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...Huh? How the heck did you get in? ...You clicked my name on a hyperlink? Well then, I suppose that's a legitimate response. I guess it's only fair of me to give you an introduction.


Hello there. My name is Regiinator, but I also go by a few other aliases; Regii, Regii the Lunar Wolf, Moon Warrior... and probably a few more I can't remember. As to some more personal information? I am male and at the nice young (ish) age of twenty-two with a star sign of Aquarius. I am married to another author on this site by the name of ShadowStarEXE and I couldn't be happier. I am straight, yet I can still appreciate a good-looking guy when I meet them.

I may not be your average author, but then again nobody is really 'average'. My genres and fandoms tend to skip all over the place and I can never really sit still, meaning that multi-chapter stories are incredibly difficult for me. Not that I haven't TRIED, I mean... (ahem) ...but anyway now. If you're interested about what fandoms I find interesting, I'll put a quick list a bit later of video games and animes that I have played and watched.

As an actual person, I actually suffer from a large portion of disabillities in real life. I have less than 30% vision and am legally classified as 'blind' in the United Kingdom (which is where I lived until recently). I have quite a severe medical ailment that makes it almost impossible for me to run or do any form of strenous excersize. My left lung does not work correctly and my blood oxygen levels are about 80% of a regular human's (in other words, if any of you suddenly dropped to that level you'd fall unconscious). I also struggle from a large portion of mental health issues including paranoia, short-term memory and chronic depression.

HOWEVER... despite everything I've listed above, I still live out my life to the fullest of my potential. Now with my wife and with my mental and physical state slowly improving, I've begun to learn to take every day as a new chance for me to do something with myself. Whether that be writing, voice acting or meeting new people... I take every day as best as I can. Take what you've got and roll with it, right?


Now for a little break from the wall of text, here is a list of some of the fandoms I am interested in. I will sort them into Video Games and Anime so it will be easier to look through.


Due to my eyesight, a lot of games are actually quite hard to play. Seeing that, you won't see a lot of FPS games on the list like Halo or Call of Duty (I hate those damn games anyway...). However, here is a list of game series' that I have completed at least a game of.

Pokemon - Name a game in the main series, I've played it.
Super Smash Brothers - Melee and Brawl. I like 'em both respectively.
Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time, Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass are the three I've completed. However, my wife is a huge Zelda fan and I have watched her play through practically all of them.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Only game I've played of the series.
Kingdom Hearts - All except Chain of Memories
Final Fantasy - IV, VI, X and X-2 particularly. Also played both Dissida games along with Theatrythm. IV is my favorite so far followed closely by X.
Luminous Arc - Played LA and LA 2: Will, still looking up info on LA3: Eyes.
The World Ends With You - Waiting for a sequel. Happy they appeared in KH: DDD.
Golden Sun - First one and still needing to complete Dark Dawn.
Blazblue - Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift II, hoping to get Chrono Phantasma.


These animes are ones that I have watched and that I can remember. Let me say here that most of these I enjoyed less for the animation, but more for the story behind them. I can deal with blood/violence or nudity/ecchi/hentai as long as there's a good story behind it. Also please take note that I don't know the Japanese names to all of these series and I can't be bothered to look them up.

Pokemon - I watched this ever since I was a child and it's still close to my heart. Just recently started watching the X/Y saga.
Elemental Gelade - By far my favorite short-series anime so far. The story's touching, the animation's good and the voice-actors really work it well. Not to mention I ship Coud and Ren with a hardcore passion.
Shakugan No Shana - The best long-running series I've watched. Watched all three seasons from back to back almost and I loved every minute of it.
Kannazuki No Miko - A fantastic series in all of the words. Twelve episodes, yes. But they're twelve episodes of a heartwarming relationship and the ending... oh my lord, the ending.
Future Diary/Mirei Nikki - Took me a while to get into it, but the later episodes really drew me in... and the ending touched me a little.
Elfen Lied - Despite its gory exterior, this show actually made me cry at points. I do like it, even if its overall reviews are rather negative.
Mahoromatic - Not exactly 'out there memorable', but Mahoro herself is a good protagonist. I want a maid who can turn into a mecha robot... thing with a talking dog.
Fairy Tail - Still on-going, still one of my favorites. I need to get back to watching it soon.
Sacred Blacksmith - Not a bad series, although a tiny bit confusing at times.
Demon King - Past the occasional blatant nudity, it has a decent plot and the voice-acting is great.
Cat Planet Cuties/Asobi No Iku Yo! - See above. Also, the 'Spaceman' song in the middle of the series touched me.
Sonic X - Again, a childhood thing. It was the first Sonic thing I actually watched and it still means a lot to me even today.
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Again, a childhood thing. I watched most of the first series and the entirity of GX. 5D's and Zexal never truly interested me.
Digimon - Watched the entirity of Season 1 and a large portion of Season 2. Then, eh... it got... confusing.
Powerpuff Girls Z - You grew up with the original, I grew up with this. Shut up, it's cute.


...Moving on from that, I also do cosplays. Not a lot, but a few to be noticed. Mostly I do OCs so therefore I'm not recognised... however I have done some characters from games. I do plan on doing a few in the future however when I can get the money and/or time to buy/make the outfit.


Roxas - Kingdom Hearts II.
Roxas - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Organization coat ver.)
Ash Ketchum - Pokemon (Sinnoh Saga)
Pokemon Trainer - Pokemon FR/LG/Super Smash Brothers Brawl


Cam - The Moon Warrior's Quest IV
Cam - The Moon Warrior's Quest V
Camunzu Ketchum (young/dark form) - Pokegirls: Darkness of the Soul


Sora - Kingdom Hearts
Tidus - Final Fantasy X
Isaac - Golden Sun
Matthew - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Alph - Luminous Arc
Roland - Luminous Arc 2
Neku - The World Ends With You
Link - The Legend of Zelda
Alpha - Terrain Of Magical Expertise
Yuji Sakai - Shakugan No Shana Season 3
Coud Van Giruet - Elemental Gelade


Ni'all "Zenyx" Stance - Sub-Earth
James Suketto - Pokegirls: Darkness of the Soul


Being a fan of many series, I have of course made a knack for 'shipping' characters together. Whether it be canon, non-canon or just plain crack... it's something I'm most likely well-known for. I should also warn you that there is a section for pairings 'in general', but also a section right after that one for 'yuri' pairings. I will admit now that I AM a yuri fanboy - anything remotely yuri (lesbian, in other words) makes me interested. And NO, NOT IN THAT WAY. I just... I find it much more emotionally intriguing than yaoi. I think it's just because everywhere I see, the fandoms are spammed with yaoi from top to bottom. Good yuri writers are actually hard to come by so when I do see one, I'm instantly hooked.

Key for het pairings: Male/Female


(Divided into four sub-categories - actual Pokemon themselves, Pokemon Special Manga, the games and the Anime.)

Actual Pokemon: Munchlax/Pichu, Darkrai/Azelf, Mew/Celebi, Pikachu/Rapidash, Gallade/Lopunny, Feraligatr/Meganium, Charizard/Blastoise, Charizard/Garchomp, Rayquaza/Latias, Ho-oh/Rotom, Entei/Heatran, Excadrill/Servine, Emolga/Raichu. (There are many more, but if I listed them all then I'd cause a 404 error.)
Yuri: Gardevoir/Lucario, Blaziken/Mismagius, Roserade/Ninetales, Vaporeon/Flygon/Blissey, Venusaur/Delphox, Gardevoir/Lilligant.

Pokemon Special: Red/Yellow, Silver/Blue, Gold/Crystal, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Platinum, Black/White.
Yuri: Blue/Yellow, Blue/Crys, Crys/Sapphire.

Games: Natural/White, Aaron/Gardenia, Will/Karen, Silver/Kris, Lt. Surge/Sabrina, Brawly/Roxanne, Wes/Rui, Calem/Serena.
Yuri: Skyla/Elesa, Maylene/Candice, Roxie/Iris, Erika/Jasmine, Serena/Shauna

Anime: Ash/Misty, James/Jessie, Butch/Cassidy.
Yuri: Dawn/May, Iris/Georgia.


Het: Sora/Kairi, Roxas/Namine, Axel/Larxene, Zexion/Xion, Ventus/Aqua.
Yuri: Kairi/Namine


(Again, split into segments - Final Fantasy IV (including The After Years), Final Fantasy X and then other FF games.)

FFIV: Cecil/Rosa, Edge/Rydia, Rubicante/Barbariccia, Palom/Lenora.
Yuri: Rydia/Porom (After Years specific)

FFX: Tidus/Yuna, Wakka/Lulu. (There aren't really that many ships...)
Yuri: Rikku/Paine.

Other: Hope/Lightning (FFXIII), Locke/Celes (FFVI), Squall/Rinoa (FFVIII), Zidane/Garnet (FFIX), Vaan/Penelo (FFXII).
Yuri: Lightning/Fang (FFXIII), Tina/Celes (FFVI).


Het: Link/Navi, Link/Midna, Link/Zelda (on occasion, depends on timeline).
Yuri: Zelda/Midna.


(Seperated to LA1, LA2 and LA3.)

LA1: Alph/Lucia, Leon/Cecille, Heath/Iris, Theo/Mel.
Yuri: Mavi/Vivi, Vanessa/Claire, Cecille/Saki.

LA2: Roland/Althea, Roland/Fatima, Rasche/Dia, Pip/Rina, Pip/Luna.
Yuri: Althea/Fatima, Sadie/Luna.

LA3: Levi/Elle, Levi/Inaluna.
Yuri: Elle/Inaluna.


Het: Neku/Shiki.
Yuri: Shiki/Rhyme.


Het: Isaac/Mia, Isaac/Jenna, Saturos/Menardi, Matthew/Karis.
Yuri: Mia/Jenna.


Het: Ragna/Nu, Jin/Tsubaki, Arakune/Litchi.
Yuri: Nu/Lambda (don't ask how it works, I just read a cute fic on it once), Tsubaki/Noel/Makoto, Nu/Mu (again, don't ask).


Most animes... I only have one shipping for, so that'll be easy. I'll put a 'yuri' one in brackets if I have one.

Elemental Gelade: Coud/Ren
Shakugan No Shana: Yuji/Shana
Kannazuki No Miko: Chikane/Himeko (This is yuri anyway)
Future Diary: Yukiteru/Yuno
Elfen Lied: Kouta/Lucy
Fairy Tail: Natsu/Lisanna, Natsu/Lucy, Gray/Juvia.
Cat Planet Cuties: Kyo/Eris (I also ship the three main female protagonists with Kyo as a four-way pairing since it IS CANON.)
Powerpuff Girls Z: Blossom/Bubbles/Buttercup (More as 'sisterly', but I get the feeling that if they got older it may 'blossom' out into something else... excuse the pun.)


Of course, having many OCs makes many pairings as well. I will list a few that I have here.

Cam/Star - The Moon Warrior's Quest IV
Noah/Fayth - The Moon Warrior's Quest V
Cazu/Danielle - Pokegirls: Darkness of the Soul
Puliro/Minako - Pokegirls: Darkness of the Soul
Lauren/Louise - Pokegirls: Darkness of the Soul (YURI)
Ni'all/Lavender - Sub-Earth
Crimson/Crush - Sonic series
Yamashita/Haiji - The World Ends With You
Nova/Holy - Kingdom Hearts AU fic (YURI)
Heartgold/Soulsilver - Pokemon Special Manga


This section will be split into 'current' and 'future' projects. Future projects may be stuff I'm working on and plan to put up, or just... things I want to do in general.


Withered Petals - Yes, it is still going. Now that I've been able to sit down and look at it a bit more, I will continue and finish the final chapters. However, give me a while to get back to Luminous Arc - I haven't played it in some time.

Savagegemshipping - A four-shot gijinka Pokemon story I'm planning to put up. It's unrelated to my other one (Fight For my Rose) but follows the same aspects of Pokemon being humans. It'll go up as soon as I can think of a title.


Room 39 - A working title to a Super Smash Brothers horror/mystery fic I plan on doing. Four chapters have been drafted out already. Will give more details when it's fleshed out a bit more.

Kingdom Hearts: Crossing the Boundary - Again, a working title. A possible KH fic I may be writing with help from a friend, focusing on worlds more revolving around animes and non-Square games. Again, only hinted at right now. No chapters written yet, but notes are there.

Pokegirls: Darkness of the Soul - NOT WHAT YOU THINK, READ ON AHEAD. A large project that I've been working on - on and off - for the past two years or so. It's taken a lot of fine tuning, but I've managed to get the disgusting '18-rated' fandom of 'Pokegirls' and I've actually mae it possibly 12-15 rated. It's taken a LOT OF WORK, but I'm pretty satisfied. A few minor tweaks are needed here and there and a few plot holes are needed to be filled in, but all-in-all it's shaping up nicely. Will probably be my biggest project so far. If you'd like an idea of what it could look like/be like, take a look at the fic 'Pokegirls: Adventures of Cameron' thing I put below. That was a test to see if I could do it and from the feedback, it turned out quite well (albeit long).

Oneshots - I may put up a few oneshots here and there, just minor things. Will try to keep it small, however - I know I can over-shoot things with oneshots sometimes.


Something that's become well-known about my profile among friends is my little 'list of quotes'. These can range from character quotes from games, quotes from my own characters or just quotes from friends. I will try to list them appropriately. They can be either funny or just quotes that I genuinely like.


"Go. Straight ahead is the exit... or rather the entrance to the battlefield. ...You know this, and still you would leave? ...Then allow me to give you one last word. What must be defended is inevitably lost; you will know despair and emptiness... but remember, surrender to despair, and you'll be nothing more than a pathetic dog. Never cast away hope; live on with pride... don't ever become like me..." - Gabranth, Dissidia.

"OH. EM. GEE. Three wonderful witches - oh, this is heaven!" "Nikolai, this is more like Hell." - Nikolai and Saki, Luminous Arc.

"I see a poser!" - Kefka, Dissidia.

"WHAAAAAAAT?!" - Sora Donald and Goofy, Kingdom Hearts II.

"Let's give Big some ice-cream!" (Long pause) "...What?" - Big the Cat, Sonic Chronicles.


"Look at me! I'm a bird with no wings! WITH A SWORD!!" - Ni'all, Sub-Earth.

"Wow. You must have a serious blood curse... either that, or you've mastered the art of being a total dumbass by yourself." - Danielle, Pokegirls.

"Why did God have to make Sukebe... make us like this...?" "Because God is a smart-ass." - Maria and Chantelle, Pokegirls.

"Cazu, your friend has just upgraded. He's gone from being an idiot to a total moron." - Danielle, Pokegirls.

"Hey! I resemble that remark!" - Puliro, Pokegirls.

"Wow. And here I thought you were being stupid ON PURPOSE." - Cazu, Pokegirls.

"...FUCK ME RUNNING." - Yamashita, Random Role Play.


"Welcome to my life - it's like your internet crashing during internet sex." - Me.

"I have no reason to fight him." "He likes Twilight." "...GIMME THAT SWORD." - Me and a friend.

"If you have a problem, do what I do to solve it - whack it repeatedly with your face!" - My friend Jetstorm.

"Actually, my family were asking about you earlier." "Of course they were - I'm British!" - ShadowStarEXE and myself.

"I'M GIVING MY MATTRESS A BLOWJOB!!" - My sister figure, MidnightCrystalSage.

"Nope, fuck everything! Fuck this fic, fuck this girl, fuck this stupidity... fuck everything that has to do with this whole God-damned story! ...Except the lesbian Skittles." - My sister-figure, MidnightCrystalSage.

Well, that's all I have time for for now. Will update on occasion, people. Feel free to PM me at any rate.



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WAS going to be for valantines day, but i am late yes. I hope you like this as its my fist pairing and i hope its unique. SonicxSamus
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For Lack of a Better Name reviews
"I don't know what has happened. I don't know about who this 'Sara' is or what she has done and I barely know any of you. I don't know where I am, where I came from... or even my own name. All I know is that I want to help you fight. I want to help you find your friends... That's just who I am. After all... I can only be Mii." OCxCrazy Hand and others.
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 6 - Words: 38,455 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 10/30/2015 - Published: 9/19/2014 - [OC, Crazy Hand] Solid Snake, Wolf
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Post-halloweenfic. When Red, Sonic and Pit go trick-or-treating, they fall into the wonderful world... of my imagination. With a halloween twist. Involving a homocidal voice, an insane author and magic lawnmowers, can the three survive? Crackfic, m
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Oneshot, GalleomxDuon. "She cared for me. When I was tortured by my Master, she came to my rescue. At one point, I literally became a part of her. And now that we're free... I have grown to love her."
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Spin off of 'The Angel's Promise' written by Celebaby20, taking on after chapter seven. When Peach runs out of the castle after Ike's phone conversation, she wants answers. And she finds them, and all becomes clear. PeachxIke and slight PeachxIvysaur.
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Red has never received a valentines card, and dispises the day because of it. Can one card from a special woman make him feel better? Will he get something more from it? Relda Oneshot.
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,962 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 1 - Published: 2/14/2008 - Complete
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