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Hey! For all of you who don't know me let me introduce myself. My pen name is kratos lover1 (for a good reason too, I absolutely LOVE Kratos!). Anyways here's everything you wanted to know about me and more.

Gender: Female

Fav Anime: Inuyasha!

Fav Games: Tales of Symphonia, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic, and Baten Kaitos (slightly)

Fav Movies: Kingdom of Heaven (mainly for Orlando Bloom), Pirates of the Carribean (mainly for Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom), and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (mainly for Johnny Depp).


Fav Pairings: (TOS)

Sheena x Lloyd (I like this best for Lloyd)

Zelos x Collette

Raine x Kratos ( should be done well)

Kratos x Anna (I am a hard core fan of this pairing)

Regal x Alicia

Lloyd x Kratos (only as father and son nothing gross please NO INCEST)

Yuan x Martel (so cute)

Presea x Genis (it's okay...)

Raine x Zelos

Storm x Zelos (read my stories, it's cute) They benefit being around each other and get along very well even though it looks like they're fighting most of the time. They both love each other a LOT!

Storm x Yuan Okay, so this is a little taboo for some people but I like it. These two really benefit being around each other. Hopefully they can keep the relationship a secret or else bad things could happen.

Kratos x kratos lover1 (oops, that wasn't supposed to get in here, but it's true, this beats all!)

Zelos x kratos lover 1 (man, who keeps putting in what is running through my mind...)

Fav Pairings (Inuyasha)

KagomexInuyasha: I am a hardcore fan of this. Actually, it's because of this adorable pairing that I began to watch the show. I love romance!

MirokuxSango: It must be clear that I love the pervert and strong-willed woman coupling. I always think they're so cute and so funny!

SesshomaruxRin: Only as father daughter kind of relationship.

KaguraxSesshomaru: Just starting to get into this pairing.

Inuyasha x kratos lover 1 (once again, i am finding that my deepest thoughts aren't even safe. lol!)

kratos lover1 x sesshomaru: man, gotta stop letting this stuff escape...haha

Least favorite TOS (I respect anyone who writes these or supports them, I will read them and I have found some I like so don't ne offended, I just don't like these as much as the others.)

Raine x Lloyd

Colette and Lloyd

Regal and anyone but Alicia...not too into Regal period actually.

that's about it for pairings other than that I don't really care what people write about.

Least fav pairings: (Inuyasha)

KikyoxInuyasha: Maybe in the past, but the boy needs to move on. She's not even alive! Geez

Okay, I don't really like anything other than what was above, but I will tolerate them except the one stated directly above, I can't do that one.

Okay, I guess I'm well known for my OC Storm and I am going to put a general description of her as well as talk about her personality. Sorry I didn't do this before.

Well, Storm is Kratos' daughter and she tends to look a lot like him in the face. She looks a lot like Lloyd as well but more like her father. She has long auburn hair that she sometimes wears up in a messy ponytail. Other times she will just wear it down, it comes a little bit below her shoulders. She has beautiful hazel eyes which really make her stand out. Her eyes almost always give away her emotion although she became very good at concealing her emotions while she was with Mithos. She's very fit and athletic looking. She's not overly buff or anything, in fact, she's a little on the thin side. She has a very nice figure, which is probably why Zelos started chasing after her in the first place. Her outfit is easy to move around and fight in. She doesn't always wear the same outfit, but it is generally like her father and Yuan, except cut for a girl obviously. It is styled like the other Cruxis outfits and is probably the same colors as Kratos' Judgement outfit. Whatever she's wearing it would show off her figure, mainly for Zelos.

Her personality is very complex. Well, she seems very strong physically, but emotionally and mentally she's very unstable. When she was younger she was very strong-willed, bull-headed, and independent. When she started training for Cruxis though a lot of her personality left her, most of it hasn't come back. Her past has permantly scarred her. Now, she seems very carefree and happy on the outside but is very nervous and worried on the inside. She is always afraid of what other people think about her and wants to live up to someone's expectations, whether it's her friends, Mithos, or her father. She is always afraid that she will disappoint someone and always thinks people hate her and don't trust her. But although she's nervous all the time she is very affectionate towards her family and will always stand up for them. She loves her father and has already grown very fond of Lloyd. She will probably never get back all of her old personality, even with Zelos. Zelos probably benefits more from the relationship than she does but she loves him to death and can't imagine what her life would be without him. But, one thing is for sure, in their relationship Storm is definitely the one who is in control, and Zelos knows it. Well, that's all for her, any other questions ask me and I'll try to put more up here if you want it.

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I was bored and update this. There are my stats. It was a while since I updated that. (Updated 1-30-07)

Hey everyone, I have recently joined and I have a movie on there now. If I make more I will post the links here.

Kratos Aurion Tribute: A tribute to our favorite seraph. Set to Day After Tomorrow's "Starry Heavens"

Why I Live: This is a dedication to just a few of the TOS pairings. Set to Jesse McCartney's "Because You Live"

Fallen Angel: This is a video about Mithos Yggdrassil, it's darker than my other videos. This one is set to Linkin Park's "Faint"

Angels of TOS: This is about all of the tragic pairings of TOS. Kranna, Yuartel, and Relicia. There's only one pic of Regal and Alicia (not many out there). Anyway, it's set to Avril Lavigne's "Slipped Away"

In Memory of Zelos Wilder: This is a montage in memory of Zelos Wilder. I really love him a lot and I don't think he gets enough credit. Anyway, it is done to The Celtic Women preforming "The Ashoken Farewell"

TOS Hero: This is my first attempt at using animation. I cut the song so it's not as long and I had limited clips so I don't think this is my best work.

TOS Hero Version 2: Okay, so the second time around I had more clips and I did the entire song. I'm actually pretty happy about this one. I hope you all like it. Like I said some of my first attempts at using animation. I made this one the day after the first version. Haha!

TOS Stand My Ground: I worked pretty hard on this and really enjoy the song a lot too. I really hope you enjoy it.

TOS Faint Remix: Man, this one took A LOT of hard work, but I am so happy with the results. There are a lot of new things I tried in this including some flashing techniques and blackouts and stuff like that. You'll see!!

Okay, this one is thanks to Raspedra Twilight. It's the official Storm picture and I must say that it's pretty much exactly how I pictured her. Take the pic and put it up to one of Kratos and she really does look like her daddy! Anyway, here's the link below and if there are any others from anyone please send the links to me and I will put them up here. Thanks!

Storm's official picture by Raspedra Twilight

Okay, this one is done by Kararu Rinomino. It's a picture of Storm and Zelos. So, if you like it please let her know.

Here's the link for you all

All right, this one is by Raspedra Twilight and it is a picture (colored) of Storm in her dress from the ball in "To Be A Family."

Here's the link:

Another wonderful drawing by Raspedra Twilight. This one is based on the one shot. "Not Worth an Eternity."

Here's the link:

This one is so awesome. Done by Raspedra Twilight. It's a montage of Storm's past. Based on "Child of Cruxis." (colored)

Here's your link:

This is done by Raspedra Twilight as well. This is a picture of Sutra, the new villain in the Storm series. This is an uncolored sketch.

Here's the link:

Here's another picture of Sutra. This is fully colored and is a great mantage. Check it out, it's pretty amazing!

Here's the link:

Eternal Shadow: This one is awesome and one that I've been looking forward to for a long time. This one has Storm and Mithos and it really shows the tension and fear that he creates in her. Very good!

Here's the link:

Three Aurions! This one makes me feel special because RaspedraTwilight made it for me! Cause I went to college! Yay! Kratos, Lloyd and Storm all together as a big happy family. Haha! I love it!

Here's the link:

All right there is one more point that I wanted to make that has been bothering me for awhile. People who go around and try to purposely rid the world of Mary Sues and Gary Stues. Please try and look at this with an open mind. This is something that I know all people who write stories with OC's in it have problems with. I have to say that I believe that most of the main characters in games, animes, movies, etc are in fact these Mary Sue/Gary Stues.There was a certain test I took to see if my character was a Mary Sue, and Storm came up as one, but I went back and used the same test for Lloyd, and guess what, he is too. But, that's not including the questions they ask about if the character represents you orwhat the creator madethe character a representation as. I don't know what Lloyd's creator was thinking, that might be even more evidence against him. Let's see, the evidence really stacks up against our hero.

1. He has a faithful pet, Noishe. An arshis...hmm...that's pretty interesting, not a normal dog or cat like anyone else?

2. He was orphaned as a small child, his mother was killed, and he is reunited with his long lost father who is a traitor to the group. Yeah, most normal people have that experience. I did (sarcasm).

3. He starts out the game as a pretty crappy swordman and by the end he is kickin Kratos' butt fairly well, beating him. Kratosis 4000 years old people, and it took Lloyd how long to beat him?

4. He gets to weild the Eternal Sword by equipping a super special ring! (that was a question on that test, any special items that let's them do things they couldn't do otherwise)

5. How many girls can fall in love with this guy? Not to mention the fact that everyone in his group seems to adore him.

6. He is abducted once, and saved by someone a second time. (yes, those were questions on the test too)

7. How often do you lose? Let's see once, twice if ya lose to Kratos. Their group has four people and you can get through a whole ranchful of Desians, plus kick the boss' butt at the end? Come on people, normal non-Mary Sue people couldn't do that.

8. He "magically" gets angel wings in the end of the game! Let's face it people, this is a big one. No one thought this was weird or wondered how he managed to get those wings? Let's see exsphere, not Cruxis Crystal, it seemed kinda out there. Okay, you could say Eternal Sword, but still he has magic wings!

9. He is banished from his village. (that's a question too)

10. He has that special exsphere every villain in the game wants, plus Yuan wants him.Boy, Lloyd is just the center of attention, isn't he?

11. He's raised by a dwarf and gets discriminated a lot by the people in the village.

12. He is able to sway Sheena to his side, and in some cases Zelos. (able to sway villains, that's a question too.)

Okay, I'll stop there. Now, as you can all see these kind of qualities make a good story. Wouldn't it be boring if nothing out of the ordinary happened in the game and there were no Mary Sues/ Gary Stues? I mean, come on, it would stink if you played a whole game and finally got half way through and your character was unable to win and the game ended because you couldn't have them win all the time? Look at some of the other characters in this game and in other movies, cartoons, shows, books, etc and see what you find. The world needs a little Mary Sueness or nothing would happen. I think instead of shunning all these stories maybe you should take them open-minded instead of looking to see if they're Mary Sue or not. Who knows, maybe you'll like it? I just thought I'd put that out there, it seems like that's been popping up all over the place lately and I really wanted to try and put it to rest. It's like pairing wars, but that's another day. So, if you readthese stories with an open mind and giveit a chance and maybe about half way through you don't like it, then quit you don't have to put it down in front of others orflame or anything. The most you could do is give helpful advice, that's whatwe're here for, right?To help and support each other to become better, there is always room for improvement, evenfor people who think they're the best. I knowthat I have come a long way in my writing for my story since my first story. It didn't really get all too good (evenworth considering until at least 6 chapter). I have gone a LONG way since then, and that's thanksto peoplewho have helped. Remember that next time you're reading any story, not just an OCone. Thanks!

Thanks for taking this with an open mind, that is, if you decided to read this far.

Okay, there is one more thing that bothers me. People, stop reviewing my stories and explaining to me that Kratos doesn't have a daughter. I KNOW THIS!!! I have played the game before, duh. Who is the dumb one here? It's fanfiction, the story is not real, the characters aren't real and they don't care if I come up with a new character. It's called an OC because it's an original character, wow, that means I came up with her and not the game makers, imagine that. Now, when you add a new character to a story, guess what, it might change the plot a little too cause there is a new person there. If you think my OC is a Mary Sue, that's fine, I don't care, but you really don't need to rant and rave to tell me that, just don't read the story. Do you people have to be so low that you need to go and flame people's stories because they have a OC that may be a Mary/Gary Sue/Stu?? I don't think so. According to this Mary Sue thing, if people created OC's and it wasn't a Mary Sue then it would be a really, really boring story. I mean, there are extremes but come on who wants to hear about an average joe who is in the story and nothing exciting happens. Boring!! So, don't flame the people. Maybe I read through people's stories too, but I don't outright bash them, especially because of a character that they created. That's stupid and a waste of time, and it's hurtful on top of that to the writer. Don't do it! So, now that you know that I'm tired of people reminding me that Kratos does not have a daughter, because I realize this and I haven't forgotten, really, I will stop ranting now. Thanks for the attention.

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You shalt keep an open mind about stories even if you despise the pairing.

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I hope I covered enough with my bio. Read my stories please!
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