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Sup yo! I'm Tibby, and you can call me Tibby! I'm easy to get along with, just ask my bestest friends bee162,Forbiden Love, and Rose Granger 101! I am also very easily entertained, see below to find out by what! I am a carrot m00fin.

Favorite Everythings

Daniel Radcliffe (he is so cute!)

Tigger(bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, funfunfunfunfun!)

My dog who is the sweetest, bestest, silliest, cuddliest, sweetie pie in the whole wide world! His name is Morgan, by the way!

Blue dogs


Everything(almost)!and Pet rocks (lalala hahaha) jk


Tamora Pierce/JK Rowling/Christopher Pauolini(how do ya spell it?)


Zac Efron(so cute!)

Favorite Ships

Harry Potter:

Harry-Hermione (best friends, but a little more! How sweet!)

Ron-Luna (There was no one left!)

Malfoy-his butt! (that conceited little brat...)

Ginny-Neville (they are so cute together, and Neville deserves a good girl!)

Tonks-Lupin (bestest adult pair besides...

Lily-James(come on, that is obvious!)

Ron-Lavendar(he's her little Won-Won...)

Crabbe-Goyle(duh.even people that like DM-HG ships agree)

Tamora Pierce:

Alanna-Jon (aww...)

Sandry-Briar (duh!)

Daja-Kirel? (there's no one else)

Tris-? (she is not a boy person)

Kel-Neal(she makes him eat his vegetables...)

Rauol-Buri(finally he gets SOMEONE!)


Troy-Gabriella (duh!)

Kelsie-that dude (don't remember his name)

Sharpay-Zeke(again, duh!)

Ryan-no one(mwahahahaha!)

Chad-Taylor(again again, duh!)

Ms. Darbus-East High mascot(lol)

Hated Ships

Harry Potter:

Snape-Hermione (That is like dating your grandpa!)

Ron-Hermione (dumb, insensitive boy meets smart, caring girl. WEIRD!)

Draco-Hermione (people, read the 6th book! they HATE each other, look at their parents... I like Draco-his butt better!)

Draco-Ginny (who thinks up these bizarre ships? see Draco-Hermione)

Slash!(people who write these have too WAY much time on their hands)

Tamora Pierce:

Alanna-George (he seems like an old guy)

Briar-Tris (what the...)

Rosethorne-Lark (again: what the...)

Slash (see Harry Potter: slash!)

Kel-Cleon(why not Kel-Neal? why?)

Kel-Dom(see above)



Ryan-Gabriella(again, eew!)

Sharpay-Ryan(isn't that illegal?)

Here is some more stuff about me:

-I dance.

-I have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe

-I am a phsyco-crazy-over-active-hyper-fun-lover!

-I like art.

-I love to SING!

-I love music(see above)

-I ice skate.

-I like MILK!

-I watch too much TV and too many movies.

Gotta go throw my shoe on the roof(one time it got stuck)! Buh-bye!

P.S. Read my Dumblydore comedy if you read the HBP! You will laugh your face off, and it will do us all a favor! lol

P.P.S. These are my wise words of wisdom to leave you with: Be yourself. You are an idiot. Come to peace with that fact and you will be very happy with your life! Good bye!

P.P.P.S. The!

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