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Announcement March 13, 2012: Due to the difficulties in e-mailing the entire document of "Flipped Up Reality," I've finally caved in and will be uploading the story back onto the site. Each chapter is going to be rewritten in order to get the grammar, spelling, and writing up to a decent, presentable level. Once I reach chapter thirty-seven, which may take quite a while, there will be no more pre-exisiting chapters to re-write.

This story will not be taken down once it is uploaded onto the site.


Update: July 10th

The third chapter has been updated. The fourth chapter will be updated during this week.

Note: There will not be canon characters paired with original characters in this story.

armless-phelan is my beta reader. His narrative and characterization skills are beyond par, and when he's not humoring me with beta work, he's working on his own writing: Fanfiction, original pieces, and published work. He has my eternal gratitude for taking the time and effort to help me with FUR.

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