyo- Okay, I don't really hate Kikyo, but I want her to die... again. She goes around here and there, practicly asking people to kill her, then, she attacks them. Die already. Nobody needs you. You are dead. Dead.

Hates- Couples- In Order

Maria and Shadow- This made me throw up. Really people, do you honestly think a Hedgehog and human would fall in-love. That is like a human and his/her pet having a nasty relationship. Sick. They are just good friends, trust me.

Sally Acorn and Sonic the Hedgehog- Do I really have to answer? No. I pretty much already laid it down.

Kikyo and Inuyasha- Ack... I am too scared to answer this. Isn't it obviouse, though?

Favorite Couples- In order

ShadowXAmy = Heck yes!





SesshomaruXAdult Rin


Songs I am inlove with!

Crazy- Simple Plan

Because Of You- Kelly Clarkson

Dirty Little Secret- ?

Sugar, We're Going Down- Fall Out Boy

Photograph- Nickleback

I will put more later, when I can think right. xDD

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