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How I learned my ABC's:

All right. After autumn Ask anyone around the area about accuracy. Arctic activities are abundant, astonishing, astounding and A-1 on all accounts. Back up. But before beach bodies, bros better bundle up in boots, blankets, and balaclavas because a bloody, bitter breeze will blow brisk, blustery and bleak. Careful. Correct and common to cocoon in a cap, coat and comforter, because a cutting cold can consume your character, occasionally create a corpse and continually compress your cock. Don't. Don't you dare dawdle, dilly-dally, or dick around after dark in December, she's definitely damn drafty if you're down a duvet. Easily. Each and every earthling's environmentally enslaved. Fact. It's fucking freezing. It's friggin' frigid. You're fit for flu in February without fleece, flannel, full-fledged furnace, or fire. Go on. It's goddamn glacial, go grab gloves or garb and gear up for gusts. Hear ya. Hypothermia, if you don't heat your home to half hellish it's harsh. Hibernate in a hoodie, hot chocolate, Harry and the Hendersons. Infinitely icy. Inhabit indoors. Isolated and insulated. Incubate the igloo. Illness is an issue. Influenza's implied. Infections imminent. Immunity is impossible. Just joking. Ah, just joshin' jargon. It ain't jail. Jackets in January's no jigsaw. Keep calm. Killjoys keep comfy in their kingdom, crashing kilos of Kleenex, keen for cozy kayaking with their kids when the key is killing kegs with your kin. Literally. Losers live life locked in their layers, lingering lazy and lifeless, lost like legit loners, while the leaders in larger learning let loose. Muff. Earmuffs, mittens and mucus medicine, till mighty maniacal Mother Nature makes milder, mellower, and meltier moves. Motivate your mates, like the Moose Marc Messier. Maybe mix a martini for your maiden, if you've met your match. Nature. Naturally nippy, but that's nothin' new up north. Normal naturistic narrative. Not national news. Overcast. Overcoats and - overshoes, obviously. Polar. Parkas and pullovers, particularly. Tried quail? A quantity of quality quilts is quaint and quasi-quintessential to avoid quivering and quash quarreling if quarantined to one's quarters. Try quail. Reindeer. Well, not raw rookie. In a rosemary-rubbed roast with radish, wrapped in rich, rare bacon after removing Rudolph's red nose. Sleddin'. So, we're sound. Sled's a synonym for snowmobiles. Snowmobile's a synonym for sled. So, a sled is a snowmobile, a snowmobile is a sled. Super? Terrific. Trust a traditional turtleneck to maintain a toasty temperature over time. Ugly. Useful. Vile. Valuable. Whatever. Whiteouts and wind chills, walk it off, whiners. Withdraw whimpering and wake up, wankers. Wrathful wicked weather. Wear woolens or waterproof wardrobe. Warm your wet workwear by the woodstove. Winter is wonderful, wild and wide. Exactly. Exceptionally. Yup. Yeah. Zero Degrees? Well, sub-zero. Aw, zip it.

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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 17 - Words: 75,788 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 52 - Updated: 6/11/2018 - Published: 7/17/2017 - [Chimchar/Hikozaru, Riolu] Grovyle/Juptile, Dusknoir/Yonoir