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-thumbs up- Welcome!

I'm back to active status, because I've discovered I missed writing -- what a thing to discover while mired in an infinite number of essays, right?

So, a short rundown on the stories:

Adrift in a World: Pretty dead, at least in its current form. I like it, but it was going absolutely nowhere. So there are two possible courses (well, three, because the third option (leaving it alone) is looking likely -- facing the writing of my fourteen-to-sixteen-year-old self is a frightening concept), which involve doing an occasional one-shot for future moments I like, or doing an infamous re-do. I have no idea, and goodness knows I'm not reliable where AiaW is concerned, anyway. And, though it might mess up the shorthand, that 'a' is finally fixed. Finally.

Charge the Contempt to My Credit Card, Please: Crack, anyone? Maybe. A disconnected, more fun than actually anything approaching literature, and occasional springboard for ideas in other projects. So, maybe with a wistful smile.

Overturning a Pot of Ministerial Vendetta Stew: Oneshot. A self-indulgent, kind of funny, still-don't-want-Sirius-dead oneshot.

The Romantical Events of Christmas Eve: Oneshot. Finished. No more romance, though 'HP oneshots that don't focus on Harry' is still a category worth probing.

The Traitor: My newest fling. It has a beginning, middle, and end already set (though this is kind of cheating, how could it not have a set layout?) and thanks to the proliferation of people across the Internet who thinks restricting the text of Harry Potter is like taking those 'piracy is crime' commercials from the cinema seriously, I can actually work on this in my current position 1500 miles away from my copies. It'll be fairly dark, and, if my early-morning lit class persists in not being interesting, updates should be consistent. And appropriately gloomy.

What Do You Mean by 'Defeat'?: I'm inordinately fond of this one, primarily because it's so stupid. Updates are in the same potential category as Charge, but to a significantly lower degree.

So, the hierarchy of fics: Traitor, AiaW, Charge

Will there be new stories? Yes, probably, but mostly oneshots. If nothing else, focusing on one on-going story at a time increases the chances of anything getting anywhere.

But, ultimately, I'm working on alien invasion fiction (nonfiction, too, a bit). A properly evil Voldemort might be scary, but if you anthropomorphize a highly advanced, mobile alien race and cast the human race as the 'natives who own nice resources,' well... that's fear. So, check out my homepage if you're interested!

8-11-13: Active. Pfft. I did actually try to make stuff, which actually did happen. If you'll notice, my avatar is now a Fandom4LLS picture. One guaranteed way to make me write, I've discovered, is for me to sign up for something with a definite deadline that I will feel really bad for not meeting. So, there is a AiaW oneshot floating around the Internet (http:///p/harry-potter-authors.html -- I think). The bad news is it won't be here until December. The good news is I had to reread AiaW to make that oneshot, which means the most painful obstruction to me getting anything done is out of the way. But it'll be disconnected oneshots, not a story. And they'll have a lot of teaching-related bitching. I swear, Umbridge had better stay out of the way, because I'll never be in the mood for her regulation shenanigans and that means Harry Potter won't be, either.

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