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Dekadeci...what an odd name. The prefixes that mean "ten" and "one-tenth" in the same name? That's an oxymoron! Of course, I'm still going to go with that name.

Be prepared to read some Mario fanfics, although they may not be your typical fare. Also, be prepared for some decent writing, formatting, spelling, and grammar (for once). Just be warned, not all the stuff I write may be classified as from the Mushroom Kingdom...

Anyway, you're wondering who my favourite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom are, right? Read on:

Mario: Your typical old standby who stars in nearly all the games. Any story involving him will definitely be interesting (if cliched).

Toad: Poor guy, he's being phased out from many of the Mario games! And no, I don't believe he's a fungus. Just where would he put all that mycelia if he was? Besides, being Peach's attendant must be a very interesting job.

Bowser Jr.: Interesting possibilities with this guy. Will he be as bad as his dad, or will he eventually rule the Koopa Kingdom with a more benevolent rule?

As for less important characters...

Lakilester: I've got to like how he...ah..."forgets" his name. The dual alliances are quite the interesting situations for this guy. I wonder how his relationship with Lakilulu will turn out...

Prince Mush: The subplot of Chapter 3 of the second Paper Mario was very interesting (I'm also for the little Yoshi that Mario hatches). I'm still wondering how his original trip in the Glitz Pit was like and how his future one (if there is one) will be. I'm expecting at least a bit of nepotism from Jolene, though...

Yes, you can probably tell what my favourite chapter in the original Paper Mario was.

For some randomness, here are my favourite MKDD pairings:

Mario and Baby Mario with Turbo Yoshi/Turbo Birdo

Toad and Baby Mario with Toad's Kart

I don't like using Toadette instead of Toad (tried it once, didn't like it), and I don't like the Mario and Toad pairing as much (tried that once, didn't like it). I also don't like the Parade Kart, as it's too clunky and doens't have a high enough acceleration.

A couple of other things:

No, I don't think Yoshi is a dinosaur. He has a turtilian shell and neck fins, which aren't found in your typical dinosaur, and he also isn't extinct. Any and all dinosaurs are now either extinct or have evolved into birds.

Truthfully, I don't hate Waluigi, and his name isn't even all that bad. I'll say that Toad, Yoshi, Pianta, Noki, Boo, and every other guy named after his or her own species was named worse off. Even Princess Peach has a worse name than him (besides celebrities, who names their kids after fruits?). I got to admit, though, whoever named Waluigi must have been creative...

I'm still not entirely sure about Birdo's gender. He/she/it could be male or female for all I care, or the bowtie-wearing reptile could be a member of a parthenogenetic species.

I'll be trying to explain the science behind everything, and I'll be keeping my stories as scientifically accurate as possible. The game canon may be a bit warped, though.

Warped game canon? Here's some of the assumptions I make about the Mario world:

- Toadsworth is Toad's father, and Toadette is Toad's family's friend's daughter (she still could be Toad's girlfriend, though)

- Little T. is Toad's younger brother, and Rohan T. is Toad's deceased older brother

- The -sworth ending on a Toad's last name basically means Sr. (the corresponding suffix for Jr. is -er, and Toadsworth's first name is Little)

- Wario and Waluigi are brothers, and the Wario Bros. are the Mario Bros.'s cousins

- The Baby Mario and Baby Luigi of any game not including the words "Yoshi" and/or "Time" are Mario's and Luigi's sons, respectively (Mario's son is Baby Mario, while Luigi's son is Baby Luigi)

- Mario married Peach, and Luigi married Daisy (Toad and Yoshi are still bachelors)

- E. Gadd's real name is Cyrus Elmer Gadd (he just switched his middle name to "Elvin" and insisted on not using his first name)

- E. Gadd is Mario and Luigi's uncle on their father's side (so is Wario's and Waluigi's father)

- Peach has more than one attendant, and tends to switch her current attendant on a daily basis

- Bowser is an only child (he's supposed to be Bowser the 17th, but he got (in)famous enough so he could scrap the moniker)

- Bowser Jr. is Bowser's only child (the Koopalings are Bowser's wife's kids from an earlier marriage)

- Bowser's wife is called Bowserina

- Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi all live in the same household

- Mario named his Thousand-Year Door Yoshi hatchling "Jr. Yoshi" (why would he call the little guy "Yoshi", anyway?)

- Yoshi is sentient, is not anyone's pet, and speaks perfect English

- Yoshi works in Yoshi's Cabana (a family business) in Lavalava Island

- Yoshi belongs to an amateur jazz band called "The Quad-Colour Yoshis" along with his friends (Ernie, Phytara, Yelle)

- Boshi is Yoshi's friendly jazz rival, is female, and is Barney's aunt

- The names of the Fearless Five (from Paper Mario) are Eryth (red), Barney (purple), Sappho (blue), Huang (yellow), and Praseo (green)

- The DDR: Mario Mix story mode is part of my story canon

- Ms. Mowz did join Mario in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

- Any others I assume in past, present, and future pieces of fanfiction

I'll still accept your opinion if you disagree, though.

I'm trying to keep all the characters from being OOC, so if I don't write many stories involving characters, that's probably the reason. I think I can write fics involving less well-defined characters, so be prepared for oddball fics. Oh, and by the way, I don't think I can write romance very well, if at all.

Farewell, and hope you have a good time reading my stories!

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