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Author has written 3 stories for Beyblade, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Name: D.B. (or Rani)

Sex: Ew! No! Huh? What's that Puck? oh! Female...

Birthday: October 14

Age: wouldn't you like ta know?

Puck she's thirteen!

Race: Vampire.Apart from that, heck if I know! Well, actually, I know I'm part Polish, Japanese, German, Irish and the gods only know! (or God...whichever you prefer)

Looks: Long, almost a mane, Brown/red/black hair. Chocolate brown eyes. black and red bat wings. (WOOT!)

Sanity: Db> What's sanity?

Goldfang> CHEESE!

DB> Sanity is cheese? ~tilts head to side~ huh?

Personality: I'm weird/ insane/ nerdy. I am obsessed w/ books, manga, anime, an art. My friends call me dv, short for Drunken Vampire. I have random ideas that I jot down and turn into pictures or poems. (Sometimes stories) I carry my sketch book and little red poetry book EVERYWHERE. I have them at school. I have them at parties. I have them at the mall, on the airplane, visiting tourist attractions in Canada, at the imax, and well lots of other places. I'm afraid of "Normal" ppl. If you no likey, then, go away. Too bad. So sad. That's life. Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it. Ppl who aren't open to others who are different have no right to even be here. Cuz, if they haven't noticed, "normal" ppl are just ppl who refuse to acknowledge that they are different.

Likes: Anime, Ancient egypt, Roman and Greek mythology, art, supernatural sturf.

Dislikes: "Normal" people. Ditzes. Cupid.(Nyah nyah! Can't touch this Cupid!) Penguins. (Bad experience when I was five...shudders) George Bush. (sorry republicans.) Incest. Yuri.( girlxgirl) Unfinished fanfictions that are really really really good. Britney Spears. (She shall die! MUAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!)

Height: 5'6"

Friends: Ele. Kevin. The ppl in my head. (most of 'em anywayz) The uspplz. Osiris. (machine gun) Danielle. Jeni.

Residence: regular = California. Summer= the netherworld.

Other: I have people living in my head and they inspire me. I kidnap random characters, too. The YGO crew, The dark bladers, The Majestics, The Demolition Boys, Naraku, (currently a chibi. ~points at Puck~ It was all her fault!) Sesshomaru, Rin, Kanna, and Shippo are my current kidnappies.

List of peopleI have in my head that are mine (They might appear in the stories. Who knows? Only God, Ra, and the others gods in the world):

Puck (actually, Billy Shakespear owns her...), Goldfang, Silverclaw, Tori, Tora, Angela, Bill, Will, Bob, Sheba, Joe, Derian, Sora, Auberta, Zohar, Gabriel, Micheal, Ted the squirrel, and The Netherworld. Many more! Oh! Can't forget my Yami, Legardored. (she rocks!)

Legardored> You bet I do!

Name: Puck

job: my partner in crime, and lackey of the faerie king Oberon (he lives with Ele)

age: Snap, even I don't know that!


mischeivious, fun-loving, loyal and wild, but can be harsh when needed.

type: faerie

looks: stag antlers and ears, Violet hair, yellow eyes, fair skin. 5' 6"


music association (what suits her): "Axel F" by crazy frog

Name: Goldfang.

job: controls randomness and happiness

age: 13


My insanely happy, random,and perky side. she likes cheese and taking pictures

type: dog demon

looks: black hair with greenish gold-bangs, black eyes, slightly tanned, black dog tail. 5'4"

Quote: "CHEESE!"

music association: "Barbie Girl" by Aqua

Name: Silverclaw

job: controls my sanity



My sane, calm, and cool side

type: fox demon

looks: silver hair with bangs that are long and hang in front of her right eye, lilac eyes, bushy silver fox tail, fair skin. 5' 5"

Quote: "Why do I even bother with you?"

music association: any type of classical music from the Romantic era of music.

Name: Tori

job: controls my bravery

Age: 9 (the younger twin by five seconds)


my tomboyish, brave, and wild side

type: dunno... But, her eye color and hair color changes depending on her mood. 4' 6 1/2"

looks: normally has pink or light blue hair which she recently cut short.

Quote: "YES! Ah-huh! We girls! We bad! We kicked those brothas!"

music association: "Walkin' on the Sun" by Smashmouth

Name: Tora

job: controls my sweet side

age: 9 (the older twin)

personality: my shy, girly, and sweet side

type: same as Tori

Looks: normally has long pink hair which she constantly styles to fit the hottest trends. 4' 6"

Quote: "Awwwwww SO KAWAI!"

music association: "Bumblebee" by Aqua

Name: Angela

job: nothing...lucky

Age: 15


my angel-in-training loveable counterpart from my original comic Banana Phone.

type: Angel-in-training

looks: platinum blonde hair, white Angel wings, sky blue eyes.

Quote: "Nuriko, come on!" ~Chibi eyes~

music association: "Love Love Sugar" from DDR Extreme!

Name: Sir Robert Dracul but he prefers Bill

job: hm...good question...

Age: 532 (looks sixteen) (pretty young for a vampire. I'm 531 and look like i'm 16)


Popular, sweet, smart, athletic,kind ect.

Type: vampire noble

looks: messy light brown hair,rich crimsoneyes, dreamy smile with pearly white teeth, (the list goes on and on) fair skin with slender build, black bat wings. 6' 1"

Quote: "Go away Richard."

music association: "Hero" by Frou Frou

Name: Will (Wilhelm Lupis)

job: controls my caution

Age: 16


my too dangcautious for his own good side.

type: werewolf

looks: wavy dark brown hair,hazel eyes, tan skin. 6'0

Quote: "ACK! Db, why the heck am I always mauled by something! Last week it was that creepy old lady. What's next!" ~is mauled by rabid fangirl~

Music association: "Don't Let Me Get Me" by Pink

Name: Joe (actual name is Mesraankh. Good luck saying that, even I can't.)

job: controls my smarts and obsession with all things ancient Egyptian.

Age: unknown looks 15


He's to dang smart for his own safety!

type: Egyptian Spellcaster

looks: straight black hair, very tan skin, wears kohl around eyes, black eyes. 6' 2"

Quote: (to db when she was moving into her tower room) "Fair damsel, fair damsel! Let down thine hair!" ~db promptly drops a suit of mideval armour on him.~ "Ha ha...very funny." ~metal glove lands on his head~

music association: i'll get back to you on that...

Name: Zorra

job: controls my insanity.

Age: 14


a weird fashionista. She says cool stuff though!

type: not telling but she looks human

looks: shaggy dark green hair, asian looking skin tone, purple eyes. 5'3"

Quote: "You look absolutely Faaaaaahbulous, darling!"

Music association: "hypocrite" by Skye sweetnam.


"Life is like A box of chocolates. It's sweet, surprising, and doesn't last long in a room full of people." - me

"I have a pretty good feeling, but feelings can be wrong." - me

"I'm insane. What's your excuse?" - me

looks at picture of President " Behold! the power of stupid ppl in large groups!" - me

"It could always be worse. You could be George W. Bush. Now, I'm off to torment girly-girls at the mall!" - Legardored

"If looks could kill, You would be dead ten times over by now." - me

"Ele! The three headed flying monkey is trying to make me tap-dance! I don't want to tap-dance!" - me

"Are you daft woman!"

"Actually, yes. Yes, I am." -_-

"..." -_-" - Joe and me.

Animes that I watch and Mangas that I read:

Yu Yu Hakusho Ghostfiles, Yu-Gi-Oh (all), Ultra Maniac, Vampire Game, Black Cat, Absolute Boyfriend, God Child, Inu Yasha, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist (Riza Kicks Guy butt!), Rurouni Kenshin, Wish, Petshop of Horrors, Fushigi Yugi, Paradise Kiss, Beyblade, Hellsing (Alucard is Dracula Backwards...), Rave Master, I plan on starting Chobits, and I want to read Shutterbox.

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