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I'm not your parent and I don't love you. I therefore, don't have to uphold the fallacy that you are somehow special and allowed to publish crap that shouldn't even exist in public. So don't come whining to me about how I'm so mean because I told it like it is instead of how you want to hear it. I don't believe in blowing smoke up someone's ass just so that they'll like me in return. I want to read good fic. I'm not here to make friends.

Also, don't message me on behalf of someone whose story I reviewed. If it wasn't your story that was reviewed than it is hardly your business. Also, I will not suddenly discover that I want to spend my online time kissing ass instead of being honest in the hope that someone takes the hint and starts writing good fiction. So you are essentially wasting your time emailing me to tell me I had no right to be so harsh with someone because I have no stories posted with this account.

Having stories published on the internet is no indication how qualified I am to judge talent in this area in others. Though for the record I do have an extensive collection of fiction under my belt. Again, the fact that I don't chose to share it with this site under this account doesn't make me any less qualified to dole out critique with this ~cough~ valid pen name. I also don't feel any need to prove my worth to anyone on this site or any other. If it makes some of you feel good about yourselves to say that I am not qualified to know what I like until I post a story with this account, well, I'm happy you're happy with that ~cough~ logic. You don't need me to have a story posted here so you can flame me in retaliation for something I've said to you because most of you manage to find a way to contact me just fine without the review feature to do so.

I will admit the emails from fanbrats and their supporters have supplied me with any number of chuckles. So, on second thought, feel free to keep 'em coming. We can all use a good laugh.



PS, the fact that I am an author, and have written fiction of a quality lending itself to publishing in actual books would seem to indicate I have an imagination. Otherwise I'd be writing nonfiction, wouldn't I? I also have pride, and a craft. When you take pride in your craft, you wish to present your best face forward at all times. So please do not blame people not buying into your utter shait as a lack of imagination. If you wish someone to get into your story, and enjoy it, your far fetched ideas have to be presented with enough background and set up to make them plausible. Even from a fantasy standpoint. Believing your Mary Sue does not take imagination on my part. It takes writing skills on yours. You can make me believe anything, thanks to my imagination, IF you can sell it well enough with your writing skills. If you have no writing skills, you cannot sell to me the fact the sky is blue. End of story. That flaw does not lie with me. It lies with a bunch of over-entitled brats feeling that they can do anything in the world better than the next person. Whether they are willing to work at it or not. If you are going to recycle the same idea as the last ten people, without even half as much effort as they were willing to expend, you are going to get a half assed effort. Sorry, but that's how it is.