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Yo!I'm sonic4life2006!Nice to meet ya!Check out my wicked profile just down below!




Fav. foods:Pizza,chicken,beef stew,pot pie.

Fav. sonic pairings:TailsCosmo,SonAmy,SonBlaze,TailsCream,KnuxRouge.

Fav. animes:YuGiOh GX,Naruto,Zatch Bell,One Piece

Fav. 4Kids shows:Sonic X

Personality:Likes quiet,easy going,easily startled.I'm nice to everyone and can make friends with people easily.

Fav. friends here:Kal0 and Summer,Fanfiction Fox

Hated people:GtaJake MK-5(If you see this noob,RUN!)

I also JUST made my own fan character!Check him out

Name:Zark the Hedgehog


Appearance:White,shiny hedgehog with long quills.


Attacks:Same attacks as Zatch Bell from the anime.(eg. Zakar,Rashield)

Personality:Loves freedom more then Sonic.Always keeps his cool.He wouldn't even blink if a meteor 10 times the size of the Sun was thrown at him.Really quick to judge.He also thinks fast and will always stick up for his friends.

Friends:Sonic and the gang,me and Kal0.

Enemies:Anyone who gets in his way and/or is evil.


Zark:Huh..Wha.?Where am I?

Me:In my lab.Your job is to do the disclaimers of my stories.And if your good enough,I'll let you be IN one of my stories!


As you can probably tell,I'm a major Zatch Bell fan.Anyone who loves Zatch Bell,go to . IREALLY want you to join that site.I'm on it more then this site now.I even made a patent on a set of rules I designed on mamodo battling.You can create your own mamodo and battle other people on the site!And I made the rules on how it works!I'm even a moderator on that site.I'm currently the champion on that site.Anyone want to tryand take my championship title away?Give it your best shot!
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