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Author has written 27 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Luminous Arc.

NOTE TO ALL: Due to home problems and emotional difficulties, updating of fanfics will be uber slow. I'm also attempting to get a job to have a stable living allowance so I can eventually move out of my Dad's place so I can live on my own and become more independant. As for all of this, ALL stories are on pseudo-hiatus. This means, basically, that they WILL be updated but do not expect them regularly.

NOTE TO LOVE OF A LEGEND FANS: I AM still working on it, don't get me wrong; it's not cancelled. However, the reason it's taken so long is because when I started writing the newest chapter, I was having help from somebody... however, that person had a serious tragedy and it's taking me serious time to get over it and get back to writing it. I don't want to start the chapter again, but continuing it is hard. However, don't give up on it; I'm just letting you know that I'll try to get the chapter up ASAP, but how long that takes... I really don't know.

Personal stufff

Who the frig are you?

My name is Cam, but I prefer to be called Regii. I am 19 years old and I was born on January 25th. I'm male, I have short sight, suffer from a heart and lung condition and I also suffer from mental health difficulties, which include paranoia, self-confidence issues, short-term memory and Multiple-Personality-Disorder. That's all you're getting.


Because I freaking said so.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes. With the greatest person ever known as Shadow Star.Exe. We met in 05 and starting dating in 07/08. She's been my motivation and is literally the sole reason why I strive to succeed in what I do. If it wasn't for her, I probably still wouldn't be on this site... or alive...

What do you like?

Many things. Role-playing and talking with my girlfriend is up there, but I'm pretty nice to most people as long as they don't try to take advantage of me. (Trust me, when I get angry, I turn into a completely different person.) What else...? Well, I love video games and cosplaying, also fanfiction and pairing characters up; the weirder, the better in my opinion. I'm also wanting to become a voice-actor for animes or cartoons, and I'm planning to do a Visually Impaired Video Game Review... thing, so stay tuned for that.

What do you dislike?

Flamers, people who act too immature for things... quite a lot of shit, actually. I hate racism, sexism, pretty much any form of abuse. I absolutely LOATHE animal cruelty and people starting arguments for no good reason. Also, people who think they can get away with stuff because they have difficulties. I suffer from so many disabillities and I ALWAYS try to pull my own weight in stuff.

You said you like Video Games. Give us some of your favourites.

Sure. In no real order, here's 10.

1. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
2. Super Smash Brothers Brawl
3. Luminous Arc 2
4. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
5: Dissidia: Final Fantasy
6. The World Ends With You
7. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
8. Final Fantasy X
9. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
10. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

You like cosplaying? Who have you cosplayed as?

Roxas (Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days)
Ash Ketchum (Pokemon Sinnoh Saga)
Pokemon Trainer/Red (Smash Bros. Brawl)
Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

What are your current projects?

Well, I'm currently struggling at stuff... but I'm determined to finish Love of a Legend AND Withered Petals. From there, I may either re-write my Pokegirls story into an actual fanfic OR do a small collab story with my girlfriend. It really depends on what we're both up to doing. Also, if I get any inspiration for a oneshot, I'll slam it down on Word and then put it up.

Can I get your MSN or whatever?

No. Only if I can REALLY REALLY trust you. Due to my paranoia and depression, I find it really hard to trust people. However, I am 'Regiinator' on Youtube and deviantART if you're interested.

Personal favourite quote?

"Go. Straight ahead is the exit... or rather the entrance to the battlefield. ...You know this, and still you would leave? ...Then allow me to give you one last word. What must be defended is inevitably lost; you will know despair and emptiness... but remember, surrender to despair, and you'll be nothing more than a pathetic dog. Never cast away hope; live on with pride... don't ever become like me..." - Gabranth, Dissidia. (One of the only few ever video game monologues I really think associates with my life. And more than just being a wolf.)

Fanfiction stuffs

Working on:

Love of a Legend: Chapter 6 coming soon. Briefly on hiatus because of shit that's happened. (Working on Ch.6 now; sorry for the wait, guys!)

Pikarella: A Pikashipping fic based loosely on Cinderella. Working on it now, probably won't be done until Spring 012. (AshxFemale!Pikachu)

The Moon Warrior's Quest: A rewrite of my old original story, called 'The Moon Warrior's Quest: Kanto Kalamity'. It contains lots of my friends, and takes place a few years after the Pokemon Anime. It's a Pokemon story, but it has massive references and ideas from other games, especially Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Expect this not to be around until sometime in 2012-2014.


Pokemon Special Manga: Heartgold/Soulsilver arc: Working title. Once I get all the ideas for it and completel Love of a Legend, I might start on this. It's a roleplay that myself and my dearest Star did, and I may turn it into a fanfic. Hence the MAY part. It will involve a lot of pairings and some awesome kick-ass stuff. Promise.

Platinum Panties: A little bit of a parody collab with my girlfriend. Imagine a guy forced into Dawn's outfit and going through Sinnoh in a Nuzlocke challenge. Hillarity ensues, but it's also going to be a bit dramatic. Saying no more than that.

Liar, Liar, pants on fire!: Why you should never give Althea coffee. A parody-like story from Luminous Arc 2 starring Roland and Althea... you can probably guess what happens.

Ronaldo's epic adventure: A tribute to my brother, Al. A brief story of a day in the life of his trusted level 100 Onix.

Couples section

(Ones in bold are my OTPs for that area. Though there may be more than one, I ship these all above others.)

Pokemon (Actual Pokemon) (Most are from my roleplay with Shadow Star.Exe unless I state otherwise): AzelfxDarkrai, MewxCelebi, MunchlaxxPichu, PikachuxRapidash, LopunnyxGallade, LucarioxGardevoir, VaporeonxBlisseyxFlygon, Dusknoirxshiny Gallade, MeganiumxFeraligatr, PidgeotxNoctowl, BeedrillxVenomoth, LucarioxSalamence, BlazikenxMismagius, RoseradexNinetales, SharpedoxVespiquen, GarchompxCharizard, InfernapexGallade, CrobatxGastrodon, LeafeonxRhyperior, AbsolxAbsol and Butterfree morphxBeedrillxButterfree.

Pokemon (Manga): RedxYellow, BluexSilver, RubyxSapphire, EmeraldxJasmine, PearlxClair, DiaxPlatina, GoldxCrystal, BlackxWhite.

Pokemon (Anime): Pikashipping, Pokeshipping. To be honest, I do like Ash. I especially love Pokeshipping and for some reason, Pearlshipping. It's grown on me. May, not so much - she always went with Drew in my eyes. But Pokeshipping is way up there. I'm also starting to get a little bit fond of AshxIris...

Super Smash Bros.: RedxZelda, PitxZelda, LucarioxMeta Knight, SamusxSnake, IkexPeach, LucasxNana.

ONE TRUE TRIANGLE (Not threesome): RedxZeldaxPit (Zelliebean sandwich!)

Luminous Arc: AlphxLucia, LeonxCecille, HeathxIris, MelxTheo/TheoxVivi, NikolaixClaire.

Luminous Arc 2: RolandxAlthea, DiaxRasche, LunaxPip, FatimaxMattias. (I support Rolandx(Any other witch), but RolandxAlthea is my top.)

World Ends with you: NekuxShiki.

Kingdom Hearts: RoxasxNamine, AxelxLarxene, SaixxXemnas (lol xxx), ZexionxXion, SoraxKairi, AxrstxMarluxia (Axrst belongs to Shadow Star.Exe), VentusxAqua.

Sonic the Hedgehog: SonicxShade, KnucklesxJulie-Su, SonicxTikal, SonicxSally, TailsxDaffodil (Daffodil belongs to Shadow Star.Exe), CrimsonxCrush (Crimson is mine, Crush belongs to Shadow Star.Exe.)

Other: LinkxMidna, NoremacxReenie (Noremac belongs to me, Reenie belongs to Shadow Star.Exe), FoxxKrystal, FalcoxKatt, LuigixDaisy, MarthxSheeda, PikachuxPikachu (For our story; "In the Shadows of Time"), HiromixNightwishxAkane (Darkness threesome. Akane is mine, Hiromi is SS's, Nightwish is SS's. Akane cracks me up. XD), RegiixCecelia (Regii is mine, Cecelia is Crazy hand in my Smash bros. fics), SolaaraxStarlo/StarloxLuna (All three are mine).

Amusing quotes:

"Well you all have one bannana, I have two here, so fuck you all. Now we just need to- (Thwacked by a flying bannana)" "FUCK YOU, O'BRIAN!!" - Dara O'Brian and Frankie Boyle, Mock the Week.

"Actually, my family were asking about you earlier." "Of course they would, I'm british." - Shadow Star EXE and then me.


"Imagine your girlfriend with fox ears and a tail, lying naked in your bed beckoning you to come to her whilst asking; "Do you want me?" Tell me, what would your reaction be and how would you answer?" "...My answer would be yes, but my reaction? That has gone past a boner. My boner has literally gone up so far that it's taken off, shot into the sky and is now in the atmosphere orbiting the planet at approximately two-hundred miles an hour." "...What the he-" "MY PENIS IS IN ORBIT!!" - My mate Jetstorm, then me. XD

"Welcome to my life - it's like a Skype death during phone sex." - Me.

"Yeah, well... I'm better." "...ASDFGHJKL--fine." - Shadow Star, then me.


"The world's gonna be taken over by slinkies! FUCK!!" - My mate, Private 'Ego.

"...I can't be bothered to hurt him. He hasn't done anything to upset me." "...He's a Twilight fan." "OH THAT'S IT MOTHERFUCKER HE'S HISTORY!!" - me and Jetstorm playing Brawl. XD

"'SCUSE ME NEED THIS KAY THANKS BAI." - Cammia after pulling a sword twice her size from a stone. XD

"Why did God have to do this to the planet... why does God have to hate us females?" "Because God is a sexist smart-ass." "No, that's Sukebe." - Danielle and Cazu, Pokegirls.

"I'm a sniper. I can shoot objects from over five-hundred feet away." "That's... actually pretty cool. My respect for you just went up." (BAM!!) "...Well, as long as I'm FACING the right way, anyway..." "...Respect meter reset." - Rorrudigu and Danielle, Pokegirls.

"...Wow. You must have the 'Stupidity' Blood Gift. It comes to you naturally, you must be a perfectionist." - Cazu, Pokegirls.

"If you face a problem, do what I do. Smack it with your head repeatedly." - My friend, Jetstorm.

"I use Mystical Space Typhoon to blow away your bread and gravy, now get your ass on Skype NOW." - Me to Jetstorm.

(More soon.)


Cameron Muir (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest
Age: 18
Small Bio: A young boy from Sunnyshore City in Sinnoh, Cam travelled to Pallet Town, soon becoming involved in a very serious legend about the mythical Moon Warrior. He, along with his group of female Pokemon and the wise Eevee, Luna, are on a quest to vanquish evil from the Earth and to collect all eight badges and win the Pokemon League.

Quote from: TMWQ I

"Hey, guys..." I glanced over at the other two, who looked back as I spoke; "Do you think... that they'll be alright?"

"They'll be fine, Cam." Luna frowned as she helped Gabrielle finally set up the tent; "You need to stop worrying."

"Yeah," the Kirlia replied, her eyes twinkling a little, "You worry too much, Cam."

"...Yeah, you're right... but it's in my nature."

Noremac Ruim (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Small bio: Noremac was a bio-engineered doppleganger of Cameron, bent on taking him down with only destruction in his mind. Once he found out Team Maquetic was using him, he turned from them and made a treaty with Cam, before becoming a rogue trainer and vanishing.

Quote from: TMWQ I

"I don't have time for this bullshit..." The doppleganger drew a handle of a sword, holding it up. However, it seemed to have no blade. As I watched, however, the blade erupted from the handle, shooring into the air and elongating; one foot, two foot, three, four... before I could even utter a gasp, it had reached almost nine foot long masamune, one side of it being blunt and flat and the other being so sharp that it looked like it could cut air itself. Slowly, the doppleganger placed the flat of the blade onto his shoulder, forcing me to step back.

"A blade with an extendable reach... wings... wh-who are you?!"

"...My name is Noremac..." The doppleganger smirked at me, "...and I'm going to be your downfall."

Crimson Darkness Night (Sonic the Hedgehog)
First appearance: Black Blood
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Small bio: Crimson was a creation made by merging anti-chaos with animal DNA to create a monster able to absorb chaos energy from the chaos emeralds. After killing his father, he escaped and wandered the Earth, searching for answers.

Quote from: Role-Play

"I'm only going to say this once..." Crimson pointed forward, his tails beginning to spin and the sword on his arm glowing a little as he crouched, watching the three thugs laugh at himself and Crush.

"...I'm not going to let any of you escape here alive."

Luna Moonshine (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Small bio: Luna Moonshine is a Lunareon who was given special permission by the Lunar Sanctum to guard Cam on his journey to become a Moon Warrior. Having both tactics and intelligence, she comes off as an incredibly useful ally on many occasions to Cam.

Quote from: TMWQ I

"Now let's think about this logically, guys..." Luna frowned a little, "We know they went to the tower, but I doubt Team Maquetic is respectful enough to actually BURY Pokemon. So there must be a reason that they're there. I think we should check it out, Cam. We might find something."

Solaara Sunlite (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Small bio: Solaara is Luna's cousin and second to the throne of the Solar Sanctum. Helping Regii on his own quest and giving useful advice to him, she's been known to be a little emotional, but she's really sweet and generous to most and is a very calming creature.

Quote from: TMWQ I

"Mister Regii..." Solaara frowned a little, looking at the burly man, "That's not the greatest idea in my opinion... just smashing your way through things without thinking... may lead you right into a trap..."

Starlo Skyblaze (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Small bio: Starlo is a Stareon with the powers to see things via watching the stars. He's on a quest to find the next heir to the Stareon's throne, who also happens to be the Star Sorceress. Although smart and quick-footed, Starlo has one main weakness - he's a giant pervert.

Quote from: TMWQ IV

"Hey, you know something?" Starlo looked up at Dana, his eyes glinting; "I bet if you wore that, people would expect you to be part of the special ceremony."

"Why's that?"

"Well, just look at it!" Starlo grinned, "It's sparkly, it's extravagant, it's elegant... and it kinda shows off your tits - I say get it!"

Regiibaru Marruval Idinisu Lanndus (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Small bio: Regii is the Solar Knight, or also known as the 'Solar Prince', due to his heritage. Carrying a buster sword that reaches to about 9 ft. 4 inches, he's a strong-willed man with a hefty sword arm and one heck of a bad temper. Although all of this, he shares a close rivalry and friendship with Cam, and acts as Saphira's brotherly figure due to her loss of family.

Quote from: TMWQ I

"We're trapped!" I cried, staring around at the water slowly rising around us, "He's locked us in here!"

"That guy... makes me SO MAD!!" Regii bellowed, lunging at the door. I stared at him in confusion... and then utter shock as his fist collided with the wall, causing a loud bang as his arm shattered through eight inches of solid concrete, knocking half of the wall down; "I'M GONNA TEAR HIS HEAD OFF!!"

Saphira (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Small Bio: Saphira was kidnapped as a 12 year old girl and used for experimentation and gene-manipulation by Team Maquetic, suffering permanent loss of memory and her innocence from the traumatic experience. Rescued when she was fifteen by Regiibaru and Cameron, she was taken into care by Regii, being part human and part morph Butterfree. She leaps at every oppurtunity to learn new things and always wants to do her best, for herself and Regii, despite being so different. Even so, her past still often comes back to haunt her, giving her frequent nightmares.

Quote from: TMWQ I

"Big brother..." Saphira lowered her head, staring at the floor, "...You... saved me. I can't repay you enough for that... a-and now you want to help me...?"

"Of course, Saphira." Regii reached over and placed a hand on her shoulder, "I'd hate for anything to happen to you... not after what those monsters did to you."

"B-big brother... I..." Saphira looked up at him, before suddenly bursting into tears and throwing herself into his arms, sobbing hysterically; "Th-thank you! Thank you so much, Mr.Regiibaru... my n-new older brother!"

Skippy (Dissidia: Final Fantasy/other)
First appearance: Role-play
Age: About 18, mental age of... four.
Gender: Male (?)
Small bio: Skippy was created when my mind was split between my insanity and my sanity. Skippy was made and promptly vanished for several years, before returning with amazing magical skills, learnt from the great Shantotto.

Quote from: N/A

"Okay... it's done." Gabrielle sighed, staring at the small manikin, "But... what do we do with the doll?"

"It stores all of Master's excess power in it... perhaps we should--" Luca began, but stopped as the doll suddenly moved on its own. All three girls moved away, looking quite surprised as the doll stood to its feet, looking around everywhere before looking at Gabrielle, Luca and Flopsy.

"...BOOBS!!" The doll cried, pointing at Gabs' chest; "SOCKS!!" The doll pointed at Flopsy's ears; "...PIDGEON-SQUIRREL FISHCAKE PASTA!!" The doll pointed at Luca, before leaping to the windowsill; "SKIPPY JUMP NOW, KTHNXBAI." And with that, the doll leapt off of the window ledge and vanished.

Cam's Pokemon (Pokemon)

Quote from: TMWQ III

Gabrielle is a Gardevoir, my starter, and most trustworthy Pokemon I know. She's the brains of the team. Next, we have Luca the Lucario, our local bitch and powerhouse. Even after I saved her from death as a Riolu, she would still take me for granted sometimes. Following her, Flopsy the Lopunny was our local 'cheer-up' girl. Whenever anyone felt down, we could rely on Flopsy to make us feel better. My fourth Pokemon is my Roserade, Rosa. Rosa is like the big-sister figure for all of us; no matter what problem we had, she could always find a way to help us. Number five is Zalki, the genetically engineered Blaziken. Zalki doesn't talk much about her time in the Team Maquetic lab, but she's very powerful and can use moves not in her usual move pool, like Fly and Confuse Ray. Finally, there was Missia, the motherly figure in our team. Once a timid Misdreavus, Missia now makes sure everyone is eating correctly and always gets fussy or upset whenever any of us break a rule. Those are my six Pokemon... and I love all of them very much.

Regii's Pokemon (Pokemon)

Quote from: TMWQ V (Possible continuation...?)

Alright, lowdown. My starter, Gladice; a Glaceon. Cool, calm and collected, she serves as my basic aid. Next up is my powerhouse, Aggie the Aggron, who can take down concrete walls with a single punch, much like I can. There's Archie, my Arcanine, who serves as my main mode of transport and general manly figure on the team. Next up is Swazza, my Swellow. She's a real caring bird and won't let anything happen to any of us without her knowing. Number five is Abbon, the bitchy, insensitive Absol who basically spends half his time fighting and the other half making rude remarks about everything. Finally, my sixth Pokemon is my adopted sister, Saphira. She's an absolute sweetheart and she's always jumping at the oppurtunity to learn everything despite her being half-human, half-Pokemon.

Faro Heartgold (Pokemon Manga)
First appearance: Pokemon HG/SS Role-play.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Small bio: Faro is a young man who's very calm and collected, also having good battling and thinking skills. However, his traumatic past has led him to hate one of the dex holders, Silver, who supposedly murdered his best friend. Now Faro's out to finish what his friend couldn't with the help of Star Soulsilver, and find his friend's murderer and take down Team Rocket.

Quote from: Possible HG/SS Novelization

"You know, I think I just... figured something out."

"Hm?" SoulSilver glanced at HeartGold quietly, raising an eyebrow; "What have you figured out?"

"...Why I respect you so much..." HeartGold folded his arms, staring at the clear water, "You're... so upbeat and so cheerful, but you turn into a fiery menace whilst battling... you remain high-spirited in the darkest of times... and even when all things look impossible, you can turn things around. You're also..." HeartGold looked at his feet, and SoulSilver was surprised to see the faintest hint of a blush in his cheeks.

"...An invaluable... friend."

Akane (Red's opposite) (Roleplay/Super Smash Brothers)
First appearance: Role-play
Age: Same as Red's (17 in my eyes)
Gender: Female
Small bio: Red's opposite, Red met her once whilst training his Pokemon and she's stalked him in his shadow ever since. Now, having a relationship with Hiromi and Nightwish, she clambers out of his shadow whenever the others are around and starts being as flirtatious as she can be. Red tries to be wary of her, but it never always works.

Quote from: N/A

"Akane, not in the mood for games." Red folded his arms, glaring at the skantly-clad girl across the room from him, folding his arms and turning away; "I need to talk to Pit and Zelda, not be dealing with you interrupting my thoughts every few moments with you asking to sleep with me."

"Awww, I wouldn't do that..." Akane giggled, leaning back and letting her eyelashes flutter, her silvery-brown hair falling back to its usual spot upon her shoulders and her eyelashes flickering fliratiously over her red irises; "That's Zelda's job... besides, I have Hiromi and Nightwish... also, watching you and Pit make love to Zelda secretly is kinda arousing too."

"Y-you do WHAT?!"


Jackson Giovanni (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Small bio: Jackson, the leader of Team Maquetic and also Michael's father. Jackson was the leader of Team Maquetic until he was murdered by an unknown stranger. Cam found him, after teaming up with him, defeating Mewthree and having witnessed Jackson as a 'changed man'. Once finding Jackson dead, Cam vanished from Sinnoh and disappeared off of the face of existence itself for a whole year.

Quote from: TMWQ III

"...What?" Jackson frowned, his face looking generally insulted; "Listen child, we have no choice but to work together to stop Mewthree from destroying Hoenn completely."

"If you hadn't had created him in the first place, this wouldn't have happened!" Ashley yelled furiously. Jackson lowered his gaze a little before turning back to us, his voice surprisingly quiet for a man of his burly stature and usual haughty demeanor.

"...I know it was mostly my fault that this all happened, but I'm asking you; one time, and one time alone, boy. I know Mewthree's main weakness and if you want it... then I suggest we team up."

"...Don't let us down, Jackson." I frowned at him, lowering my sword a little; "I trust you... but only barely. If you betray me, I won't hesitate to murder you."

"You have my word... Cameron."

Michael Giovanni (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest
Age: 16 (Should be 17)
Gender: Male.
Small bio: Michael is Jackson's son and Silver's younger cousin. After witnessing Silver 'supposedly' shoot Amy at Team Rocket's old base, he went on a quest to find out the truth. Once he did, he set out to find both Gendo Giovanni, his uncle, as well as his father, Jackson. Although he found him and battled ferociously, he was defeated and killed by Jackson's inhumane creation, Mewthree.

Quote from: TMWQ II

"Listen, Cam," Michael frowned at me, sheathing his buster sword back onto his back, "I would much rather Amy not get involved. She's only thirteen and I don't want her to get involved, especially if it concerns..." Michael lowered his head, turning away to stare at the earth beneath his feet.

"...My father."

Amy Keore (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest.
Age: 13 (Should be 17)
Gender: Female
Small bio: Amy was a young, kind-hearted girl who took care of everyone she knew with the utmost of love and cherishing. Close friends with Cam and Michael, she soon told Michael how she felt about him. Two weeks later, however, they entered the Rocket base, and Amy was shot and killed instantly by, supposedly, Silver, sending Cam into a rage and Michael into depression, wishing to find the answer.

Quote from: TMWQ II

"No, Michael." Amy glared at him flatly, "I'm coming too."

"But Amy--!"

"PLEASE, MICHAEL!!" Amy grabbed the front of his shirt, dragging him towards her; "I promised I'd spend my life with you when you confessed your love to me not a fortnight ago! We're going together, and nothing you can say will stop me... because..." Her grip loosened as her head rose, her voice whispering three words before her lips met his.

"...I love you..."

Mewthree (Pokemon)
First appearance: The Moon Warrior's Quest.
Age: None.
Gender: Male (?)
Small bio: Mewthree was a genetic experiment, mixing the DNA of Mewtwo, Mew and the legendary Moon Warrior together to make the ultimate creature. However, something went horribly screwy, and the only thing Mewthree is designed to do is murder on a mass-scale, even overpowering Jackson in an attempt to devour the world. In the end, it took Cameron, Luna, Regii, Solaara, Starlo, Noremac, Jackson and all of their Pokemon to stop him. After that, Mewthree fled and hasn't been seen since.

Quote from: TMWQ IV

"Oh, this is DELIGHTFUL," Mewthree cackled, leaning back in the air, "I need a camera... or one of those things that take still shots, whatever they are."

"Quit the bull, Mewthree!" I yelled angrily, holding my sword above my head; "I'll kill you for murdering my parents!"

"Ooooh, this'll be a laugh..." Mewthree chuckled darkly, turning and letting the two scythes on his tail glint menacingly at me; "You might be able to stop a human, you might be able to stop a Pokemon... but can you stop a demi-God? Haha... hahaha, HAHAHAHAHA!! DESTROY, DESTROY EVERYTHIIIIIIING!!"

Cameron G. Muir (Pokegirls)
First appearance: Pokegirls: Adventures of Cameron
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Small bio: Cam is a Pokegirl trainer, making his way through the land of Kanto, capturing and befriending Trainers and Pokegirls along the way. A loving young man, Cam is known to take care of any Pokegirl he encounters and treats them like regular women rather than just tools to be used to fight with. He has a very close relationship with his Alpha, Dana, and it is often shown by her smacking him over the head with her staff at regular intervals.

Quote from: Pokegirls: Adventure of Cameron (Possible continuation...?)

"Ow!" I cried, rubbing my head where Dana had smacked me with her staff; "What was that for?"

"You were daydreaming again!" Dana snapped, her hands on her hips; "I bet you didn't even hear what I was talking about, did you?"

"Er... no sorry, I didn't."


"N-no, nonono! NOT THE FACE!"

Too late.

End notes:

"I am simply a lone wolf, travelling in search of who I am, and whatever my destiny may be or shall become. Whether you choose to join my side, fight against me or forget about me completely, remember this. We will meet again, and when we do, it will be on different terms. We may be allies. We may be enemies. We may even barely remember each other... but know this, for I am a lone wolf, and lone wolves have their own pride to attone with. Don't follow a set path... make your own."

Regii the Lunar Mine-Digging Wolf.

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Drawn to love reviews
Relda Oneshot for Celebaby20. A secret talent can go a long way, especially when you find love whilst doing it.
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,519 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 6 - Published: 2/23/2008 - Complete
Valentines is Red reviews
Red has never received a valentines card, and dispises the day because of it. Can one card from a special woman make him feel better? Will he get something more from it? Relda Oneshot.
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,962 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 1 - Published: 2/14/2008 - Complete
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