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Yay! I changed my name!

And my profile pic.

And now my profile itself.

No one is going to recognize me anymore. Sigh. That's not such a big deal. I only have one piddly story that I'm not even proud of. Basically, I'm a bad writer. Sure, I can come up with ten thousand plot lines and ships, but actually write them out? Who do you think I am? A magician?

So, I just like to read, and I only have stories so that I can become a beta writer (says she'll write enough to qualify sometime, never does), and then I can help all of my favorite stories that unfortunately have typos become great!

Yay! I really hate typos. But I really love the stories. So I will make the change myself because I'm the evil person who has astronomically high expectations of the poor writers who get blackmailed.

So, a little something about me?

What do ya want to know?

My favorite books?

I have none. Only favorite series.

- Okay. This is consuming my life and soul. Skip Beat!

- Keeper of the Lost Cities

- The Blythewood Trilogy

- The Wings Series

- And no. I am not partial to either side of the Percy Jackson/Harry Potter war. But I find that Percy Jackson has a more varied structure in its books.

That's all.

Yay! I don't have any favorite bands that you'll know of 'cause I live under a rock and only listen to old songs. I don't have any favorite movies, 'cause, like I said, I live under a rock and have seen *counts on fingers* approximately four movies in the theaters in my whole life.

Yay! Hmm. Maybe I'm using 'Yay' too much. If you haven't figured it out, I'm not a really happy person. I'm simply overly sarcastic.

Thanks for reading all the way down to here. Romans are great. Latin is wonderful. Greece can die. And Acer is the genus all maple trees are in, whereas Quercus is the genus that oaks are in. No, I don't have a computer by Acer. No, I am not Canadian either. No, the initials of my name are not A.Q. No, whatever you think my name means, it does not. I challenge you to actually find the reason behind my name. (P.S.: You'll be wrong) Mwahahaha!!!

Bye, guys!

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Saving Grace reviews
Kyoko is the Head Priestess, and is greatly revered and respected. One day, a young man comes along, claiming that he is no longer worth love or happiness. Kyoko, having lived most of her life helping people, decides to help the man overcome his demons, and starts wanting him to happy for more selfish reasons than she started with.
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